Tuesday, June 30, 2015


WHERE and WHO:  ACTIVITIES ROOM (BETWEEN LD AND PD) ??Grace P., Carmen C. Patti W.  Johnny, Safra, Miriam, Sara and Dylan e-mailed regrets.  Others: no contact

WHEN it was:  WEDNESDAY, JULY 15, 6:00-7:00 PM  Pizza Dinner ordered  $11  

WHAT did we do:  PEACE VILLAGE RESOURCES PROVIDED BY DIOCESES. Peace team viewed the resources and created a plan on how to use them.

a. 9/11-9/19  Peace Village Posters in buildings in host areas inviting exploration at will from intrinsic motivation.  Grace will head the Exploring the Peace Village Initiative with the theme.  Peace begins with ME/YOU/US

b. 9/21 Peace Day Possible Peace Walk for all divisions to view Peace Village  Music/food to motivate exploration.  We also need to explore connections with chapel services and priests leading the exploration in tandem with blessing/planting of pinwheels and poppies for peace and maybe labyrinth???  Connections to parents, teachers, coaches, restaurants might be needed.

WHY did we decide to embrace the Peace Village: Give greater connections to peace even for the most skeptical.   The process will be an invitation to explore the peace village with collaborations from Peace Team members, administration and faculty.  It will also be an invitation to share and reflect at will.

The Casady service-learning program aims to help others (teens, children and adults) find their passion to serve and empower entrepreneurial experiences of service for peace and social change. The peace village and the compassion games international http://compassiongames.org/ are unobtrusive suggestions to focus on our capacity to build bridges of understanding that peace begins with me/you/us and that we need to MAKE TIME for kindness, compassion and service if we are to give PEACE ONE DAY a chance.

The compassion games international are a global resource to intentionally focus on small deeds to "just do acts of kindness, compassion and service" as part of our daily routines. Being a good, ethical person is not easy and the compassion games international celebrate our intentional commitment to helping create caring and ethical communities

Process and to do list until next meeting?  .  We got a few of the resources and decided to meet on Wednesday, July 22 at a time convenient to Grace - Mrs. Clay and Mrs. Morgan have cleared schedules to be at Grace's and other members of the peace team in town convenience.
Grace took a few of Mrs. Morgan's Peace Village Resources and left with a to do list
a. Get a time on Wednesday, July 22 to meet to go over all the materials and allocate peace team welcomed assignments during the week
b. At next meeting we will approve the t-shirt design for the peace team.  We have a suggestion from last year created by Grace and Johnny.  Are there any other suggestions?
c. Grace has graciously confirmed her desire to be "YAC communication and marketing in 2015"  After Wednesday meeting, Grace and Mrs. Clay will get together to create the Peace Week flyer as well as YAC and Service-Learning flyers and logos.

Emerging calendar for 11 days of Global Unity 2015  The calendar, subject to additions and changes we have are as follows on 7/16/2015:

a.  9/11-9/21 The YAC Peace Team will promote Peace begins with ME/YOU/US by inviting high school youth and adults to explore the PEACE VILLAGE to build as Pope Francis stated, "bridges of understanding" of our diversity through the unity of the Golden Rule.  We are assessing our resources and we should have a plan of action at  http://casadypeaceweek.blogspot.com/

On the daily announcements and bulletin boards, suggestions for the Compassion Games International will be made public.  We are promoting the screening of Kindness is Contagious at a local theater in August and September as a possible motivator and perhaps "catching kindness" with Instagram might be an option to motivate enthusiasm to participate in the games.

b. Service for Peace  Sponsors:  The Casady Service-Learning Program, YAC, YLOKC, Community Partners for Service for Peace

Tuesday 9/8th-Thursday 9/10th:  YAC Peace Team sets-up Peace Village at UD

Friday 9/11 Unity:  YAC Good Deed: Service for Peace:  TBA  In the past:baked cookies for police and firefighters. MD new YAC will be sending letters to Veterans.

Saturday 9/12: Interdependence:  Day @ Food Bank. 400 volunteers possible.  Oklahoma Department of Forestry seedling giveaway.

Casady encouraged to volunteer with Boys and Girls Club, Positive Tomorrows, The Hugs Project, YMCA-YLOKC.  Oklahoma Forestry Department seedlings giveaway- Eno Global tree planting days http://www.enoprogramme.org/

Sunday 9/13 Environment:  Peace One Day movie screening @ Casady Wing. Pot luck Recipeace Meal http://www.recipeaceday.org/stories.  Oklahoma Forestry Department seedlings giveaway http://www.enoprogramme.org/

Monday 9/14 Economic Justice:  Global Compassion Games - Peace Village

Tuesday 9/15 Health: Global Compassion Games- Peace Village

Wednesday 9/16: Children and Youth: Global Compassion Games- Peace Village  Pinwheels for Peace, Poppies for Peace

Thursday 9/17: Women: Global Compassion Games- Peace Village

Friday 9/18 Human Rights:  Set-up Peace Village at Boys and Girls Club.  Boys and Girls Club Oklahoma Department of Forestry seedling give away.  Pinwheels for Peace, poppies for Peace, Interfaith peace art at Boys and Girls Club

Saturday 9/19 Freedom  Day for Kids Fair and school supplies give away.  Peace Village and seedlings give away.  Interfaith peace art station at Kids Fair.  Possible Youth LEAD OKC training day.

Sunday, 9/20 Disarmament  1:00-5:00 Interfaith Youth Tour sponsored by Oklahoma Conference of Churches.  Dinner and screening of Peace One Day at local restaurant with recipeace elements

b. Monday 9/21  Celebration on Monday 9/21.  Peace music, golden rule, peace prayer at each station.  Possible ethic food provided by parents and/or international food restaurant donations.  Stations open during chapel times.  Blessing and planting of pinwheels PD, LD, MD/UD (language/religion classes, YAC).  Viewing of Peace ONE Day telecast of global peace day celebration http://www.peaceoneday.org/

Possible Peace Team members9TH GRADE: ?
FACULTY:  MRS. MORGAN, MRS. CLAY, MRS. CZERWINSKI, Mrs. Thompson, Mrs. Robertson, Father Youmans, Father Blizzard

Food for Thought:  On parking lot-  NOT COVERED because the meeting only lasted one hour.

1. Compassion Games 9/11-9/21 has funding for projects available.  Grant application at http://us5.campaign-archive2.com/?u=18513a22108989dad7e255cfd&id=f1d70d8c7b&e=53391a8053

2. Casady Faculty In Service:  Serving together at the Food Bank, August 18, 2015  8-12

3. YLOKC posssible training on weekend of 9/18-9/21.  Johnny will update

4. August 10th premiere of Compassion is contagious

5. Minutes from first meeting:  Thank you very much for the ones who were able to attend the meeting .  Find minutes below .  Updates to the minutes until the next time here!.  Next  meeting: date set by Johnny, July 15, 6:00 PM at the After School/Activities Room.  Main agenda: See resources, set calendar of activities.

June 13th 2015: Peace Week meeting @ Orange leaf  3:30-4:30 Meeting  4:30-5:00 Ice Cream  
Participants:  Johnny L.(facilitator)  Grace P.  Cathy Z (minutes)  Mrs. Morgan,  Mrs. Czerwinski,  Mrs. Clay.  Update: Hamza sent an e-mail stating that he could not make it.  Heather is not going to be able to be part of this group.  We did not hear from Mariam and Safra or Isabelle Update: Kira might be interested in being part of the team. Sara stated that she wanted to be part of the meeting.

Cost: $22 with tip from S-L Budget

Agenda facilitated by Johnny.  Minutes by Cathy, updates by Mrs. Clay.
1. Introductions and Goals
2. Show and Tell: Peace Village, Pinwheels for Peace, Episcopal Dioceses and PEACE ONE DAY and Shinnyo-en Foundation resources Pinwheels at advisory time, inter-grade connections for pinwheel making UD/LD. UPDATE:   MD: International Club. New YAC, Religious Education classes? UPDATE: The Peace Poppy Project
3. New Ideas
4. Next Meeting and to do list
5. Yogurt time - Meeting adjourned

1. Introductions with personal goals for involvement with the week
To spread awareness  learn behind the scenes through peace week get students more connected to Peace Week.  Be a resource for peace team  Do and inspire acts of kindness, compassion and service during peace week.

2. Show and Tell;  Resources with suggestions for new paths to  accomplish goals
a. Mrs. Morgan ( 1st grade teacher) 
     - peace village (peace with all different religions)
          - each language has different word for peace + golden rule.why isn't it more powerful?
     - being interactive with peace is the most effective
     - books ( can be used for chapel talks, activities, ect.)
          - peace begins with you
          - the peace book
          - peace
b.. Pinwheels - quality over quantity (colorful) 
     - make during advisory?  Check schedules.  Talk to Dr. Powell and Coach T.
     - how to increase excitement in high school  Connect pinwheel making 1st with 9th grade.
--------Check schedules.  Check with division directors
     - works better in small groups 
c. . Labyrinth 
     - week before peace week UPDATE: Mother Susan requested September 3rd.  Checking with pertinent administrators via e-mail.  Mr. fFresonke and crew might be ble to draw a labyrinth on grass the week of September 3rd.    We hope the paint will whole at least until 9/11.
     - metaphor for our journey in life
     - Canon Susan / mother Susan 
          - High ranking female priest - High administrative position in the episcopal Church
          - explain the labyrinth in chapel? Update:  Mrs. Morgan will talk to Cannon Susan about small labyrinths for younger children and to recommend an invitation to walk the labyrinth for the UD to increase the possible response from teens.  Father Youmans is welcomed working with Cannon Susan on September 3.  Still pending approval for speech by Father Blizzard.
d. Peace Village Materials at Casady School now
          - place banners around the lake ?  Update: Too costly $ and time around the lake.  Two suggestions: on fence or on trees..  Either way administrative approval pending. Update 0n 6/29/2015 Mrs. Morgan, Mrs. Clay and Johnny had a brief meeting looking at the materials provided by the dioceses.  It was decided that the second organizational meeting will be July 15 with one agenda items, looking at the resources provided and making decisions about using them or not.  Johnny will provide the time for the meeting, but due to working schedules, it will probably be a late afternoon meeting at the after school activities room.
          - next to the thinking person statue
          - field next to the chapel 
     - have a walk leading to the labyrinth and have people of different religions along the way 
e.   Pinwheels ( primary division )  Mrs. Czerwinski
     - 4 things that make them feel peaceful
     - about 20 cents each
     - father blizzard blesses them and they plant their pinwheels 
     - sing a peace song
     - high school watch the little kids do this to make an impact 
           - high schoolers blow bubbles for peace during this
 f.   create designs and give t-shirts away UPDATE:  Mrs. Seitter is asking Fiona R. to create a design for Peace Week  Art club can make a stamp and make t-shirts for the whole school.  Mrs. Clay will have a meeting with Mrs. Thompson to brainstorm possibilities for LD Peace Art.  Mrs. Nielsen is already working on a choral piece of peace.  We need to contact the orchestra faculty to see if they could also have a piece of peace during Peace Week.
      - Find donors to buy the white t-shirts or sell ice cream from Orange Leaf  $ 4 per person cost.  Sell at $ 5 to buy t-shirts.  Orange leaf can deliver for $50.  The contact person at Orange Leaf is the owner at the store on May avenue Taunda Jenkims 503-0193. Orange leaf
g. Peace Paper flowers PD idea for Grandparents day
  - Flowers for Peace  UPDATE:  The Poppy Peace Project .  E-mail from Poppy Peace Project: Thank you for your enquiry into The Peace Poppy Project, sorry I have taken a while to reply as I have been to Australia on holiday.
This project is based in New Zealand, were you aware of this?
The project has been running for three years and has gathered great momentum here, especially this year as we have been commentating the 100 years since ANZAC events in Turkey..  I do have some kitsets left but obviously would need to post that over to you.  The cost of each kitset is $250 NZ and has all the materials to make 250 poppies ( they stand about 40mm high) I would also need to cover the postage costs.
The project run with some funding from local council grants to cover some costs and the rest was volunteer work by myself and a dedicated team of people. 
cristina.b@xtra.co.nz via yahoo.com
     - plant around campus or wear it on peace day  
There is a White Poppies for Peace Poppies project too.  http://www.ppu.org.uk/whitepoppy/

3. New Ideas to follow up with decision makers to turn into action
a. Create meaning in the lower division about peace week
  - Place banners around the lake  Mr. Fresonke and Crew
  - Inter-grade and advisory connections
     - pair high schoolers with lower division students and talk about peace
     - during high school chapel time?    Division Directors, Priests
          - need to write letter to 4th grade P.E. Teachers
     -need to be at a time that everything is set up 
          - activity building ?  Small Groups    Classroom Teachers
b. Tango Peace at Mrs. Lopez studio: First Friday in September  Mrs. Lopez, Marketing the month's activities
c. OKC Peace Day Celebration:  Mrs. Clay is meeting with organizers   United Nations of OKC- Bill Bryant.  UPDATE:  Next meeting June 28, 5:30 Edmond Trinity Christian Church1400 NW 178th
Edmond, OK  73012, UN General Assembly has declared as a day "...devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace, both within and among all nations and peoples."The theme of this year’s commemoration is “Partnerships for Peace – Dignity for All” which aims to highlight the importance of all segments of society to work together to strive for peace.
c. September 20, Sunday:  OCCC Interfaith Youth Tour will go to the following three places, almost 99% sure
1. Saint Paul's Episcopal  2. Raindrop House  3. Emmanuel Temple
c. People to People Classroom:  Reference #: SCHOOLCLASS-06262015-120842831-8413

4. Next Meeting  and to do list
-at Casady School Activity Room -Johnny will check with Mr. Bonfiglio and will let us know date and time.  Tentative Agenda:  Theme of the Week.  Activities for the week based on resources.
- Labyrinth on grass during summer - Mrs. Clay will do this next week
- Grace will see about ice cream connection with braum's and possible adult sponsor for trip to San Francisco Retreat, if Casady is invited.  Johnny and Grace are interested!
-Johnny and Cathy will facilitate the next meeting.  Mrs. Clay requested the group to please visit 

After the meeting
a. San Francisco trip  Update: Retreat full by 6/19/2015.  Casady Peace Team will not attend
     - need to find a teacher or parent  advisor .  Mrs. Clay cannot attend conflict with back to school
          - ms stone?  mrs. Patton  Grace will bring reply
     - Johnny is interested in treasury YAC position and Grace is interested in Marketing and Communication position.  Cathy will take these requests to the YAC officers.
    - Mrs. Clay provided Shinnyo-en Foundation, Be The Peace Cards to youth participants
- Grace took Peace Village and Peace One Day resources to read.