Monday, June 8, 2015

Intentionally Connecting YAC work to the Oklahoma Standard Challenge in the school year 2015-2016??

The Oklahoma Standard

The Casady Service-Learning Program has committed to the Oklahoma Standard with acts of service , kindness and honor.  Will the Casady YAC commit too?  

See below an e-mail from Oklahoma Standard facilitator from the Oklahoma National Memorial and Museum, Zac Fowler

What you  guys have done and continue to do is incredible. You all are great leaders in the community. Thank you for that.


On Twitter…
  • Use the hashtag #OKStandard
  • Use the tag @OKCNM
Example: “Students from Casady School live out the #OKStandard by participating in LitterBlitz to help keep Oklahoma beautiful. @OKCNM”
Using the hashtag and tags help us find these posts and help share. It is also a good way for anyone to collect a good understanding of what it means by tying it all together.

On Instagram…
  • Use the hashtag #OKStandard
  • Use the tag @OKCNM
Example:  *picture* “Volunteering today at the Regional Food Bank – living by the #OKStandard @OKCNM”

On Facebook…
  • Use the hashtag #OKStandard
  • Use the tag @OKCMemorial
Example: “Our School is pledging to commit acts of service, honor, and kindness. Join us by committing to the #OKStandard by visiting @OKCMemorial”

Hope that helps. If you have any questions about it, just let me know! Also feel free to search the hashtag on any of the social media platforms to get an idea for how to post. Most are related, here is the search results on Twitter.

Zac Fowler