Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Help Peace One Day!

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Dear Casady Schools,

I hope this finds you well.

As you know Peace One Day works to raise awareness of and encourage action on Peace Day, 21 September. The activities you organise, however big or small, raise awareness of the day. It’s our collective effort that makes this day a success.

We are always looking for new ways to spread the message of Peace Day. A trip to the Google offices in New York seven years ago with Peace One Day Ambassador, Jude Law, gave me an idea that I have never forgotten: a Peace Day Google Doodle. With hundreds of millions of daily visitors, getting Google.com to create a Peace Day Google Doodle on 21 September is one of the greatest things we can all do to inform the world’s people.

Awareness of Peace Day creates action, and that action saves lives. So getting the world’s most powerful search engine behind Peace Day will be a key moment for institutionalising the day in our homes, schools, workplaces and communities.

But we need your help. We need you to email Google (details below) asking them to mark Peace Day with a Google Doodle. By telling them your stories and why the day is important to you, we can encourage Google to take action for the day. For more information, visit: http://www.peaceoneday.org/googledoodle

Find out more about the Google Doodle campaign with this short film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XewErzobK6A

 Here are three simple steps you can take to help:
  1. Email proposals@google.com to ask for a Peace Day Google Doodle on 21 September.
  2. Tell others via social media that you have asked for a Peace Day Google Doodle and ask them to do the same.
  3. Tweet @GoogleDoodles to tell them about Peace Day, 21 September.
We have created a range of resources including templates to help you: www.peaceoneday.org/googledoodle

By getting involved, you can be part of forging the next key milestone for the day – getting the world’s most powerful search engine behind Peace Day, 21 September.

Warm regards,

In peace


Jeremy Gilley
Founder, Peace One Day