Thursday, June 4, 2015

 Peace Building


Peace Week (11 Days of Global Unity, 9/11-9/21 International Day of Peace) Team 2015 seeks new members. 

Contact Mrs. Clay,, 405-520-1325, Cathy Z'17  or Johnny L'17 if interested.  

Youth Members: 
Juniors: Johnny L, Cathy Z, Heather T Grace P., Isabelle S
Sophomores: Mariam S., Safra S. Hamza G.

Adult Members:  
PD: Mrs. Czerwinski, Mrs. Fowler , Mrs. Linn
LD: Mrs. Morgan
MD: Father Youmans, Mrs. Robertson
UD: Father Blizzard, Mrs. Clay

The first Peace Week 2015 Team meeting will be Saturday  June 13 at 3:30 pm @ Orange Leaf on May.  Facilitator: Johnny L'17 

Meeting Suggested  Agenda Items
a. Theme:  ?
Ideas for consideration:
-Interfaith Golden Rule: Peace Village ????  by Mrs. Patti Morgan
-From Fear to Trust  by Nathaniel Bachelder, Peace House
-Celebrate Diversity  Mennonite Church
-Who will you make peace with in 2015?  Peace One Day
-There are infinitive paths to Peace, What is yours?  Shinnyo-en Foundation
-Compassion is contagious, Catch it!  The charter for Compassion
-Beyond Co-Existence  : Interfaith Alliance of OKC and Oklahoma Conference of Churches

b. Calendar of Youth Led Activities for 9/11-9/21 Peace Week 2015 ??
 Initiatives for consideration
-Peace One Day:  Who will you make peace with in 2015?  
- Compassion is Contagious! Catch it!  Screening date of the documentary
Peace Week 2014 T-shirt Brainstorming 
 - Pinwheels for Peace : Quality not quantity
- Peace Sticks 
- Peace Poles 
- Peace banners 
- Peace T-shirts  
- Peace Flowers
- Labyrinths for Peace
- Peace screenings at Paramount Theater

c. Possible Collaborations for Peace
=Arts for Peace:  Tango for Peace  International Dance Studio,  Documentary screenings  Possible on 1st or 4th Friday in September.  Get art teachers on board  Mrs. Seitter, Mrs. Pardue, Mrs. Thompson, Mr. Moore.  Mrs. H.  Mrs. Nielsen (department head)  All arts for peace

Sports for Peace: Terry's softball Fundraiser  Date TBA  Soccer for peace??? softball for Peace???  Other Spring sports for Peace???

Academics for Peace;  Connections to Don Quijote in Spanish Classes with pinwheels _Make pinwheels with quality of reflection not quantity, Religion classes- Connections to Icon theme at chapel.  Labyrinth Walk.  connections with art installation:  Pinwheels, flowers, banners???  Literacy project webcast: September 8

Clubs for Peace:  International Club (Mrs. Robertson , UD YAC (Planning Team), MD YAC,-SEE Program (Mrs. O'Melia)  Language Clubs (IDP), YLOKC, YMCA, Boys and Girls Club: Day for Kids: 9/20

OKC organizations for Peace: UN, Respect Diversity Foundation, Peace House, Oklahoma National Memorial and Museum (Hope Trunk and the Oklahoma Standard connections).  UN Peace Day Celebration 9/21 evening at time and place TBA)

Faiths for Peace: Oklahoma Conference of Churches, Interfaith Youth Tour: 9/21 Interfaith Alliance, Catholic Charities, Love OKC Saint Paul's Episcopal: Labyrinths for Inner Peace  Communication with Mother Susan Jopin and Dr. Diane Rudeback and Cannon Susan Joplin  I think the process should start with painting a grass labyrinth, once during the summer and then the week before Peace Week (9/11-9/21). 
Peace Village: : Sabrina Evans from the Episcopal Dioceses provided all the materials ,

Sabrina Evans


Friday  9/4/2015 International Dance Studio:  Tango Peace Ms. Lopez 

Monday 9/21/2015: Peace Day Evening Celebration:  
UN OKC, Peace House, Mennonite Church, Respect Diversity Foundation

Sunday, 9//20/2015  Interfaith Youth Tour:  
Oklahoma Conference of Churches

Saturday, 9/19/2015  Kids Day: Boys and Girls Club @ Memorial Park
Casady Service-Learning Program, Interfaith Alliance, OU, OCU, UCO

Friday 9/11- Monday 9/21 2015 Casady School Service-Learning/Peace Education Program
The Peace Village & Labyrinth: From Episcopal Dioceses

June 2015 Brainstorming

Everything starts here

12 Days -4- Peace:  We the World, 11 Days of Global Unity (9/11-9/21)  + The Peace Village

Brainstorming Service Action Activities

Campaigns that together form a blueprint of change for a peaceful, sustainable, transformed world

From Previous years, for consideration for the Peace Team 2015

Goal and Activities
September 11, Friday
Campaign Theme 1:
I will do a Good Deed
Bake goods for firefighters
Service Project with Interfaith Alliance??? 4-6 at Boys and Girls club>>>Teach Hope trunk
Commemorate the anniversary of September 11th 2001, and other dates of significance to humanity, emphasizing Global Unity
Strengthen interfaith dialogue and understanding
Empower grassroots organizations
Develop global partnerships and build coalitions - UN Millennium Development Goal (MDG) #8
Recognize global awareness
Promote the role of values, ethics and spirit in creating positive change
Carry out programs to achieve other Unity goals
September 12  Saturday
Campaign Theme 2:
Generation 9/12:  
Oklahoma National Memorial and Museum visit with interdependence as a theme

Alzheimer's Walk Scheduled for this day
Celebrate Interdependence Day September 12th and participate in the Interdependence Movement
Expand awareness and action to protect and preserve our global commons (water, air, etc.)
Honor indigenous wisdom
Promote Conscious Interdependence
Create an Interdependence Curriculum for Schools
Carry out other Interdependence programs
September 13  Sunday
Campaign Theme 3: 

Trees from Forestry Department
Peace Walk around the lake??
Promote investment in renewable, non-polluting energy systems and fuels
Protect eco-systems and biodiversity - end the Mass Extinction of Species
Protect and provide clean water for all
Address the Climate Crisis: from International Agreements to Local Policies
Support local, organic, sustainable agriculture
Carry out other programs to achieve Environmental goals
September 14, Monday
Campaign Theme 4: 
 Healthy snacks for boys and girls club?
End poverty (MDG #1)
Fulfill all basic human needs
Expand socially conscious business and investment
Conduct global financial reform
Promote Fair Trade and other fair labor practices
Participate in the movement to reduce economic inequality and end economic injustice
Carry out other programs to achieve Economic Justice goals
September 15 Tuesday
Campaign Theme 5:

Labyrinth Walk
Support holistic, proactive and preventive health practices
Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases (MDG #6)
Provide for universal healthcare
Promote the connection between individual well-being and societal health
Carry out other programs to achieve Health and Wellness goals
September 16  Wednesday
Campaign Theme 6: 
Pinwheels and more
Teach the Children - a comprehensive program to serve children and transform neighborhoods like the South Bronx in New York City
Advocate for universal literacy and a minimum of 8th grade education worldwide (MDG #2)
Reduce child mortality (MDG #4)
Promote Peace Education programs at all grade levels
Promote the rights of the child
Encourage youth activism for a peaceful sustainable world
Carry out other programs for Children and Youth
September 17 , Thursday
Campaign Theme 7: 
  Collaboration with YWCA

Advocate for gender equality (MDG #3)
End violence against women
Establish economic empowerment of women
Eliminate All Forms of Discrimination Against Women
Full implementation of UNSCR 1325 for ensuring women's equal representation at all decision-making levels
Carry out other programs that support Women
September 18, Friday
Campaign Theme 8: 
Respect Diversity Foundation Connections
Tango for Peace???
End persecution in all forms
Promote judicial transparency
End torture in all forms
Promote civil rights and civil liberties
Carry out other programs that support Human Rights
September 19  Saturday
Campaign Theme 9: 
Kids Day @ Boys and Girls Club.  Boys and Girls Club, Service Programs from different universities
Hear the voice of the people
"Make Your Voice Heard" (UN 2011 Theme for Peace & Democracy)
Promote responsible governance (of, by and for the people)
Promote public financing of local and national elections
Fully fund and support independent media in the public interest
Protect freedom of expression in media, culture and the arts
Carry out other programs that support Freedom
September 20 -Sunday
Campaign Theme 10: 
Interfaith Youth Tour -Oklahoma Conference of Churches
Reform and improve laws governing gun sales and the global arms trade
Abolish nuclear weapons and all WMDs
Promote diplomacy and nonviolent conflict resolution
Reduce military spending
Carry out other programs that support the goal of Disarmament
September 21, Monday
Campaign Theme 11:
 UN Peace Day Celebration:  Location TBA, time TBA.  Team started to work in April
Celebrate the UN International Day of Peace September 21
Promote "Peace Day LIVE" a global concert for the International Day of Peace
Work to create a culture of peace
Promote a global military ceasefire on September 21
Call for a day of nonviolence in media
Call for a day of nonviolence in our communities
Establish departments and ministries of peace around the world
Highlight our personal and collective progress towards a culture of peace
Promote observing a minute of silence at 12 noon globally on September 21
Carry out other programs that support Peace

Food for thought

I cannot be free while my neighbor is wearing chains.
I cannot know happiness while others are forced to live in despair.
I cannot know health if plague and famine thrive outside my door.
I cannot expect to know peace if war rides forward under my flag and with my consent
Walter Mosley

Charter for Compassion: Kindness is Contagious

Labyrinth:  It is solved by walking
The labyrinth is viewed as a metaphor for life's journey.
It offers lessons as we walk the path.
Walking the labyrinth can assist us to address challenges.
Meditate, Pray, and Find Peace and Serenity

Casady Peace Week Connections

Shinnyo-en Foundation: Infinitive Paths to Peace

Peace One Day: Awareness/Celebration: International Day of Peace

InfiniePaths_FINAL-02What is yours?

Peace Week is 11 Days of Global Unity 
 We, The World.  From I -2- WE



A School plays the Compassion Games

9/21 United Nations International Day of Peace 

Peace Day is an initiative of PEACE ONE DAY