Friday, May 22, 2015

YAC FEDEX TIME 2015-2016 INVITATIONAL, Friday, May 29, 9:00 AM, StudentCenter

Minutes by Dylan 

Attended.  Aubrey, Dylan,Cathy, Safra and Mariam

YAC FEDEX 5-29-15
Anna's compost project- 
     -what kind of composter
     -shifts for bringing scraps from Calvert (or turning it depending on composter)
     -talk to mrs.perry, mr. Delgrosso, mrs. Z

   -bring lower& middle school into compost project
      -lower school eats in their rooms-give them bags to put their compost in 
            -we can pick up
-advertising "commitee" to advertise to school
-more collaborations for projects
      -not separated by grade *question mark*

-health: children's hospital (juniors)
     -place mats
     -crafts for kids (make videos)
     -maybe have the kids make bookmarks 

-literacy: (seniors&sophs) 
      -book marks
            - 7,823
            -involve lower&middle school
                -middle school will have a YAC
                -job for advertising 
      -webcast with the kids receiving the bookmarks in Spanish classes
          -1 day playground 
                 -alumni, parents, companies, students can help 
                 -MLK day?

-poverty (freshman)
        -food bank/ food drive 

-grade projects get a little more guidance 
-need a little more focus
-more collaborative 
-clothes drive?
-peace team
          -cookies for firefighters
-national volunteer week
-national peace week
-national poetry 
May= some form of banquet, (sort of like cum laude), lunch 


-main speaker, leadership, guidance on projects, filter agendas, 
-Aubrey & Dylan 

-work with the presidents to be the voice, VP steps up to lead meetings when president(s) are not present 

-take notes
-Cathy Z


-marketing, posters
-social media

Grade reps
-spread word about projects to grades
-encourage grade to get involved in YAC& community 

Fall fest 
    -maybe Nicaraguan bracelets


YAC 2015-2016 FEDEX TIME INVITATIONAL:  A CALL TO RISING 9TH-12TH GRADERS.  INTERESTED in being in the "Planning YAC Executive Board Team and the Casady YAC Peace Week Team" contact  Mrs. Clay (, 405-5201325), Dylan Dobson ,Aubrey Hermen, and/or Johnny Lee.  Find agenda, date, time, location of YAC's FEDEX Time Invitational at Casady YAC LEADS blog

WHEN:           Friday, May 30, 9-12
WHERE          Gaylord Student Center

The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team. Phil Jackson


What is Daniel Pink's FEDEX time?  A short period of time to focus on innovation
What is Strategic Planning? Road map of where we want to go over a period of time and how to get there

History of Casady YAC FEDEX:

In the first Fedex, YAC reflected, chose a theme, discussed possible officers, and developed a calendar from August  2014- January. 2015  Minutes here. 

In the second FEDEX, Mr. Evan Walter, helped YAC reflect on why YAC.  Then YAC made a calendar from February to May 2014 focusing on the Why.  YAC also developed initial guidelines for officers.   Minutes of meeting here. Recommended  video:  Simon Sinek,  How Great Leaders Inspire Action 





C. Students Rebuild: Literacy Challenge, 7,832 bookmarks ? (TBC by Ananya) sent to the Bezos Family Foundation.  The cost of shipment: $150 

D. What is the difference between Service-Learning, Community Service and Volunteerism?  One senior still pending to turn in documentation to finish requirement.


1.  CONFIRMATION OF THEME:  Youth4Education   Goal:?    Areas of concentration: ?  

YAC= Youth Acting in the Community  How do we quantify and qualify this?  How are the meetings achieving this?

Help others find their passion to serve  How did we do this? How will we do this?
(Mission, Vision, Purpose, Objectives)

2.  YAC Calendar from August 2015 to May 2016.  ? 
-Projects: ?
Pulsera Project is the only proposal to be considered.  Project Chairs: Safra and Mariam
 YAC meeting Day: ?
-When are we going to meet?  Mondays: Advisory Day, Tuesdays: Good now that it does not interfere with out to lunch.  Wednesdays: Good now that does not interfere with out to lunch, Thursdays: Good webcast with the Bezos Foundation with Peru on Thursday, September 10, at 9:00 EDT, Fridays, not a good day because too many Cyclones gone due to sports and Mrs. Clay is trying to bring back, Fridays with Service-Learning for Freshmen Study Halls

3.  Officers and Bylaws:
Co-Presidents: Aubrey and Dylan                    
Vice-President: Johnny 

Others need to be proposed to the people who have earned the right for their involvement in the club.                

Communication Social chair
Marketing Outreach chair
Grade Level Project Chairs
a. Define the expectations of the position
b. Connect to personal preferences, talents and interests
c. Check availability of time looking at calendar and personal schedules
Slate of people who have taken leadership positions in 2014-2015
Project Chairs in 2014-2015: Natalie, Gabrielle, Mallory, Mariam, Safra, Sara, Tara, Kira, Abby, Neeley .   Turner and Miranda declined 

-Possible Communications and Marketing Team Summer Work:
A. YAC brochure /VIDEO for parents and new students
B. YAC social media connections,
C. YAC T-shirt
D. YAC Fundraiser:
Proposal resulting from delivery of NVW YAC Free Library for Bodine Elementary
A Kaboom Playground for Bodine Elementary.  An Oklahoma contact at Kaboom in San Francisco is Courtney Sawyer,, 650-389-9771, 650-425-0880, fax 650-375-1070

Funding through Grant Writing and connections to community organizations:  Casady Community: Parents, Alumni, Faculty, Staff.  Greater Oklahoma City Community:  Bodine elementary, donors of time and financial support.   Mr. Bruce's daughter will read the final grant proposal before it is send.  She is a professional grant writer..  We also have our Development Director, Evan Walter to guide us through the grant writing process: kaboom grants.  An Oklahoma contact at Kaboom in San Francisco is Courtney Sawyer,, of: 650-389-9771, cell: 650-425-0880, fax 650-375-1070

E. Bezos Foundation Request:  Mrs. Clay received a phone call from the CEO of the Bezos foundation asking if YAC will consider a skype with the children from Peru who will be receiving the bookmarks.  The skype will take place in September and will be during the YAC meeting time

4.. YAC Peace Week 2015 Team: 

a. Summer Working Calendar

b. Theme:  Interfaith Golden Rule: Peace Village, a proposal from Mrs. Patti Morgan, Peace Education Teacher

c. Calendar of Youth Led Activities for 9/11-9/21 Peace Week 2015

Service-Learning Programs initiatives
-Who will you make peace with in 2015?  Peace One Day
-Compassion is Contagious! Catch it!  Screening date of the documentary

This documentary is a gem!  We recommend that everyone go see this feel-good film! 
Cinema Obessed
A stroke of genius.
Russell C. Smith and Michael Foster, The Huffington Post
A great subject for a documentary film.
Fast Company
If you do something nice — or even see someone do something nice — you’re more likely to spread those good vibes to others.
The Chicago Tribune
Here’s your chance to make a real impact by inspiring compassionate actions wherever you live. Join with the Charter for Compassion International to offer the beautiful film, “Kindness is Contagious” in your community. Let’s take compassion viral!

How to host a theatrical screening event in your community:
“Kindness Is Contagious” is a great way to open up a dialogue about the power of Kindness in your city. You can use independent film to galvanize your community and highlight groups and organizations doing great things in your area. In order to make this possible the creators of this lovely film teamed up with a distribution company called GATHR to make it easy for you to bring "Kindness Is Contagious" to your local theater at absolutely no cost to you.

GATHR uses a “Theatrical‐On‐Demand” model to allow audiences all over the country to bring amazing film content otherwise unavailable to your town. You simply request a screening at some of your favorite local theaters and they coordinate the logistics for you. You won’t have to pay any screening room rental or exhibition fee – But here's the thing, we need to reach our ticket goals in order to make the event happen or "tip it" so we will need you to spread the word to your community any way you can. Once enough people reserve tickets, the screening event is on!

Here are 3 easy steps to follow:
1- Click the link below to request a screening of the film at your local theater.

2- Enter the PROMOTIONAL CODE:  CCI when requesting to ensure that Gathr identifies your event as part of the Charter for Compassion campaign.

3- Be Flexible! The more options you give Gathr, the quicker they can get your screening set up.
4- Once you submit your request be sure to confirm the request via the Gathr email. Once confirmed, Gathr will send you a link to the screening event. Send this link to colleagues, friends, family and anyone in the community and encourage them to do the same!
Screening Host Toolkit
Wherever you’re holding your screening – here are some useful tools to make sure you have a full house and a special night:

Insider Tips for Making Your Screening Special (PDF)
How Gathr Works (PDF)


-Labyrinths for Peace;  Service Learning Office is working with the PD Peace Education Teachers and consultants from UCO labyrinth and Saint Paul's Episcopal Labyrinth.  Teen leadership needed for a possible labyrinth on grass for Peace Week at Casady and a portable labyrinth that will travel across OKC made with children and teen input.

-Pinwheels for Peace - Peace Sticks - Peace Poles - Peace banners - Peace T-shirts  Peace Flowers  At the Paseo Festival, while volunteering at the Recycling Venue, Mrs. Clay met with the CEO of a new arts and sustainability organization.  The have a STEAM curriculum, which for Casady will become STEAMS(service).  They are excited to include Peace crafts in their summer curriculum.  The organization is called 612 which is their address @ the Paseo District.  The organizations was created by a Casady graduate and an artist friend. Visit  Six Twelve and, 405-722-0977

Peace Coalitions and ConnectionsArts for Peace:  Tango for Peace  International Dance Studio,  Documentary screenings  We have several Peace One Day version and now the opportunity to bring Compassion is Contagious to OKC.
Sports for Peace: Terry's softball Fundraiser
Academics for Peace;  Connections to Don Quijote, Religion classes connections, Mrs. Morgan's Peace Village Connections
Clubs for Peace:  International Club, MD YAC, Language Clubs (IDP), Casady YAC, YLOKC, YMCA
OKC organizations for Peace: UN, Respect Diversity Foundation, Peace House, Oklahoma National Memorial and Museum (Hope Trunk)
Faiths for Peace: Oklahoma Conference of Churches, Interfaith Alliance,Saint Paul's Episcopal, Catholic Charities, Love OKC

June Service Opportunities and Service-Learning Experiences

STUDENTS REBUILD LITERACY CHALLENGE: Thank you to the Cyclones and OKC community organizations (YAC, YLOKCasady, Boys and Girls Club, Mercy School Institute, Anaya's friends, family and Temple) who made bookmarks for the National Volunteer Week/ Global Youth Service Days Literacy Challenge Project. YAC is mailing 7.832 bookmarks= $7.832 raised for libraries in rural Peru, Mali and Nepal through matching from the Bezos Family Foundation. In OKC, YAC delivered 500 books to Bodine Elementary's Little Free Library donated by the Come and Read with Me Program of the Metropolitan Library Systems and 300 placemats made during the STUCO Walk-A-Thon to Children's Hospital.

LOVE OKC Student Conference:  June 7-11  Refurbish homes in  OKC with MD, High School and university students.  Details and registration at Casady Places to Serve: 
Good Shepherd Ministries Charitable Clinic needs Summer Time Spanish Translators:  The purpose of the charitable clinic is to provide quality medical and dental care to the uninsured and meet emotional, social, and spiritual needs of clients.  Summer Time Spanish to English translators may volunteer for a few hours or several days a week.  Contact Lisa at 405-232-8631 

YLOKC meeting:  Sunday June 7, 1:30-5:00. Location: Mercy School Institute.  Planning team meets at 1:00. Contact Mrs. if interested in being part of YLOKC 2015-2016.  YLOKC is currently seeking new members, rising 9th -12th graders.  Contact Mrs. Clay @ 405-520-1325, or Johnny Lee'17. YLOKC will be ushering the Jewish/Muslim Film Institute Screening of "The Other Son"  YLOKC attending members need to register for the screening at

Jewish/Muslim Film Institute "The Other Son"  screening at Mercy School Institute on Sunday, June 7 from 2:00-5:00.  The mission of the Jewish/Muslim Film Institute is to bring diverse groups together to share films that will inspire dialogue and help Jews, Muslims and everyone realize that we are more alike than different. Guests are invited to enjoy the film and stay for a dialogue forum and refreshments. Free to the public but registration solicited for refreshment count Register at