Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Last meeting of the yearThursday, May 14 @ the chapel transept


Peace Week 2015:  
Johnny called to order and asked people who wanted to be part of the Peace Week Team 2015 to send him their name and ideas for the week.  There will be a meeting next week, date TBA at 3:30 at the new After School Care to meet Mrs. Morgan and listen to her suggestions.  Mrs. Morgan is a trained peace education teacher.

YAC 2015-2016
Summer Service:  Aubrey came late because she had a junior meeting to attend.  She reminded everyone that service opportunities for the summer are available at the Casady Places to Serve Blog.

YAC FEDEX in the summer-August:  Officers, calendar will be covered then.
Mrs. Clay will send an e-mail to all members and ask who wishes to be part of the "Planning Team-YAC Executive Board"  Ananya nominated as Co-Presidents: Aubrey and Dylan and as Vice-President: Johnny.  Mrs. Clay will ask for confirmation and then send the list of positions open to people who have earned  the right by attendance to meetings and facilitation of projects.

Senior Send-Off
Members wrote inspirational post-its in the reflective/inspirational jars for senior leaders, members of the Executive Board: Jessica, Sidney and Taylor.  Chase and Jessika received goodie bags.

1. Dates for delivery of
a. Placemats to Children Hospital.  UPDATE  Placemats were delivered on Tuesday May 12.  The YAC officers had a tour of the Zone by Belinda Anderson, Zone's Volunteer Coordinator.  Belinda requested YAC consideration of making videotaped crafts to broadcast to children in their rooms.

b. Books to Bodine:  Ananya will provide time and date for  the delivery.  Angie, from Come and Read with Me wants to attend the delivery of the books.  Ananya and Dylan delivered the Come and Read with Me Program books to Bodine Elementary.  In a conversation with the Assistant Principal of the school, YAC was invited to volunteer at Bodien during the summer months.  She also made Mrs. Clay aware that the Kaboom Playground is something Bodine wanted to have, but did not get grant money to have it build.  They have done all the preliminary investigation and if their is a YAC member willing to spend time in June writing a grant proposal to Kaboom, we might make their dream of a playground in the middle of their walking trail to be  reality.  Now, they only have a small playground and a lot of outdoor space in need of TLC.  Any Kaboom Grant Writers?

c. Bookmarks:  Ananya received and counted donation from Come and Read with me Program with Johnny and Isabelle during the cancelled meeting.  Over 4.000 bookmarks counted.  The service-learning office received the following e-mail from the Youth Rebuilds Bookmark /Literacy Challenge.  Update: 7,832 bookmarks were counted and are ready to be sent after Memorial Weekend to the Bezos Foundation.  On a telephone conversation with the Bezos Foundation, Valerie Slone, she requested YAC's consideration of a skype conversation with the children from Peru who will be receiving the bookmarks in September 2015.  It will be a 45 minute commitment in the morning.  The new schedule will allow such an exciting opportunity to be a reality because we could set-it up during the activities period which now will be 45 minutes long.  Valerie will send the information to Mrs. Clay who also suggested a collaboration with the Spanish Club.  The only YAC project in the agenda for next year is the Pulsera Project for Guatemala, which is another collaboration with the Spanish Club.

We are less than one month away from the end of the Literacy Challenge! Don’t forget – the deadline to mail in your bookmarks is June 5th, 2015. We’d like to thank you for registering for the Challenge, and if you haven’t sent in your bookmarks yet – now is the time to do so!
Your action, creativity, and collective efforts will help bring books and literacy resources to students through Save the Children’s Literacy Boost programs in Peru, Nepal and Mali. Continue to check our snazzy bookmark counter to see how close we are to our goal, and help make it rise by sending your bookmarks to:
Students Rebuild
918 S. Horton St. #5047
Seattle, WA 98134

Every time you connect and create with us you are making a difference in a young person’s life. Thank you again for being a part of Students Rebuild!

Warm wishes,
Team Students Rebuild

VALERIE SLOANE | Programs Assistant
tel 206-275-2048 ext 124 mobile 206-724-5525

2. End of the year reflection 
Mrs. Clay will request this from interested members.  There was no time due to STUCO ELECTIONS
a. Personal contribution to YAC in 2015  on parking lot
b. What we want to see different next year
c. Fedex Time report from Dylan, Ananya, and Jessica.  Please, click here to read Fedex-Strategic Planning minutes by Mrs. Clay  On a parking lot

3. Senior Send Off :  Reflection & Inspiration Jars.  Mrs. Clay explained the meaning of the jars and members present provided their positive thoughts, their thanks, good luck, etc in post-it notes.  Seniors in Executive Board, Jessica G.  Sidney J. and Taylor B. received Reflective Hope Jars with pearls representing their giving hands..  Senior YAC members, Chase K., and Jessika R.  received a thank you goodie bag.

4. Miscellaneous items
-3 seniors still have not finished the requirement.  They will not receive a diploma during graduation and their their transcripts will not be send for matriculation purposes until the requirement is completed.  
-Congratulations to Seondre, MLK Scholar-as he stated, an unexpected result is that"YAC/YLOKC service counts."
-Archives needs volunteers this Saturday to unpack was was moved to the Crabtree Library.  Details at daily announcements or Casady Places to Serve:;

Thank you to YAC 2014-2015

Best of luck at college, seniors!  List of members who stayed with YAC in 2014 and 2015

 YAC Executive Board 2014-2015

Co-Presidents: Jessica Greene and Sidney Jones (YLOKC founder)
Vice-President:  Aubrey Hermen YLOKC
Secretary: Johnny Lee YLOKC
Treasurer: Taylor Burrow YLOKC
Social Chair: Miranda Tortorici
Grade Project Chairs
Senior Chair: Yogaish Khastgir
Junior Chairs: Dylan Dobson, Neeley Russell
Sophomore Chairs: Ananya Bhaktaram YLOKC, Turner Waddell
Freshman Chairs:Miriam Shakir YLOKC, Safra Shakir YLOKC, Sara Shobeiri, Natalie Hugos YLOKC, Tara Ramakrishman, Gabrielle Moore YLOKC, Mallory Woodruff YLOKC, Kira Sindhwanis, Kat Reynolds, Abby Robinson


1. Taylor Burrow  YLOKC , YAC Treasurer,
2. Jessica Greene YAC Co-President, PSA Delivery
3. Catherine Digennaro
4. Yogaish  Khastgir, Recycling Club President, Senior YAC Chair
5. Chase Kuehnl 
6. Sidney Jones'15, YLOKC Founder-Planning Committee, YAC Co-President
7. Sindi Peza
8. Jessika Russell


1. Dylan Dobson   YAC Chair, STUCO liaison, PSA Delivery
2. Lauren Elliott
3. Colton Gelnar
4. Leighton Gelnar
5. Aubrey Hermen, YAC Vice-President, YLOKC, PSA Delivery
6. Camille Jackson
7. Nurmeen Jawaid
8. Neely Russell, YAC Junior Chair
9. Maryam Shobeiri
10. Alison Tien, Chinese Club Liaison, YLOKC


1, Kaitlyn Barthhell 
2. Ananya Bhaktaram, YAC Sophomore Chair, YLOKC Planning and Peace Teams
3. Kenzie Horton
4. Nicole Jia
5. Rachel King 
6.  Isaiah Levingston
7. Johnny Lee, YAC Secretary, YLOKC Planning and Peace Teams
8. Pierce Sapper, YLOKC
9. Isabelle Sears
10. Miranda Tortorici, YAC Social Chair, Peace Team
11. Turner Waddell’17, YAC Sophomore Chair, Peace Team
12. Cathy Zesiger, Peace Team, STUCO liaison


1. Kate Abernathy
2. Nia Blackwell
3. Zac Connor
4. Shubham Gulati
5. Grace  Hall
6. Katherine Henry
7. Natalie Hugos, YLOKC, Freshman Chair MLK Day, Bronco Boom, Bookmark Project NVW
8. Anthony Kerry
9. Gabrielle Moore, YLOKC, Freshman Chair Bookmarks Project @ Boys and Girls Club NVW, PVSA Chapel Delivery
10. Margo Naïfeh
11. Sharun Philip
12. Aidan Raikar
13. Tara Ramakrishman  Freshman Chair MLK Day, PVSA Host/Photographer of Celebration
14. Kat Reynolds Freshman Chair MLK Day
15. Brady Rodts
16. Caleb Richards
17. Abby Robinson  Freshman Chair Casady Cans Do
18. Mariam Shakir, YLOKC, Freshman Chair Casady Cans Do, MLK Day
19. Safra Shakir, YLOKC, Freshman Chair Casady Cans Do, MLK Day
20. Sara Shobeiri Freshman Chair Casady Cans Do, MLK Day
21. Kira Sindhwanis Freshman Chair, MLK Day
22. Max Tjauw    
23. Lauren Uhland
24. Mallory Woodruff, YLOKC, Freshman Chair Peace Kids Booth @ Boys and Girls Club, Bookmark Project at Boys and Girls Club

From Aubrey, YAC  CO-PRESIDENT 2015-2016

1.       What is our theme going to be?  We did not have a forum to make this decision at the FEDEX

2.       What months are each grade going to take over to do their projects? Who is going to take charge of the projects and what will they be?  This has to be handled at a planning meeting at the end of May after exams are over.  We did not have a forum of participants to make this decision

3.       How can we continue Ananya's bookmark project? Name, phone number, and email of sponsor?
Bodine Elementary connection will be made when we deliver the books.  The program with Britton elementary needs to be explored independent of Bronco Boom from UCO if we re interested in continuing.  The bookmark project is a global initiative with information located at Students Rebuild

4.       Continuing to make Place Mats for children's hospital Sidney is leaving several bags of bookmarks to make for next year, if YAC decides that this is one of the service learning experiences they want to embrace.  

5.       Pinwheels  On parking lot

6.       Do Johnny and Turner want to plan Peace Week again? On parking lot

7.       Appoint exec board people for next year and get their numbers and emails.  Ananya nominated co-presidents and vice president at the FEDEX.  We need to make sure people want to accept that responsibility for next year.  Other offices need to be proposed to the people who have earned the right for their involvement in the club, but the recommendation of the FEDEX was to 
a. Define the expectations of the position
b. Connect to personal preferences, talents and interests
c. Check availability of time looking at calendar and personal schedules

Calendar:  Decide on monthly projects that correlate with the year's theme  On parking lot.  Recommendation to pick overarching theme, develop goals and objectives.  Then place experiences (projects) that will inspire others to serve.  Highly recommended a several hours meeting to work on this at the end of May and revisit in August before school starts.   Meetings should not just be to discuss possible projects, but should build skills.  Executive Board needs to set-up the agenda.  Mrs. Clay will continue to place items in the blog, but the Planning Team/Executive Board needs to decide what items will be advertise by the Media and Marketing Team for the Week.  Announcements need to be sent to coach T about the chosen volunteer opportunity/service-learning experience sponsored by YAC on a weekly basis.

Agendas need to be set at executive board meetings.  Mrs. Clay can still place items that come to her office in the blog as agenda items, but the board needs to have full ownership of the agendas.  A recommendation is that at every meeting a skill is also developed, like relationship building activities, learning about S-L, leadership skills, etc.

The ideas Safra and Mariam wanted to share were the Pulsera Project, and having a theme centered on children's education.  Mallory and Gabrielle are interested in knitting hats for Children's Hospital babies and Children undergoing chemotherapy.  Service-Learning has purchased 3 sets of supplies to make the "pilot hats."

Casady YAC  2014-2015: Sponsor's Reflection

1. What is YAC?  A service youth group.  YAC stands for Youth Acting in the Community  More time in the community as a group

2. Why YAC? Inspire others to find their passion to serve. 

3. How YAC? Projects planned at meetings.  Community organizations attended meetings to promote their mission and need for Casady volunteers.  YAC students engaged in multiple city youth boards as consequence of these visits: YLOKC, Infant Crisis Services, Hope Corps of the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, Special Care, Youth Services of Oklahoma County, Humane Society, Pepper's Ranch, Focus on Home, Mental Health Youth Board, Keep Oklahoma Beautiful Youth Board, to name only a few

YAC's 2014-2015 Theme:  Children with advocacy, fundraising and some direct service in the areas of health, safety and well being, self-esteem, literacy, and poverty

YAC is supported by the Casady Service-Learning Program. The Casady Service Learning Program follows the national service days and awareness months calendar with default projects at partner community organizations such as the Food Bank, Habitat for Humanity, Rebuilding together, Boys and Girls Club, Interfaith Alliance, Respect Diversity Foundation, Metropolitan Library Systems, Come and Read with Me Program and local elementary schools and elderly independent living facilities for National Service Days.  The S-L calendar dates for the school year 2015-2016 are are placed on the main UD calendar at the end of May 2015

YAC 2014-2015: Indirect Service, Advocacy and Fundraising
-Children's Hospital Placemats- Collaboration with STUCO fundraiser  200 placemats.  Cost: $?
-Rainbow Fleet sponsorship of 4 daycare centers with resources to teach their children  $120
-Literacy: Youth-4-Education:  Focusing on the achievement gap@home and globally: Bookmarks for Literacy, 4,000+ bookmarks. 350 made by Casady YAC and Boys and Girls Club during NVW/GYSD.  Cost:  Supplies and mailing
-Books for Bodine Elementary  500 books donated by Come and Read with Me Program.  No school participation
-Food Drive and MLK Day @ Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma  Increased participation from UD  Cost: $300 donated by UD Director, Dr. Powell.  Supplies: Courtesy of S-L Budget.
-Cleats for Kids fundraiser  Great # of donations from MD.  Only a few from UD.  Cost: 0  All items donated
-Chinese Club fundraiser for medical services for orphan children in China  $1,500.  Cost: $ 50 t-shirts and cost of lunch for sponsors of Chinese Club and S-L.
-Jonesha's Project during the Holiday: Cost $100 to purchase supplies for student giveaway bags
-Stockings for Britton Elementary:  Art Club connected to YAC Executive Board.  Cost: Supplies by Art Budget
Pinwheels for Peace fundraiser to help build a foster home at Pepper's Ranch  $1,000.  Cost: Donations from S-L, English and Foreign Languages budgets as well as 

YAC 2014-2015: Direct Service
Peace Team @ OK Kids Korral   Pinwheel making
Peace Team @ Single Parent Network  Pinwheel making
YLOKC Casady @ OK Kids Korral Positive Tomorrows and Mercy School Institute Pinwheel Making
Mentoring and tutoring with Bronco Boom at Britton Elementary
Peace Week pinwheels, National Volunteer Week and Global Youth Service Day Bookmarks and t-shirts at Boys and Girls Club, 200 pinwheels, 175 bookmarks
Tennis Clinic at Boys and Girls Club in June
Art Club Christmas Stockings for Britton Elementary
-Santa Store; Cost: $0.  Time spent in the community during the holidays

YAC 2014-2015: Research Service
Writing grants for literacy: State Farm YAB did not approve grant
Exploring Membership at National Youth Boards NYLC: Youth-4-Education, YSA to have a voice on National Service Learning Conference and National Days of Service: National Youth Boards

4. Who is YAC?
Executive Board formed this year.  No bylaws in place.  Should we consider changing the name to Planning Team?
Co-Presidents, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Social Chair, Grade Level Chairs: Project facilitators.  No elections.  Officers determined by time spent in YAC
Members: No fee.  Anyone can join any time during the year.  Attend meetings.  Get service hours for attending meetings with participation in projects. 
Sponsors: Carmen Clay.   Father Youmans when schedule permits.

5. When YAC?  Tuesdays B-Block.  If this is the day for YAC in 2014-2015, Mrs. Clay will miss once a month because she is a member of COVA (Central Oklahoma Volunteer Administrators).  COVA's monthly meetings are the second Tuesday of the month.   

6. How much YAC?  Fall Fest Fundraiser $80 managed by Treasurer
$100 per month for project initiatives from Service-Learning Budget managed by S-L director in collaboration with YAC treasurer.  We need to consider having a grant proposal system
Meeting snacks, donations from members and from s-l budget.  The new s-l budget is operational from June-June.  As a non-profit, monies need to spend the year they are allocated.

7. How connected was YAC's calendar be to the Service-Learning Calendar 
National Days of Service Action.  Some mote than others
Monthly Advocacy  No real connection in 2014-2015


Summer Months:  Office closed.  Communication via e-mail and per appointment or activity

MAY 2015

JUNE 2015
Peace Week Project Meetings
 YLOKC Meetings

JULY 2015
- Peace One Day
-On a Paper Crane, Tomoko’s Adventure
-Pinwheels for Peace
-Labyrinth on grass and canvas
Peace Week Meetings - Peace Week Calendar

Friday August 7- Monday August 10
Peace Team Delegation (64 people invited, 3 per organization)
FEDEX YAC Invitational:  Calendar, Bylaws

                                           SERVICE LEARNING OFFICE OPEN HOUSE
                          Ice Cream Social for Faculty- During Teacher Orientation
                          Ice Cream Social for Students -  First Week of School
                                        All classes e-mail reports

9/11-9/21 (IDP):  PEACE WEEK 
Charter for Compassion Mural
Pinwheels-Planting Trees - STEAMSS and cultures -4- Peace
9/15-10/15 Hispanic Heritage Month-Spanish Club

10/24 MAKE A DIFFERENCE DAY - 4th Saturday in October
Food Bank: 8+; Rebuilding Together: 14+; Habitat: 16+
10/?-10/? Students Against Hunger Casady Cans Do Food Drive
Empty Bowls Banquet
Hunger Walk
Poverty Simulation

American Indian Heritage Month
11/21/2015 Family Volunteer Day Saturday before Thanksgiving

Holiday Volunteering Month
Santa's Store
Holidays Around the World

Human Trafficking Awareness Month

Black History Month

Women's History/ Hug a GI Month
Alternative Spring Break in New Mexico, California or Peru

Child Abuse Prevention Month
Autism Awareness Month

 Asian American-Pacific Islander Heritage
 Older Americans Month 
Global Youth Traffic Safety Month
Teacher Appreciation Week
S-L  "Sobremesa" Banquet:  
Celebration and Demonstration of Learning Through Service
Labyrinth Reflection: Senior Send Off