Thursday, April 9, 2015

National Service Learning Conference in DC

From the World Forum.
New possible project initiative

MDJunior is a Leadership Society with the mission to `Inspire Selfless Service through Mentorship`. The organization was founded by a 9th grader in 2009, as an after school student club. MDJunior today is a US based 501 (c)3 non-profit organization.

We focus on local and global initiatives. In doing that we bring together passionate healthcare professionals including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, para-medics with middle and high school students, to build a mentoring relationship - all with a special focus on underserved communities.

Today we span over 30 chapters in schools across 7 states in the United States and Honduras, with several hundred healthcare professionals, educators, business and community partners - all inspiring selfless service through mentorship.

We’ve received international and national recognition including the President’s Volunteer Service Award, 2 City Proclamations. All this has been possible through thousands of volunteer hours contribution by youth and our mentors, positively impacting patient care and inspiring and making a difference for those who need it the most in our communities.

- See more at: http://mdjunior.or

Peace  Summit for Peace Week 2015. Four Corners Research. Iparcd, Miso. (Media ,investigation survey, observation). Diar experiences. (From Cathy Kaye's workshop)

Dr. William Timpson, Colorado State University.  Visiting  Peace Scholar possibility.  
Direct experiences working with Peace in Northern Ireland. South Africa! Eastern Europe, Guatemala, India, Nepal and Australia.  2006 Fulbright Senior Specialist on peace and reconciliation studies at the UNESCO Center in Northern Ireland

George Mason University Shinnyoen Fellows could be contacted by Peace Tea,

Skype with Ana's Hasanain! Qatar University, Joy! Your path to successful service learning 2/21/2014. Experience the power of giving joy to others.

Leadership workshop.  Diving Deep strategies to transform services learning concepts into best practice
From I have to.   To.         I want to

Experiences that awake us up to something good, real with voice and choice from youth  why? Language drives culture

Activities to open people to new ideas. Not ice breakers
Quotes activity:  Quotes. Puts the curriculum in your soul
Words and actions to elevate someone up not just ice breakers
Words need to transform into ideas and then in actions .  See the avenger
Process. Introduce yourself and share a quote.  Decide to keep it or to give it away,  
Skill: social interaction with meaning, giving -receiving, 

Action Figure activity
action figure you have wanting to come out...freeze frame.   Draw it
Wonder Woman
Action figures every one has one to come out., understanding diversity unity by commonalities

How to use quotes activity in real life
How to start a conversation
Advisory and reflec to. Friday quote day

Memorable quotes
Life is like a stick don't break it 
Everybody has its up and downs. Mine is from good and great
I could not wait for sucess soI went ahead without it

Draw a quote
What will you do with quote Art   Interview elder for personal quote draw it together
Ceiling tile quotes for classes, hospitals 
Bilingual quotes.  By different countries. Interview people   

One minute think tank.    
Reinvigorate students to ask questions. 1 mi ute to ask a question. About presentation.  Social relief
After 1 minute a better homework,assignment than wha t I gave  teachers I retract 
Resources.  Teacher strategies.  Under direct 

Education versus instruction  skills over knowledge. Transferable skills to apply know,edge

Language drives the culture
Charity. Is a real problem
Project based education may or may not have the action or reflective component
Community service. Punishment court appointment   Have to requirement 
We need to think about the language
Service learning experience
Service learning adventure. Service learning exchange   Process. program 

If you change the. Language people will follow
Inquiry based learning: Students come up with the questions. Great for differentiated language
Create contend for kids at children"s hospital
Research action energy audits
Interest creates passion. Something real is going on.  They can do something greater. Sense of self efficacy
Social Analysis.  
Not doing to    We are doing with
Reciprocal relationshHips
Competence builder
If you don't like change live in a prison
Group activity. Pick a topic   Work together to 
Diversity and appreciating diversity
Funds of k owledbge

You control and manage.  Language controls culture
Engage and inspire
A person of value and worth
Experiences.  Meaningful experiences

Around the world. Prague.  Making bread at the bakery
Make sure you have resumes
Success with speakers 
Canine commands
Cemetery preservation in Singapore
Steven Ritz. Biolodgy
Visual representation.  Essential element. What will the teacher and student do to illuminated.  Skills qualities and attribute. What skills will be developing what 

4 corners research

Four corners.
Model the sl process

1.  Investigate who you have at the table
Strengths   Google    What you are good at 
Outline. Frame 
On the outside interests skills and talents
Active listening questioning and representing. We need to use them  to work our project
Reflective debriefing
What was the process like. What was it like to do this.  Represent.  Write or draw.  Under direct.  The words you matter deeply but what they hear is different

Personal inventory
When is a time you help and some one help good

Assignments are there skills. Active listening taking questions and taking notes
Bounce theory.  We got a bouncer what are you excited about.  You got three bounces use it well.  Soul moment away if we did it. 
Interview the parents when is a time you helped someone or someone helped you

What are the needs in the community.  
Hunger homeless littering
I do not know
Bring a Newspaper, look at them place them in smaller groups. Draw circles in newspapers.  Then draw a figure in the middle of your frame.  Place the needs you found.  Then as a group decide what need you want to work on

Networking dinner with McClellan Hall, author of Wisdom Teachings: Lessons Learned from Gatherings of Elders, published in 2005, which inspired the creation of the book,  Marolyn with an O.  Mr. Hall Visit to find out more about McClellan Hall, CEO of the National Indian Leadership Project at Gallup, New