Thursday, April 23, 2015

Meeting April 28, b-block,

Minutes by Johnny and Mrs. Clay.  Snacks by Service-Learning

Community Organization Representative
-Come and Read with Me, Metropolitan Library Systems  Angie Walton  Taylor  Mrs. Walton provide 500 books for Bodine Elementary.  Talked about summer service opportunities with her organization and left applications at the Service-Learning Office.  She also wants to interview the people involved in the literacy project to feature their effort in the Library website.  Several people told Ananya that they will deliver the books with her.

YAC Executive Board
- Reflection and Planning for next year:
Dates need to be in the main Casady calendar by the end of May  Taylor asked people to sign-up if attending.  Many are out of town or taking ACT's.  Several maybes, but no commitments yet
a. Fedex-Strategic Planning Time :  Bylaws (process and officers responsibilities), calendar for next school year.  May 1, Community Room, 1:30-4:30.  Facilitator: Mr. Evan Walter
b. Reflective Group Activity, Senior send off  Labyrinth Walk at UCO 1:30-3:30.  Cannon Susan Joplin facilitator.
- Children's Hospital Placemats delivery  Taylor stated that Sidney has not set-up a date yet
-Bookmarks to boost literacy Project  and  Bodine Elementary delivery of donated books  Ananya
-Boys and Girls Club tennis clinic  June 8, 10 or 12, 2015 Dylan Item in the parking lot
-PSA 2015  Team reflection and suggestions for next year  Aubrey, Dylan  Item in the parking lot
-Peace Week 2015:  Looking for volunteer for core planning team  Johnny, Cathy, Ananya Item in the parking lot
* Will meet in June, July and August to have a plan ready before school starts.  Check e-mails for updates from Mrs. Clay.  Johnny will send text reminders of meeting dates

YAC members acting in the community

Friday May 1, 5:30-8:00 PM Johnson Elementary Carnival needs volunteers to help with booths, but especially with tear down after the carnival ends at 7:00 pm.  Contact Jana Garlitz :  More details at Casady Places to Serve Blog

May 2, 9:00-1:00 PM  Casady Archives needs volunteers @ Woolsey House.  Volunteers will box and labelled items to be moved to the Crabtree Library,   Wear comfortable clothing and bring your box tape if you have one.  All ages welcome.  Bring friends!

Global Youth Service Day Initiatives
-  GYSD Project:  Bookmarks at Boys and Girls Club  Mallory, Gabrielle and Natalie Reported that it was a good time and 270 bookmarks were made.  Ananya brought over 1,000 bookmarks. Mercy School made 103 bookmarks. UD French teachers made bookmarks in their classes
- GYSD Project: Girl Rising: Sara and Gabrielle Item in parking lot

Service opportunities at Art Festival last Saturday
Children's Activity Field:  Allison T.  Aubrey reported that this was fun and to sign-up for next year
Face Painting Venue: Grace P. Ananya stated, "You do not even need to be good a good artist to please the kids in face painting.
Service opportunities at Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon last Saturday and Sunday
Helping distribute t-shirts at Cox Center  Item on parking lot
Kids Run, Safety Net
Service Learning Program  Agenda on parking lot



_ Report on National Service-Learning Conference
a. Middle Division will receive President Volunteer Pins (no certificates or letters from President)
b. Workshops:  Poverty Simulation and How Steve Jobs will plan a service-learning project:  Social entrepreneurship.  Mrs. Clay will work at bringing presenter to OKC,  4 corners investigation starting with ME and ending with a common vision project.
c. World Forum:  MD Jr, Peace advocacy speaker, social entrepreneurship, joy, youth4education
d. Networking: Author of Sharing the vision of the elders invitation to attend his Native American Leadership Camp in New Mexico.

- Service Requirement for graduation:  8 seniors will not receive diploma until hours are documented and certified.  Mrs. Clay

Reflection in Stages of Service-Learning
Investigation, Planning, Action, Reflection, Demonstration /Celebration
Watch  webinar series on this proven strategy for service-learning success. 
  1. Investigation and Inquiry
  2. Planning and Preparation
  3. Action
  4. Reflection
  5. Demonstration and Celebration
View them in or out of order — you'll find something of value either way!
 We believe in IPARD so much, the Generator project planning tool is based entirely on it.
Questions? Bring 'em on at

2015 Martin Luther King Jr Day of Service Grants

The Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) has available funding for the Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service. The funding will mobilize more Americans to observe the Martin Luther King Jr. federal holiday as a day of service in communities, to encourage those who serve on this holiday to make a long-term commitment to community service, and to bring people together to focus on service to others.  
This Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service Notice prioritizes grant-making in programs addressing one or more of the six CNCS Focus Areas: Disaster Services, Economic Opportunity, Education, Environmental Stewardship, Healthy Futures, and Veterans and Military Families.  CNCS will give priority consideration to organizations that have disability inclusion plans to ensure people with disabilities are among those serving at their Martin Luther King Day of Service event.
  • Applications for funding are due on Tuesday, June 2, 2015. Successful applicants will be notified in July 2015.
Visit to access technical assistance including upcoming assistance calls, and contact information for questions specific to these funding opportunities.

Volunteers Needed for Come Read with Me Program
Volunteers Needed for Come Read with Me Program
“The Come Read with Me program is a unique opportunity for the library to go out in the community and create an opportunity for kids to fall in love with reading, “said Angie Walton, program coordinator. “ We provide quality, age appropriate reading materials and knowledgeable volunteers and facilitators.”
The concept is simple. Volunteers choose a site, then come in and read with kids after school. Children also have the opportunity to read aloud to the volunteer or buddy-read with a peer. Not only are they reading or listening to stories, but they are also getting nurtured by that one-on-one attention. Sessions last for one hour and are held twice a week.
“The intention of Come Read with Me is to foster a lifelong love of reading while allowing children to practice their literacy skills in a safe and fun environment. Sometimes kids can’t make it to the library, so we come to them,” Walton explained.
To change the life of a child through reading in one to two hours a week, to find a Come Read with Me opportunity. Fill out the application to be approved in time for sessions to begin.
The Metropolitan Library System also has many other volunteer opportunities.
“We always need homework help tutors, storytime assistants, and therapy dogs teams,” said volunteer Coordinator, Heidi Port. “The Friends of the Library Book Sale is also coming up on Feb.20-22, and we need hundreds of volunteers to make it all happen! Just go to to sign up.”