Saturday, April 25, 2015



What:? FEDEX Time, Strategic planning time for 2015-2016

DANIEL PINK'S FEDEX TIME  How to deliver innovation overnight (or few hours)

STRATEGIC PLANNING:  It is a formal road map  that spells out where an organization is going over a period of time and how it’s going to get there

Why? Create a road map with a calendar with a plan to how to get there

Where? Casady MD Community room, McClendon Building Campus Map

When? Saturday, May 2, 2015, 1:30-4:30

Who? Casady YAC and any interested club, STUCO, youth group or board.  Facilitated by Casady's Development Director Evan Walter

How Much?  No cost, just bring a snack or drink to share with the participants.  Casady Service Learning Program will provide cups, plates and napkins.

Contact Carmen Clay @ , 405-520-1325 if interested

Labyrinth Experience @ UCO Outdoor Labyrinth

What: Why a labyrinth at UCO from its creator and  professor of Kinesiology and Health Studies, Daine Rudebock.  Labyrinth Walk and Reflection guided by Cannon Susan Joplin, certified labyrinth facilitator

Why? Reflection of 2014-2015, Casady YAC, YLOKC Senior Send off

Where? Gather at the UCO Labyrinth next to the UCO Chapel
Parking:  Since it is a Sunday afternoon, plenty of on street parking should be available on University by the Ratcliff’s book store as well as on the south side of the HPE building.  To access the parking lot,
N on Broadway Extension
Rt (east) on 2nd Street
Left (north) on University
Right on Main st (At the stop light and by the Baptist Student Center)
Take the sidewalk north of the parking lot between the HPE building and Wantland Hall and you will see the labyrinth.

When? Sunday May 3, 1:30-3:30

Who? Casady YAC, YLOKC, interested Casady Seniors and any interested youth and adult from Casady or the OKC community.  Facilitated by Cannon Susan Joplin

How Much?  No cost

1. Gather at the labyrinth.  Greeter: Ms. Diane Rudebock
2. Orientation talk in the chapel adjacent to the labyrinth by Cannon Susan Joplin
3. Labyrinth Walk
4. Reflection time after the labyrinth Walk.  Reflection can take place at the labyrinth or chapel for a more private reflection

Contact Carmen Clay, 405-520-1325.  Walk ins welcomed! 
Check the video at



Today I learned that the Japanese believe that when something has been damaged and has a history, it becomes more beautiful.  That is why they repair the objects filling the damaged parts with gold or silver (Kintsukuroi).  Instead of trying to high the defects and cracks, they highlight and celebrate them.  They have become a testament of imperfection and fragility, but also of resilience; the capacity to recuperate and become stronger.