Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Walk-A -Thon An Oklahoma Standard Challenge Response

Student Council President places reminders around school before the walk

The Casady Student Council answered the Oklahoma Standard Challenge with an act of service, advocacy and fundraiser, the 2015 Casady Walk-A-Thon which  took place during STUCO Crazy Fun Week on April 1, 2015.

This fun-filled day was organized to give back to the community. All donations will be sent to Children’s Hospital to help all children in their care, but namely Hannah Jensen, the daughter of a Casady family and a friend to the Casady Community, and Bennett Hanneman, the son of Lower Division faculty member, Aimee Hanneman.      

The Casady Walk-A-thon started at 8:00 a.m with Lower and Middle Division students walking around the lake and stoping at the YAC booth to decorate placemats for the children at Children's Hospitals.  

The Upper Division Walk-a-thon started at Chapel with speeches from Stuco's President and Mrs. Jensen. Our prayers are with the Hanneman Family because Bennett had to return to the hospital.   Mrs. Hanneman was cheering the walker's first lap.

  Hannah dances with family after leading the first lap of walk around the lake.

Lunch was served at the Woolsey house lawn and the festivities and ongoing laps continued.  

Each participant received a Casady Walk-A-thon wristband. T-shirts were given to participants who raised $100 or more. Walking pledges were distributed @  English classes. T-shirts were also available for $10.

Along with walking around the lake, Casady Upper Division clubs also invited participants to enjoy fun activities and food.  Activities for the day included dodge ball, a large slide, obstacle course, and other fun event.

Dodgeball tournament will be in the South gym 1:30-3:30. There were two games going at the same time.

Obstacle Course, Mega Slide,Bennett and Sr parking lots, Lap Markers, Around the lake duty, and
Registration table were manpowered by Casady faculty volunteers.  Closing ceremony iwas at 3:30

Clubs  collaborated having activities for walkers to do between laps
Gales:  Cake Walk

Spanish Club: Mexican Flowers

Art Club. Face  and body painting

Stuco games

Environmental Club recycling

Harry Potter Club.  Easter Egg Decorating

FCD  Sack Races

Star Wars Club

Facts about Children's Hospital

About The Children's Hospital

1200 N. Childrens Avenue, Oklahoma City 73104  |  405-271-4700 
Map ] 
It doesn't take an expert to know that children are not little adults.
But when a child is sick and needs medical care, it does take special doctors, nurses and staff, who are experts at treating children. It takes special equipment, designed just for children. It takes medication that is suitable for children. It takes treatments and procedures created for the small, growing bodies of children. It takes a hospital just for children.
 children's hospital, ou children's hospital
The Children's Hospital works to provide a child- and family-friendly atmosphere, in every way.  Our doctors, nurses and staff are trained in pediatrics, the medical treatment of children, so they can understand and support each child's physical, emotional and social needs, while in the hospital.  We use language that children can understand and, when possible, medical play to explain procedures to our young patients.  We spend time educating parents and care givers, so they are confident caring for their child after returning home.
When your child is sick or injured, The Children's Hospital can provide the advanced services that perfectly fit the needs of your family.
Recent Enhancements for Patient Care

  • All private pediatric rooms with expanded capacity, so parents can stay with their children in comfort
  • Oklahoma's only comprehensive pediatric cancer unit including a stem cell transplant unit and a bone marrow transplant unit with four suites that can house the patient and family members
  • New, expanded emergency department with imaging capabilities to quickly treat children with serious injuries and sudden illnesses
  • New 64-slice CT scanner for fast diagnoses of squirmy kids
  • Expanded and renovated operating rooms, including a neurosurgery suite to treat brain and nervous system conditions
  • Two new laparoscopic suites, where surgeons can perform big operations with smaller, safer incisions
  • New heart catheterization lab with the latest technology and equipment to repair children's small hearts
  • Two new endoscopic/gastroenterology suites to diagnose and treat tummy and intestine problems
  • New 18-bed outpatient surgery and procedure area, including a large playroom and education room
  • New pediatric dialysis unit to treat kids with kidney failure
  • The largest and highest level Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, designed to provide developmentally appropriate care, support "kangaroo care" methods, and promote bonding with parents
  • New neonatal village, where parents can stay with their child and practice giving care in a home environment before they leave the hospital
  • Expanded pediatric intensive care unit (PICU), staffed by nurses and physicians who specialize in treating these very ill or severely injured children
  • Oklahoma's largest pediatric sleep disorder center