Thursday, March 26, 2015

Walk-A-Thon, Evening of Arts, NVW 2015, GYSDs2015 and PVSA 2015

1. Walk-A-Thon:  April 1st
 The kids from other divisions will be walking during their PE classes.  I will be on duty until you all can get there.  Your sign-up should have shifts from after lunch to 5:00.  Hope all of you will support the walk too.  The closing ceremony is at 3:30.  I will be leaving campus to head to the airport at 3:00.  Please make sure all supplies return to my office . 

Sidney and Jessica made the sign-up sheet.  It is at the Service-Learnng Office door.  By vote, YAC decided to decorate placemats for Children Hospital.  I received guidelines of what can be in the placemats.  I will have copies for the table. 
Sidney, could you buy a couple of boxes of placemats like you did last year and bring your receipt to reimburse you?

S-L will give  NVW t-shirts from the Points of Light Foundation with the Casady Logo away for National Volunteer Week by luck (a sticker under the table on the place the volunteer stood to decorate the placemat). 

 I will tell the kids to make bookmarks during National Volunteer Week and come to the Food Bank on April 18. We can give the left over t-shirt away then.  For the high school, the t-shirts can fit small and medium sizes.  We will encourage HS to ADVOCATE, CELEBRATE AND DO SERVICE by doing acts of kindness, compassion and service and making bookmarks during the week. 

2. April 9th, Arts Festival.  
I will be in DC.  The list of volunteers is at the bulletin board.  Thank you to Sidney and Taylor for facilitating the volunteers with the mothers.  Volunteers will receive t-shirts from the mothers facilitating this service opportunity.

3. National Volunteer Week-Global Youth Service Day-PVSA delivery and ceremony 4/12-4/21
I will be returning from DC National Service Learning Conference on the 12th.  Will not be able to make the YLOKC meeting at Mercy School.

Thank you to Ananya for the bookmark idea and to Johnny for the thumbprint idea for NVW.

 Thank you to Dylan and Aubrey who will facilitate the delivery of awards at chapel and the introduction of Mr. Rainbolt, our guest speaker.  I also asked Tara and Sara to assist with the delivery of medals and the reception following at the Wing for the award recipients.  I wait their confirmation.  If they are unable, we need YAC volunteers for that too.  See attached list of award winners.  The  process and introduction of Mr. Rainbolt will be finalized at the 3/31 meeting.

Look at the revised  NVW Flyer below.  My request from you all for the celebration on April 14 at b-block is to make it as special as the Blue Day.  Every YAC officer and YAC member brings a snack to share and celebrate SERVICE with whoever comes to the YAC meeting during B-b;lock.  We need to be creative about looking at snacks with a service theme!  
Ananya, please contact me regarding the video!  If there is interest, I want to explore showing it that weekend, if you are available!

** Daily Announcements:  Inspirational Volunteer Quotes  from Casady YAC

Rebuilding Literacy project will donate $1 per bookmark, up to $300,000

Sunday, April 12:           
Advocate service. Do a volunteer action at home .  Make a bookmark!
Monday, April 13     
Do a kind act at advisories.  Place your thumbprint in sign @ Student Center
Tuesday, April 14      
Wear a volunteer t-shirt. Celebrate with YAC @ Wing during B-BLOCK.
Wednesday: April 15     
Advocate service in your classes. Make a bookmark at the Wing
Thursday, April 16
Advocate service during sports and PE.  Make a bookmark at the Wing

Friday, April 17  GYSD  Advocating Quality Education for All
Bookmarks to boost literacy at Boys and Girls Club 4:00-6:00 PM
Saturday, April 18  GYSD Fighting Hunger and Housing Inequities 
Volunteers at the Food Bank (15 or under).  Mrs. Clay on site
15 Volunteers at Habitat for Humanity (16 or older)  No Casady supervision
Sunday, April 19  GYSD Advocating Healthy Futures
Volunteer with family and friends.  Make bookmarks..  Attend viewing and discussion of "India's Daughter" facilitated by Ananya B.'17
Tuesday, April 21:  President Volunteer Service Awards @ Chapel. Reception during b-block at Wing

                                         HELP PEOPLE    FIND YOUR HAPPY FACE 

What do you think about having inspirational music playing from YSA (Youth Service America Playlist) on the big screen.  The complete Service Songs of the Week playlist from 2012-2014 is at  
People could come, eat and make a bookmark.  Many of you are experts on running ice breakers of different kinds.  You might consider having some too.  We have little time, but when there is a will, YOU ALL find amazing WAYs!

I have not heard from Coach T. yet regarding allowing the UD to wear a t-shirt of a place they volunteered on April 14, but I am including her, Miss Infantino and Dr. Powell in this e-mail for their feedback and suggestions.

I still also need a volunteer to write a letter about NVW for the Casady publications, introduce videos and the week at chapel during daily announcements.  Please send me your availability via e-mail.  I want to have everything in place before our next meeting 3/31.

Thank you for everything you do.  This is one of the best collaborative years in the history of YAC and the WHY is YOU.

Carmen Clay. 

PS Here is the original information Ananya sent when she found the projects she spoke about at the meeting yesterday:
For Global youth Service Day and Youth lead service week (April 19th-25th). I had some ideas, there is a program called students rebuilding literacy and they will donate $1 for each bookmark made and sent in to fund litarcy programs in Peru, Mali, and Nepal, up to $300,000 this is the link Rebuilding Literacy.

Or we would need to design and abide by a charter but if I could find a sponsor/the funds I would like to build a Little Free Library located at Bodine Elementary because I wasn't able to get my initial grant funded to finance that school. Little Free Library Link.

Or I'd like to host a gender and rape culture seminar, and discussion of a new documentary that just came out called "India's Daughter," which addresses patriarchal culture and the solution to solving and transitioning away from this mindset is education. Education gives girls a self-worth and self-importance, education also teaches boys that girls have value by seeing them in the classroom, perception of equality breeds equality.

President Volunteer Service Award:  Speeches and list forthcoming