Saturday, March 28, 2015

3/31 YAC Agenda


1. STUCO'S Walk-A-Thon, APRIL 1-CRAZY FUN WEEK!.  Sign-up.  Someone has to bring all materials back to the service-learning office.  Mrs. Clay is leaving for the airport at 3:00 pm. Sydney and Dylan.  Sign-up made by Sidney.  Booth sign made by Taylor.  Sidney bought the placemats.  Several members sign-up to manpower the booth.  Mrs. Clay asked Pierce to place all items from the booth back in her office because she was leaving for Boston.
PLACEMATS FOR CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL, Prize NVW t-shirts for some lucky participants. Flyer about NVW and Global Youth Service Day to refer to while participants are decorating PLACEMATS. We decided to have a cake walk like luck. Not many t-shirts were given away during the PE classes because students prioritized walking.  Third grade received t-shirt because of their Fair trade chocolate project.

Little Free Library Story from Beargrass Media on Vimeo.

2. Bookmarks & "Bodine Elementary Mini Library" Projects for National Volunteer Week:  Ananya

3. Thumbprint Project for National Volunteer Week: Johnny, Miranda, Cathy

-YAC Fedex Time-Strategic Planning: Sign-up, Saturday May 2, 1:30-4:30  STUCO, YLOKC invited to participate.  Fee: Bring snacks and drinks.  Facilitator: Mr. Evan Walter  Jessica and Sydney
-Sunday May 3, 1:30-3:30 Labyrinth Experience for YAC/YLOKC and Casady interested seniors facilitated by Cannon Susan Joplin
Cannon Susan Joplin envisions giving YLOKC an orientation talk in the chapel (just adjacent to the labyrinth) that would be about 20 minutes. After that, we could all go out to the labyrinth together. I think we should allow an hour for this number of people to walk.

This would be the proposed schedule for the day:
1:30 Gather at the labyrinth  Diane Rudebock builder of the labyrinth on site to answer questions.
2:00  Orientation to the labyrinth talk in the chapel
2:30 Labyrinth walk
(followed by time for reflection)

My friend Diane Rudebock is the one who built the UCO labyrinth. She would like to be there, too, to greet those who have come to walk the labyrinth she built. She would be able to answer their questions about the building of the UCO labyrinth and I will be leading the labyrinth walk.

Before we leave the chapel and go out to the labyrinth, I will instruct them on how to do a reflection after their walk. They will be free to sit and reflect in the labyrinth garden or go inside the chapel for more private reflection.




a. Advocate and Celebrate NVW:  Sign-up to bring snacks for 3/14 celebration of service.  Here is a link for free trade recipes 3/14 is also Better Together Day

Better Together Day 2015 // Interfaith Youth Core from Big Foot Media on Vimeo.

If granted approval by Coach T. wear a volunteer t-shirt of a place of personal significance.  Mrs. Clay will make a video collage of t-shirts and responses for the Points of Lights Foundation and the President Volunteer Service Awards website.

b. Promote the week with personal service action.  Bring bookmarks from Dollar Tree, Bring a book for the "Mini Bodine Elementary Library"

c. Volunteer on NVW -Global Youth Service Days (GYSD, Casady is a collaborating organization)

3:3-6:30 Boys and Girls Club making bookmarks or doing what is needed.  Wear the PLF NVWt-shirt, bring chocolate snacks.  Teach about fair trade chocolate. Give away t-shirts. Mrs. Clay on site


8:30-4:0  Food Bank. Wear the PLFNVW t-shirt.  Bring money for lunch if volunteering all day.  If we have a big group, we can order a pizza.  We will make bookmarks for Bodine Elementary during breaks. Mrs. Clay on site.  We will give away a few t-shirts.

8:00-4:00 15 Habitat for Humanity  Wear PLFNVW t-shirt.  No Casady supervision

Volunteer where you are needed. Wear you PLFNVW t-shirt. Advocate for Fair trade Chocolate. Make a bookmark.  Final day to place a book for Bodine Elementary Mini Library in your backpack and bring it to the Wing on Monday.  Bookmarks will be mailed Tuesday, April 21.  On Sunday, April 19, attend the screening of the documentary, Girl Rising facilitated by Rachel Christie'19 and Ananya Baktharam'17@ tba

2. President Volunteer Service Awards
a. Dylan and Aubrey will introduce Mr. Gene Rainbolt

Dylan and Aubrey will read the names of the Presidential Award Winners Mrs. Clay will handle the medals to pertinent administrators available at chapel with Sara and Tara ???
-:  Coach T , Father Blizzard, Dr. Powell, Mr. Sheldon invited to participate

Due to time constrains, there will not be a reception, just a goodie bags with CHOCOLATE for award winners as they pick-up their certificates and have time to take pictures as a group for the President Volunteer Award Website with our guest speaker Mr. Gene Rainbolt.

YAC Members Agenda:  Possibilities to Act in the Community

1. Britton Bronco Boom project ended 3/28.  Mrs. Clay
2. Evening of the Arts Volunteers:  Send t-shirt size, go to sign-up genius to register
3) Red Bud needs volunteers.  Sign-up at their website
4) Fridays at Boys and Girls Club starts 3/17 from 3:30-6:30
5). $10 payment for Red Bud helpers working for Kripy Kreme.  Contact Richard Clements.  Information @Casady Places to Serve:;


Good afternoon.  My name is Aubrey Hermen.  I‘m the YAC Vice-President.  YAC is the Casady Service Club and it stands for Youth Acting in the Community.  YAC’s mission is to help others find their passion to serve.
Good afternoon.  My name is Dylan Dobson.   I am a YAC Junior Chair. It is our privilege to introduce our inspirational speaker, Casady Service-Learning Program and YAC benefactor, Mr. H.E. (Gene) Rainbolt and to facilitate the delivery of the 2015 President Volunteer Service Awards.
Mr. Rainbolt graduated from Norman high School in 1947.  He received degrees in Economics and Finance from the University of Oklahoma before graduating from the Graduate School of Banking from the University of Wisconsin. 
Mr. Rainbolt received the Bronze Start and Army Commendation medal during the Korean War.  He returned to Oklahoma where he became the President and CEO of the Federal National Bank of Shawnee in 1967.  He was also President of the Oklahoma Banking Association and formed the first multibank holding company before organizing BancFirst Corporation in 1989.
In 2004, Mr. Rainbolt was named Oklahoma City/County Historical Path Maker.  In 2006, he was selected as one of the 50 most powerful Oklahomans.
Mr. Rainbolt stated, “My mission in life is to create an Oklahoma in which every child would have the opportunity to become all she or he could become. “
Please help US welcome Mr. Gene Rainbolt,
Thank you Mr. Rainbolt for your inspirational words.  And now we proceed to the facilitation of the 2015 President Volunteer Service Awards. 
 The President Volunteer Service Award is an initiative of the Corporation for National and Community Service and is administered by the Points of Light Foundation.   With a shared mission of inspiring more to answer the call to service, the award celebrates the impact we can all make in bettering our communities and our world.
The President’s Volunteer Service Award recognizes United States citizens and lawfully admitted, permanent residents who have achieved a required number of hours of service over a 12-month time period .                                                                                               
Even though volunteers may not seek recognition, their example can deliver a powerful message that encourages others to take action.
Awardees receive a medal, a letter from the President of the United States, Barrack Obama and a certificate of achievement.
Awardees, when your name is called, please walk to receive your medal.  Remain standing until all names are called and 3 group pictures are taken. 
Dylan                                                                                                 After chapel, your certificates and a small token of YAC’s appreciation for your commitment to making a difference and finding your passion to serve await for you at the Casady Wing.  We ask the audience to kindly refrain from applause until all names are called.
Aubrey and Dylan take turns calling names

Camillo Haller
Ann Joullian
Ananya Bhaktaram
Carl Albert
Casey Denny
Caroline Moock
Caroline Silver
Chris Foster
Chloe Richards
Catherine Zesiger
Jessica Greene
Mallory Woodruff
Claire Darrow
Jonathan Lee
Olivia Sprankle
Emory Hood
Kaitlyn Barthell
Sindi Peza
Grace Griffin
Kate Ellis
Taylor Burrow working on reaching 1,000 before graduating
Grace Patton
Mariam Shakir

Grace Pitman
Megan Trachtenberg
Aubrey Hermen
John Lindstrom
Safra Shakir

Justin Schneider
Shaan Patel

Maren Cottrell
Sidney Jones

Mary Puls
Sydney Gibson

Michael Johnson
Yijing (Barry) Zhang

Miranda Tortorici

Natalie Hugos

Neeley Russell
Dylan Dobson

Neeley Russell

Pierce Sapper

Rachel King

Sarah Covington

Shaan Patel

Sharun Philip

Turner Waddell

Mrs. Clay

And Aubrey Hermen.   

Please JOIN ME congratulatING the 2015 President Volunteer Award Winners with A ROUND OF  applause.  

3 pictures are taken
 congratulations AWARDEES. NOW YOU MAY RETURN TO YOUR SEATS  Remember to go to the Casady Wing to pick-up your certificate and a small token of YAC’s appreciation for your service.

This concludes THE award ceremony,  Thank you.