Friday, February 20, 2015

YAC meeting 2/24/2015 postponed to 3/2/2015

Snacks:  Dylan's cookies were given to faculty because the due date was 2/27.  Mrs. Jew provided Chinese New Years Candy

Minutes by Johnny and Mrs. Clay


1. Executive Board Items
a.  Britton Bronco Buddies:  Sidney, Maryam, Ananya, Natalie.  Sidney and Ananya encouraged participation.  Mrs. Clay asked for people to sign-up, but no one did for March 7, 2015.

b. YAC T-shirts  and project proposal Jessica
Jessica decided that there will not be a YAC t-shirt this year.  Then she introduced Elizabeth Freeman who was exploring a self-defense project sponsored by her family who has connections with a non-profit called Somebody's Momma.  Liz is proposing to have a self-defense class facilitated by her uncle who is a police officer at a Casady or community location-if administrative approval is not granted (Liz will talk to Coach T.).  The cost will be $20 with proceeds going to Somebody's Momma.

c. STUCO's Walk-A-Thon  Dylan, Cathy Z.  It is scheduled to be on Wednesday, April 1 in the afternoon.  Neither Dylan nor Cathy were in attendance. Sidney/Jessica will talk to Marshall about walk a thon.  All we know is that we have been asked to participate, but we do not know what we are expected to do.  Mrs. Clay will not be on campus that day.

2. YAC Membership Items
a. Chinese New Year Lunch Reflection:  Allison and Daniel. It was a great activity that generated over $1,000 for Half the Sky Foundation.  Neither Allisson nor Daniel were present.  Mrs. Clay asked if YAC could have done more to help the day of the lunch to which the membership responded that if the officers of the club requested, that could be an option for next year.  There was also a suggestions to maybe have a video of the festivities going on in China going during the lunch.

3. Service-Learning Program Items
-Mrs. Clay will be in Boston the week of Easter for personal business and from April 7-12 at the National Service Learning Conference in DC. No students going, but the SEE MD coordinator is attending.

-PSA delivery on Tuesday, April 21.  Mr. Rainbolt inspirational speaker. Enter hours to Presidential awards website by Monday or Mrs. Clay is not able to order your award.
---YAC volunteer chapel presenters needed to introduce Mr. Rainbolt and read names of award recipients, Mrs. Clay and available administrators will give the awards. No volunteers.  It needs to be 2 YAC members not receiving an award.  We also need one YAC member to handle awards to Mrs. Clay and pertinent administrators
---YAC volunteers needed to organize and facilitate possible social gathering(Ice Cream Social) after chapel on PSA delivery day.  Hope to invite community organizations where senior award recipients have served a sustainable number of hours.  We hope all seniors will have completed the requirement by that week and we could invite the whole senior class, YAC members and award recipients to the social at the Wing.. Topic in the parking lot

-NVW:  Nothing planned.  YAC volunteers needed to plan the week
* Mrs Clay plans to bring community partners to YAC meeting to celebrate volunteers.  A list of the organizations YAC members will like to invite with contact information is needed. Topic in the parking lot

* Default creative POSSIBILITY:  Each day of the week at the Wing- Except the 15th-Cum Laude- we will feature organizations wanting summer volunteers during B-block.  Possible Service Fair on NVW:  Organizations will bring snacks to celebrate volunteers.  Possible organizations:
Camp Fire USA, Britton Elementary, Vineyard, Independent Living Facility, Oklahoma Greene Schools, Boys and Girls Club, ICS, Special Care, Food Bank, youth boards-your organization of preference! Topic in the parking lot.  Mrs. Clay will explore possibilities with COVA Central Oklahoma Volunteer Administrators the second week in March at their monthly meeting.

-GYSD: Nothing planned.  YAC volunteers needed to plan a project to celebrate this global day of youth service
* Mrs. Clay wrote a grant to make a portable labyrinth that could be started on those days or finished on those days.  The PD needs that labyrinth for Peace Week 2015. Mrs. Clay did not get the grant from GenerationON

May Fedex Strategic Planning Invitation from Casady Service-Learning, YAC and YLOKCasady

On May 2, 1:30-4:30 at the Middle Division Community Room, Casady Service Learning Program, YAC/YLOKCasady will sponsor a strategic planning Saturday for YAC  and non-profit Youth Boards in OKC. The result of the strategic planning is to share boards WHY, create a calendar of events for the year that goes back to the WHY and enhance functioning by-laws with officers job descriptions and responsibilities with ownership from the Youth Board Teen leaders. Jessica Announced it, but everyone is checking schedules.  Hope to have YAC members sign-up at the March 10 meeting

The Casady Service-Learning Program, YAC/YLOKCasady will host it and the facilitator will be Mr. Evan Walter, Casady's Development Director.  No cost, just a suggestion for every youth board to bring snacks or drinks for the meeting to share with all participants. Mrs. Clay will invite Youth Lead OKC and other Youth board Cova facilitators.