Thursday, February 5, 2015

February 10 Meeting and minutes, Casady Woolsey Wing, B-block (12:30)

Happy RAK Week  Minutes by Johnny

YAC members acts of kindness were placed on da as suggestions:

February 9th:  Send a nice text to someone
February 10th  Celebrate YAC members, our every day heroes helping find passions to serve
February 11th  Smile to a sad face
February 12th Give without expecting to receive
February 13th Send an uplifting text to someone
February 14th Be kind to everyone, even your enemies, no matter what
February 15th  Send your answer to
What will my life be if my opportunity was the same as the least person I see? 

1. Birthday Party  Party!!!
2. Visit with Mr. Rainbolt report and thank you card,  Cards were written and a few YAC members answered the question
3. Reports of auctions YAC leaders attended or implemented on 2/7/2015
Item on parking lot
4. February-March:  Literacy Project with Britton Elementary Report.  Casady Service-Learning on site, MWTH 3:00-5:00, Saturdays 8:30-12:30 February and March
Sidney signed up for Thursdays and Jessika for Saturdays.

5. February 19th Chinese Club New Year's Celebration:  Allison requested help and YAC members provided it.  Reservations must be made by Friday.  $20 dinner and t-shirt.  Menu on lockers

6. Peace Team:  A labyrinth for the PD Item on parking lot

7, April:  STUCO's Walk-a-thon  April 1  Dylan Item on parking lot

8. National Service Learning Conference:  Mrs. Clay and Mrs. O'Melia attending. Quilt of Roots of Service request for World Forum.  Quilt will focus on Shinnyo-en Foundation  reflective questions from their Six Billion Paths to Peace through kindness, compassion, and service.  The after school program and interested YAC members will collaborate making the quilt patches.

National Volunteer Week  Organizers needed.  NO YAC MEMBERS SIGNED UP last week
Global Youth Service Day:  Mrs. Clay has applied to a GenerationON grant to advocate kindness and peace.  If granted, the service-learning office will promote the creation of a "Charter for Compassion" mural at Casady and partner organizations and schools after we return from Spring Break.  The mural will be unveiled at ice cream socials on Global Youth Service Days at the different locations where the mural was painted.  The money requested will fund supplies and facilitation of mural making from a muralist and a mindfulness trainer.  If the funding is not granted, s-l will promote making a quilt of the roots of service similar to one we made for the Respect Diversity Foundation Exhibit ON MLK DAY 2011 and given to Mr. and Mrs. Gill on the occasion of their retirement.  The 2015 YAC quilt with the roots of service will be taken to the National Service-Learning Conference to be shared with the Shinnyo-en Foundation at the World Forum in DC.

The compassion games

Presidential Service Awards delivered at Chapel on April 15.  Father Blizzard has also provided April 13 for a YAC/S-LP motivational chapel.  Item on parking lot