Thursday, January 8, 2015

YAC Meeting: Tuesday, January 13th Agenda with minutes

Agenda items placed in the order they came to Mrs. Clay's Office
Thank you Taylor for the YAC snacks.  Minutes by Johnny and Mrs. Clay

1. Welcome and introductions:  Jessica introduced Mrs. Nicole Brown, HH Service-Learning Coordinator.  Mrs. Brown shared her background and proposed a collection of gently used sports equipment for the Cleats for Kids organization as the HH/Casady project for 2015.  The E-Board deliberated and accepted the offer, but no service hours will be provided for donations.  The collection and competition will take place at the  next basketball game between the two schools.  Jessica is the lead facilitator of this project.

2 YAC FEDEX TIME IV: STRATEGIC PLANNING .Facilitated by Casady's Development Director, Mr. Evan Walter, 9-12, January 24, Casady Woolsey Wing.  Mrs. Clay presented the dates, times and the need.  A more structured and focused YAC resulting from December reflections.

The FEDEX Time  welcomes any YAC members able to attend.  The S-L Program will provide breakfast.  After the Fedex time, S-L will take Mr. Walter to lunch to Grand House as a
thank you,  Students invited to attend.  Bring money for Dim Sam at Grand House.

Sidney suggested that YAC members did not know what Fedex Time or Strategic planning were and that the agenda was too packed.
The sign up and explanation will come at the next meeting, but it was necessary to get the date and time to allow students to check family schedules for Saturday.  Conflicts already with sports and ACT's.

Finding YAC's sentences together (Mission, Vision, Purpose)

Two questions that can change your life from Daniel Pink on Vimeo.

What is the Strategic Planning Process?  Click for First Strategic Planning  minutes and developing  Calendar 

Executive Board Needs to provide for next Friday: Definition of your position and your responsibilities from your perspective. Mr. Walter has requested that information for his planning.YAC attending the Fedex Time so far: Taylor Burrow, Sidney Jones, Kat Reynolds, Mrs. Carmen Clay

3.  STUCO's Walk-A-Thon:  Dylan Dobson and Cathy Zesiger.  The date has been changed to April 1st.  Proceeds will benefit Children's Hospital  STUCO needs YAC to have activities for children to stop and do while they are walking around the lake. More  details forthcoming.  YAC is the first club to be informed about this initiative.

4. MLK Day:
Hosts: Johnny Lee and Sidney Jones; the Entertainment/Food Team: Kira and Kat); Marketing Team: Safra and Mariam); Organizing Team; Jessica, Mrs. Clay, Johnny, Sidney), Memories Team: Photos and Videos (Dylan and ?), Clean up Team: (all YAC/YLOKCasady); Reflection Team (Mrs. Thompson, Mrs. Clay, Johnny, Father Youmans)

-Report from the Marketing Committee (Safra and Mariam) Had flyers done and requested help placing them around campus. Safra and Mariam are writing the chapel speech that they will deliver on Friday, 1/16 at UD. 
Goal of the Speech: 
Advocate to Volunteer on MLK Day, National Day of Service, inform about MLK Day and inspire people to volunteer with us, if we still have slots available.
 SIGN-UP GENIUS WE have 63 people in the afternnon and 58 in the morning.  Our capacity is 80 in the morning and 80 in the afternoon.  The food committee will order pizza Thursday morning.  Kira was not at the meeting, but Kat feels comfortable ordering the food in collaboration with Mrs. Clay and will work on having a playlist of music in collaboration with Dylan. 

Organizing Committee (Jessica, Sidney, Johnny, Dylan, Kira, Kat, Mariam, Safra, and Mrs. Clay)  Jessica stated that the prize for the contest will be $15 gift card from Sonic. The funding is coming from the YAC account.  Dollars were raised during Fall Fest.  She will purchase it and bring it to the office before the end of the week.  Sidney and Jessica will also make a thank you card for the Food Bank to be signed on site by the volunteers.  Mrs. Clay will develop the reflective component in collaboration with Father Youmans and Mrs Thompson. Dylan will do photo and video.  We will not have a guest speaker this year since we have the Disney competition.

Johnny designed the program/schedule for the day

8:30-8:45 Set up reflection and meal area

8:45-9:00 Arrival to the Food Bank.  Sign-in with Mrs. Clay. Mural Pre-Activity Reflection.  

9:00-9:10:  Welcome by Johnny

9:10: 10:30 In hands of Food Bank Volunteer Coordinators

10:30-10:45Break  Water and snacks provided by Food Bank.  Pictures, contest , reflection  Kira and Kat.  Contest judges:  RFB Volunteer Coordinators

10:45-12:00 In hands of Food Bank Volunteer Coordinators

12:00-12:15  Set-up for lunch - Reflection of Morning Shift

12:15-1:00  Pizza lunch.  Water provided by Food Bank.  Entertainment by Kira and Kat

12:45-1:00 Afternoon volunteers arrival. Sign-in with Mrs. Clay. Mural Pre-Activity Reflection 

1:00 -1:10:  Welcome by Sidney

1:10 -2:30 In hands of Food Bank Volunteer Coordinators

2:30-2:45 Break Water and snacks provided by Food Bank.  Pictures, contest  Kira and Kat.  Contest judges:  RFB Volunteer Coordinators.  Post-it note quilt reflection
 Tear Down and Clean up by all YAC-team

2:15-4:00 In hands of Food Bank Volunteer Coordinators

Suggestions for hosts welcome speeches
- Hosts of the Day:  Johnny and Sidney,YAC and YouthLEADOKCasady
* Welcome during both shifts.  Survey of organizations and schools participating in the day.
* Infomercial about the importance of " Stronger Dreaming Together"
* Infomercial of YAC /YouthLEADOKC
*Introduction of  Food Bank Coordinator
- Assignment of responsibilities

5. SELMA VIEWING AND DEBRIEFING: 10:00-12:30 am, Saturday, January 17, Quail Spring Theater.  The movie STARTS AT 10:15 AND LASTS 2+ hours.  The cost of the ticket is $ 6.50.    This was placed on the parking lot to end the meeting on time.  The opportunity is being announced via daily announcements and chapel.

Meeting was adjourned before the bell rang.