Monday, January 5, 2015

1/6/2015 Kings' Day YAC Meeting

Agenda & Minutes by Mrs. Clay.  Thank you Turner for running the tech part of the meeting.

We welcome Father Youmans as a new YAC member!!!

Thank you to Johnny and his mom for the delicious cookies, Mrs. Milligan for the Hawaiian punch and to the Casady Service-Learning Program-Mr. Gene Rainbolt and family- for the grapes to reflect the year.

Executive Board Agenda Items
* MLK Day:  No senior facilitation or delegation of responsibilities.  Ananya, Johnny, Turner, Miranda, Mrs. Clay, and Aubrey facilitated aspects of the meeting.

* Strategic Planning date for 2015.  Mr. Evan Walter, Casady's Development Director will have a three hour, Fedex-Strategic Planning Time at the Casady Woolsey Wing on January 24th from 9-12.  If able to participate, please e-mail Mrs. Clay by Friday.    Executive Board Members you need to e-mail a definition of what you position is from your perspective and what your office responsibilities should be in 2015.

Who are the members of the Executive Board?
Seniors: Jessica G. Sidney J, Taylor B, Yogaish K.
Juniors: Aubrey H. Dylan D. Neeley R.
Sophomores:  Ananya B. Johnny L. Miranda T. Turner W.
Freshmen: Project Chairs:  Marian S. Safra S. Kira S. Sara S. Kat R

Announcements from Mrs. Clay

1.  National Service-Learning Conference 2015:  Leaving OKC on April 7th returning on April 12th.  Mrs. Clay will attend the World Forum sponsored by the Shinnyo-en Foundation on the 8th.  Students may choose the World Forum or the Day at the Hill when registering.  Registration is due at the end of next week.

2. MLK Day of Service 2015:  Food Bank - Teams needed
Organizing Team: YAC Executive Board  Mrs. Clay(Mercy Institute and Interfaith Alliance Connection), Jessica (Pizza donation), Johnny, Aubrey and Ananya (YLOK connections) ...MORE volunteers needed!  What are the responsibilities?:  Oversee all details even if you cannot personally be there.  Contact the Food Bank.  Contact Partner organizations to invite them to participate (YLOKC, Mercy School Institute, Interfaith Alliance of OKC), secure donations and prizes for the competition. Secure transportation for volunteers who might needed it.  Contact Casady's Marketing Department and place MLK Day of Service in the neon signs.  Write a letter for parents to invite the Casady Family to Make a Day ON service out of a day OFF from school.  The Food Bank is OUR opportunity, but if unable to attend the food bank, promote volunteering anywhere desired.

Advertising Team:  Thank you to Safra and Mariam.  Make speech for all chapels .  Find people to deliver them, if unable to do it personally due to class schedules.  Speech will be delivered on Friday, January 17.  Goal:  Advocate the dream.  Inspire to make a day ON Service of a Day OFF from school.  Suggestion to ask Pierce Sapper if he can make a video to present.  8 minutes allowed for the speech and video.
Make a flyer for all divisions.  The flyer is due at the end of this week.  Food Bank has many people in a waiting list and has to have a tentative number of volunteers by next Tuesday.

Volunteer Recruitment Team:  Every YAC member is in this committee.  Get friends and family to volunteer on MLK Day at the Food Bank or somewhere else.  For Food Bank Volunteering on MLK Day: ASAP, RESERVE YOUR SPOT AT SIGN-UP GENIUS

Food and entertainment team: Thank you to Kira and Kate.  Order the pizza, drinks and salad. Have it delivered.  Have music going at all times.  Run the Contest

Photography and videography team: Volunteers needed, Pierce S. suggested

Action during the meeting
* Warm Project for Positive Tomorrows:  Making blankets for Positive Tomorrows: $100 requested.  Denied.  Will be in the parking lot until the summer.  No funds granted at this time. Reason:  The cold season is almost over and we have not really investigated the needs of Positive Tomorrows in this regard.

* Sharing New Year's Traditions
- 12 grapes, one for each month of the year
* Reflection of personal hours.  Did not take place in an individual basis, but,
- Ananya reflected on her Now and Then Project, A book on the life of an elderly Oklahoman connect to historical aspects of interest to a Cyclone who graduated last year. A copy of will be unveiled tomorrow at Calvert.
- Aubrey reflected on YAC's 2014 activities and stated that we had a good year.  Mrs. Clay request ed Aubrey to be ready to reflect on her personal project, Rainbow Fleet at next meeting
-Johnny and Miranda heard the proposal of blankets for Positive Tomorrow and place the project in the parking lot until them summer

Feedback to facilitators:  delegate responsibilities when unable to attend.

Meeting adjourned two minutes late.