Tuesday, December 9, 2014

YAC Meeting 12/09/2014 with minutes


Requests:  Make poster for Bennett  Seniors got it started
  Make cards for Wounded Warriors:  No takers
Make posters for Positive Tomorrows-Help create process for Cultural fest.  No takers
Make cards with holiday wisher for teacbers.Freshmen decorated all what was needed:.UD,  MD. LD, PD, Coaches, Offices, Mr. Fresonke and his grounds crew, Chef Kevin and his Sage team, Mr. Sheldon and his office team

1. Blood Drive:  Update on Bennett  Read below.  Johnny and Safra and Marian will take the lead.  They will write the speech for chapel.  Father Blizzard received pictures from the Hannemans

2. Urban Mission- Santa's Store Jessica and Sidney  6 volunteers in the  morning, 5 in the afternoon =)

3. YLOKCasady needs help with culturally enhancing posters for Positive Tomorrows Johnny
Sign-up for Positive Tomorrow's

4. Funds for December requests Taylor
a. Maysia's Project
b. YAC's gift to a needy family oversees
c. Wooded Warrior Program
d. Bennett's wishes
f. Art Club Xmas Stockings needs
g. YLOKC double dare week at Edmond Santa Fe sponsorship

Executive board's treasurer decided to provide $100 to Maysia's project.
There was interest in finding more information about Double Dare Week from a member of Casady STUCO