Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Two former members of YAC and the Peace Jam Team Maysia McGee and Johnesia Hawkins are organizing a huge holiday project .  One of the member s, Maysia , will be speaking at chapel today.  They are seeking YAC's help with their project. Here are a few reflective words :

We as young people feel like we don't have the power to change the world. We feel like we have to walk the path that is set in front of us by parents, friends, and the media. It is time for this to change. One person can change the world by showing love through action.

I am so proud to say that I was apart of YAC and Peace Jam 2011 and learned so much about promoting peace in our world. We have always been passionate about being a positive influence in our community, and an example of how showing love through action can make our world a more peaceful place.

Change starts with us.

This December,, we will be providing an amazing Christmas event to an elementary school that is not privileged by any means. We are giving the entire student body educational toys, a delicious Christmas meal, and pictures with Santa.  For some students this will be the only Christmas they get. Our mission is to show these kids that they are loved, they are blessed, and they are valuable. We believe that it is our responsibility to launch the next generation to a better future. We can't wait until we are older, we cannot wait until we are told to do some thing,, we can't wait for society to tell us it is time. We as young believers have more power than you know. We have the power to change everything.

Please help us do the right thing this holiday.  Consider this our grant proposal for the service-learning funds for the month of December..  We can also use your time helping make goodie bags.  We are sponsoring 400 children.  Contact Mrs. Clay if interested in helping.