Saturday, November 1, 2014

First Results of the Food Drive

Upper Division
October 31- November 6 .  7:00 7:45 collections by Gaylord Student Center
Facilitators:  Jessica Greene,  Mariam and Safra Shaki; , Mrs. Clay, Mrs. Crossno, Mrs. Finley, Father Blizzard, Mrs. Bek-gran
Friday, October 31:  c-day 
 Abby R., Mrs. Clay,Camille J..
Thank you to donors for 127 cans.  Great start of the Food Drive
Monday, November 3: d-day
Safra Shakir. Mariam Shakir
Tuesday, November 4: e-day.  Food Insecurity Awareness at Wing for Freshman English and Spanish I
Kat Reynolds, Brady Rodts.
Wednesday, November 5: f-day
Shubham  Gulati, Anthony Kong, Max Tjauw
Thursday, November 6: a-day
Miranda Tortocici,  Mrs. Crossno

- Middle Division November 3 - November 7th.   
Halloween costume competitions the 31st.  7:00-7:45.  Collections in front of the main office   
Facilitators:  Sidney Jones and Abby Robinson; , Mrs. May,Mr. Staats, Father Youmans
Monday, November 3 d day
Sidney J. , Chase K., Natalie H., Tara Ramakishan
Tuesday, November 4 e day
Tara Ramakishan, Abby Robinson, Grace Hall
Wednesday, November 5 f day 
Margo Naifeh
Thursday, November 6 a-day
Sidney J. Chase K. Natalie Hugos
Friday, November 7th:  No high school volunteers  
Mrs. Clay, Mrs. May

- Lower Division: October 31- November 7 
7:00-7:45 collections by the front entrance of the school. 
Facilitators:  Neely Russell and Aubrey Hermen; .Mrs. France and Mrs. Maness
Friday, October 31 c-day
Neeley R.,  Leighthon G.
Thank you to LD donors for 29 cans
Monday, November 3 d-day
Aubrey Hermen, Taylor Burrow, Jessika Russell
Tuesday, November 4 e-day
Sara Shobeiri
Wednesday, November 5 f-day
Sara Shobeiri, Neeley Russell
Thursday, November 6 a-day
Nia Blackwell, Kat Reynolds, Katherine Henry, Brady Rodts
Friday, November 7:  No volunteers from Upper Division

- Primary Division
November 3 - November 7th.   
 7:15-7:45. collections placed in wagons  Donations are carried to the Food Bank trailer by the children on Thursday. 
Facilitators:  Ananya Baktharam. and Johnny Lee; Mrs . Sharp and Mrs. Schltz
Monday, November 3  d-day
Kira Sindhwani, Kate Abernathy
Tuesday, November 4  e-day
Lauren Uhland, Zac Conner, Ananya B.
Wednesday, November 5 f-day
Kat Reynolds, Brady Rodts
Thursday, November 6: a-day
Morning 7:30 _____________
10:15 Teens in can costumes: Ananya B. and Johnny Lee
2:00. Teens in can costumes:___________
Friday, November 7:  
Last minute donations. No helpers from the Upper Division