Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Dear Facilitators of the Food Drive

Thank you for helping remind volunteers to be at their post collecting cans and being enthusiastic about fighting hunger.  I will update additions and deletions as well as place daily pics of the drive at the Casady YAC Bloghttp://casadyacleads.blogspot.com/.    

If your volunteers have not contacted you, please contact them.  Do a reminder via text the night before they need to volunteer. Please tell your volunteers to sign-in with their time of arrival and sign out with time of departure. 

Please read your section carefully.  Thank you!  Carmen Clay

Upper Division
October 31- November 6 .  November 7, SPC
Volunteers needed from 7:00-7:45. Sign in sheet,boxes and can costume by Mrs. Milligan's office.  At least one volunteer with first hour study hall to help count cans from late arrivals.  Boxes will be by Mrs. Milligan's office.  Mr. Fresonke's crew will pick up cans by 8:30 daily.  Goal: 30 cans per student.  YAC is the face of the drive and the Executive Board leads by example.  YAC should consider bringing as many donations as possible the first day to set the tone of the drive.  Special thanks to Sara, Mariam, Safra, Kira, Turner, Ananya, Sidney, Jessica, Yogaish, Miranda and Mrs. Crossno for their help facilitating aspects of the food drive.  
Facilitators:  Jessica Greene,  Mariam and Safra Shakir 
Friday, October 31:  c-day 
Jessica Greene (7:15), Abby Robinson, Carmen Clay, Sidney Jones, Natalie Hugos, Tara Ramakrishan, Chase Kuehnl, Margo Naifeh, Camille Jackson
( I placed here everyone who signed up to help MD and PD. Those divisions are not collecting until Monday. Please make sure they are OK with helping in the UD.  It will be great to have many volunteers in costumes!!!) 
Monday, November 3: d-day
Safra Shakir. Mariam Shakir
Tuesday, November 4: e-day
Kat Reynolds, Brady Rodts.
Wednesday, November 5: f-day
Shubham  Gulati, Anthony Kong, Max Tjauw
Thursday, November 6: a-day
Miranda Tortocici,  Mrs. Crossno

- Middle Division November 3 - November 7th.   They will have Halloween costume competitions the 31st.  Volunteers needed from 7:00-7:45.  Sign in sheet boxes and costume on wall by collection boxes, in front of the main office.  At least one volunteer with first hour study hall to help count cans from late arrivals.  Mr. Fresonke's crew will pick up cans by 8:30 daily.   
Facilitators:  Sidney Jones and Abby Robinson 
Monday, November 3 d day
Sidney J. , Chase K., Natalie H., Tara Ramakishan
Tuesday, November 4 e day
Tara Ramakishan, Abby Robinson, Grace Hall
Wednesday, November 5 f day 
Margo Naifeh
Thursday, November 6 a-day
Sidney J. Chase K. Natalie Hugos
Friday, November 7th:  No high school volunteers  
Mrs. Clay, Mrs. May

- Lower Division: October 31- November 7 
Volunteers needed from 7:00-7:45 Sign in sheet and costume by Mrs. Maness desk.  At least one volunteer with first hour study hall to help count cans from late arrivals.  Boxes and can costume will be by Mrs. Manes office.  Mr. Fresonke's crew will pick up cans by 8:30 daily.  
Facilitators:  Neely Russell and Aubrey Hermen(?)
Friday, October 31 c-day
Neeley Russell,  Leighthon Gelnar
Monday, November 3 d-day
Aubrey Hermen, Taylor Burrow, Jessika Russell
Tuesday, November 4 e-day
Sara Shobeiri
Wednesday, November 5 f-day
Sara Shobeiri, Neeley Russell
Thursday, November 6 a-day
Nia Blackwell, Kat Reynolds, Katherine Henry, Brady Rodts
Friday, November 7:  No volunteers from Upper Division

- Primary Division
November 3 - November 7th.   They will have Halloween costume competitions the 31st
Volunteers needed from 7:15-7:45.  This division starts classes later.Sign in sheet by collection boxes. Boxes and can costume in front of building for decoration and marketing purposes only. Place counted donations directly in wagons.  Donations are carried to the Food Bank trailer by the children on Thursday.  Mr. Fresonke's crew does not pick-up donations at all here.
Facilitators:  Ananya B. and Johnny Lee
Monday, November 3  d-day
Kira Sindhwani, Kate Abernathy
Tuesday, November 4  e-day
Lauren Uhland, Zac Conner, Ananya B.
Wednesday, November 5 f-day
Kat Reynolds, Brady Rodts
Thursday, November 6: a-day
Morning 7:30 _____________
10:15 Teens in can costumes: Ananya B. and Johnny Lee
2:00. Teens in can costumes:___________
Friday, November 7:  
Last minute donations. No helpers from the Upper Division