Monday, September 22, 2014

September 21 and 22: Peace Day and the Day after Peace Day

Secret Agent of Compassion
 What's Next - Sept 22, 2014

Greetings Agents!

This message is a quick thank you for your involvement in the Secret Agent of Compassion game over the last week and a half, and to further introduce you to Kind Living, the organization that provided it. If you enjoyed the secret agent game, you'll be pleased to know that Kind Living offers free activities like it all year long.

In fact, I'm starting an 8 week online kindness activity next Sunday for anyone in the world who wants to join.

Participants will be reading journalist Mike McIntyre's book "The Kindness of Strangers" and considering and completing weekly kindness actions generated by the reading.

We'll look at the acts of kindness bestowed on McIntyre as he crossed the US on foot, penniless, relying on the kindness of strangers to feed, shelter, and transport him.

To fully participate, get a copy of the book and then connect next Sunday to the website where I'll be posting the reading assignments, kindness action suggestions, as well as messages of inspiration and reflection.

Thanks again for being a secret agent. I hope to see you again next year, maybe even sooner!

 -Andy Smallman, Kind Living

September 21:  Peace Day

Secret Agent of Compassion
 Mission 011 - Sept 21, 2014

Good Morning Agents!

You now know how powerful you are and that inside of you is the antidote to all things negative. Recognize that you don't need missions to carry out the work of spreading kindness, patience, empathy, and compassion. You know what to do. You always have.

Reflect on what you've done over the past 10 days. See if you find a nugget of truth in the idea that EVERY act of kindness and compassion you performed increased the amount of antidote that was already inside of you. As such, consider EVERY kind and compassionate thing you do in your life as increasing the amount of this antidote that exists in the world.

Think about this antidote. Put a word on it. Define it for yourself.

What word did you choose?

Write it down. Post it on your Facebook page and share it with others. Tweet it with the hashtag #secretagentofcompassion. Write it on sticky notes and post them around town. Make yourself a T-shirt with nothing but that word on it. Choose an action today that supports what your word means to you.Do the same thing tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that…

Spread the word.

Finally, post your word and a short summary of your personal experience today on the Compassion Map.

Thank you, agents. Thank you, my friends.

YOUTH LEAD OKC RETREAT   10:00 AM 9/21/2014

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Sunday, September 21st -- 6:30pm
The Great Hall of the University Center
Oklahoma City University
2501 N. Blackwelder, OKC

The program featured messages of peace from:

• Rabbi Abby Jacobson
• Albert Gray Eagle
• Dr. Imad Enchassi
• Rev. Moses Mast
• Kristen Swartley & the "El Sistema Oklahoma" jazz combo

This free program was co-sponsored by Joy Mennonite Church, the Oikos Scholars program of Oklahoma City University, the Center for Conscience in Action, the Peace House, the Oklahoma City group of Pax Christi USA, the Respect Diversity Foundation, and by your Oklahoma City chapter of the United Nations Association of the USA.

Information about the program and presenters:

Celebrate Peace with Us (program overview) ... 

Dr. Imad Enchassi ...
To Reaffirm Faith: Dr. Imad Enchassi 
To Reaffirm Faith: Dr. Imad Enchassi
“Sometimes I think God exposed me to so much hatred and violence. so that I can be a voice for love and peace.”
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Kristen Swartley and El Sistema ...
To Reaffirm Faith: Kristen Swartley and El Sistema 
To Reaffirm Faith: Kristen Swartley and El Sistema
Our Observance of Peace Day in Oklahoma City will Feature Music by the El Sistema Jazz Combo Do you know about "El Sistema?"
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To Reaffirm Faith: Albert Gray Eagle
You're Going to Like our Peace Day Program on Sunday, September 21st
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The program was free and open to the public. 100 people attended 

"History has shown that, no matter how fierce, conflict can end, peace can prevail and reconciliation can triumph. On 21 September, at concerts around the world -- in major cities and small towns, in conflict zones and peaceful communities –- people will broadcast this essential message. They celebrate the value of human diversity and the strength of our unity.  "...I urge every peace-loving person to engage with their friends and neighbors, their community organizations and governments. Together, let us demand the right of peoples to peace."

--Ban Ki-moon
UN Secretary-General