Saturday, September 13, 2014

Peace Week 2014

September 8:

 Johnny L. promoted Peace One Day and call for intentional acts of kindness, compassion and service during the 11 Days of Global Unity 9/11-921.  He presented the following video

September 10:

Peace Team started the week with a skype with Peace One Day education coordinator who listened to teams' initiatives and suggested to document and send Peace One Day actions taken during Peace Week and Peace Day.

A. Ananya: Facilitated the incentive of $ 1 per pinwheel made for Pepper"s Ranch, She is volunteering @ Oklahoma Conference of churches youth tour reflection facilitator on 9/21. Ananya also helped organized a Days for Kids on 9/20 @ Boys and Girls Club.  She also promoted Recipeace, or coming together over a meal to share thoughts of peace with SAGE\and  OKC Restaurants.  Update:  Chef Kevin will have a Recipeace meal in Calvert on 9/18.

B. Johnny and Turner Facilitated pinwheel making at Summer by the Lake and @ the Single Parents Network Family Fair,   Johnny will also be co-facilitating the Youth LEAD OKC lock-in Experience on 9/20 and 9/21 @ Camp Fire USA

C. Miranda:  Students and faculty from all divisions will take an aerial picture symbolizing unity of mission of Peace One Day D.

E. Cathy: She is promoting peace connected to sports. Casady students are volunteering at a softball fundraising tournament as part of the compassion games during Peace Week ( 11 days of global unity)

F. Claire:  She is promoting Peace through the arts.  Update: Mrs. Thompson's  LD classes worked on visions of peace during 9/11-9/12.

G. Gracie: Recently joined the team with the idea of a Peace Team t-shirt, which the team will explore in 2015.

 H.  Mrs. Clay: Aims to raise awareness of Peace Day and connect Peace Week to the Compassion Games during the 11 Days of Global Unity (9/11-9/21) in all divisions and the greater Oklahoma City community.  Here is the compassion agents assignment fot today 9/13/2014: Environment Day

September 11, UNITY

Chapel Talk:  Compassion Games and Peace One Day

Ananya and Johnny spoke at Ud chapel
The international day of peace September the 21st was created in 2001, in 2007 a cease fire with the Taliban enabled UN based organizations to immunize 1 million children in Afghanistan from Polio and Smallpox.

This year, marks the beginning of a 3 year $10 million dollar campaign funded by Coca-Cola to start immunization, and primary school education in the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

Here at Casady, We will be celebrating the 11 days of Unity that end in the International Day of Peace. Starting today for the next 2 weeks for every pinwheel that a Casady high-schooler makes a $1 will be donated to Pepper's Ranch, and up to $15,000. Pepper's ranch is centered on taking orphaned foster children out of the OKC foster system and housing them until they find forever families or adopted. They currently house 75 children, and are looking to expand their numbers to 100. So they need this money. Supplies are in Mrs. Clay's office.

Next week on Saturday the 20th, in partnership with OU and UCO, there will be a fair at the boys and girls club on western to help out and pass out backpacks, and find out what peace means to these kids. You can talk to me, miss clay, or Johnny about this, We will have a signup sheet next week in the wing.

Next Sunday the 21st is the international Day of peace. There is an Interfaith Youth tour that takes students like us, to different places of worship. This year the tour will feature a mosque, a hindu temple, and a methodist church. It costs $15 dollars and takes place from 1-5 please find mrs. Clay if your interested. 

Johnny stated that there would be a picture around the lake on 9/18, Claire will have an art activity on Wednesday and he called for people to consider planting trees on 9/14