Wednesday, August 13, 2014


YAC met with STUCO to connect and service project collaborations for the year


YAC Attendance
Casady Wing 1-3 PM  2 hours, but some officers stayed longer
Seniors:  Sidney, Jessica, Taylor (3 hours)
Juniors: Aubrey (3 Hours), Dylan(2 hours)
Sophomores: Johnny, Miranda, and Turner(1 hour)

STUCO Members 2 hours
James, Marshall, Ellen, Andrew, Donald

Minutes by Johnny and Carmen

Projects Brainstorming

Food Drive:  UD will collect only money.  Other divisions can and money.  The day is already in the calendar, October 31-Nov. 7.  The division directors chose that week at the May 2014 Calendar meeting.

A week like Double Wolf Dare Week.  Proceeds will go to Children's Hospital.  Ideas:  Dance, Run, Walk,Scavenger Hunt taking pics. Like Balto Week with Crazy Fun Week during transition of Winter Sports

Organizations in Mind
Habitat for Humanity/Food Bank/Walk-A-Thon
Food Bank Update-8/21/2014:  
August 19: Teachers and staff volunteering as Professional Development Day
Peace Week Saturday, September 13 Environment Day, Eat local: Casady Peace Team has reserved 40 spots for any Cyclone interested in volunteering  Requested Tour of the Food Bank and we are talking to get the volunteers assign to the Food Bank Garden
Peace Week, Saturday, September 20-Disarmament Day: Fighting Hunger Feeding Hope-40 spots reserved at the Food Bank for interested Cyclones
January 19, 2014 MLK Day at the Food Bank with Disney Character Competition.  Learning component:  Food insecurity awareness and tour of the Food Bank

Peace Week: Sept 11-21 Infant Crisis Services, YWCA

YAC service announcements done by STUCO

Show video with Children's Hospital

Stuff Gifts @ Ronald McDonald House.  Ronald McDonald needs deadline

Walk-A-Thon on a school Day like Athena Day- out of class- condensed schedule with clubs around the lake.

Homecoming:  Holi T-shirts, Hunger Games Casady Style, Auction, Fashion Show, Stickers.

Overall calendar at common area to keep clear communication

To do LIST: 8/19/21 Marshall and Jessica will talk to Coach T about big fundraiser

Suggested Agenda in the parking lot

- Vision: Inspiring the future of our nation
- constitution:  will ask stuco for their by laws and constitution as a sample

b. Calendar:  Jessica is making one

c. YAC Clubs Flyer by Johnny;  Johnny needs to revise the one he made during the summer.  Coach T and Coach McHargue need to be contacted regarding Freshman Club Fair during Freshman Orientation.

d. Peace Week Report by Miranda:  ???

e. Requests to administrators FROM SECOND YAC FEDEX TIME approvals: Jessica is taking care of that

f. Chapel announcements:  Done by STUCO:  From all service opp at Casady places to serve blog , how are the ones read at Chapel selected? this needs to be answered ASAP


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