Saturday, August 16, 2014



Peace in the world begins with peace inside each of us.
  • Discover meditations that foster greater inner harmony
  • Learn practices to cultivate a more steady baseline of peace in your heart
  • Increase your capacity to let go of old stories and traumas
  • Experience the ease, joy and well-being that come from inner peace
  • Learn how to forgive yourself for harm you may have inflicted upon others


The internal foundation of peace empowers you to then become an embodied messenger of peace for everyone you come into contact with – from family members to people you encounter during work, and even strangers.

  • Find practices that reinforce our interconnectedness and a sense of oneness
  • Discover techniques for resolving conflicts in romantic relationships
  • Learn powerful perspectives to help you parent peacefully
  • Bring clear, harmonious communication to your work relationships
  • Adopt practices to help heal unresolved conflicts and wounds
  • Cultivate new ways of communicating that foster deeper trust, love and intimacy in all of your interactions


With so much violence in our world, it can be overwhelming to try to figure out what you can do to truly make a difference. Learn practical skills to help build a culture of peace that addresses today’s critical issues.

  • Learn from peacebuilders around the world how to become an effective activist
  • Become a peace resource who your family, friends and community can turn to for guidance
  • Learn ways you can foster compassion in your community
  • Discover techniques for recharging and reinvigorating the peace movement
  • Learn about collective peace activist efforts you can join
  • Learn to build political and social will toward a culture of peace
Adapted from The Summer of Peace learn how to cultivate peace in your heart, home, school, neighborhood – and the world at large.