Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Peace Team Meets At Mrs. Clay's House, August 16, 2-4

 Casady Peace Team DC  Bound, not in the picture, Sireene. Gracie, Sidney, Natasha

Suggested Agenda
1.We need to meet to view Peace one Day and have a snack
2. Set-up a date to Skype with Peace One Day
3. Discuss what everyone welcomes doing during Peace Week
Change theoretical schedule into concrete activities with responsible parties with a to do list
4. Collaborations with Youth Lead, OCC Interfaith Youth Tour, OCU IDP Observance, Boys and Girls Club Kids Day, Recipeace
5.  T-shirts, Brochure, Compassion Games, Seeds of Peace
6. Ananya's Projects: Somos, Then and Now, Girl UP

Casady K-12th Faculty serves @ Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, Thursday, August 19, 2014

Wear comfortable clothing  (Jeans and Casady Cares T-shirt) and closed-toe shoes

7:30 am  Continental Breakfast in Calvert

8:15 am  Busses load for Service Experience @ Regional Food Bank ok Oklahoma

9:00-Noon  Morning Shift with 15 minute break with snacks and drinks provided