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The secret agents of compassion are organizing!
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To The Secret Agents of Compassion:
You are receiving this message to confirm you are part of this critical team of secret agents gathering to dispense the highly potent antidote of COMPASSION during the 2014 Compassion Games.
Beginning September 11th and continuing for 11 consecutive days, you will receive a daily briefing via email that outlines that day’s “secret” mission, a specific and simple compassionate action you are encouraged to interpret and complete that day.

Should you choose to accept it, use your creativity and individuality to find ways to fulfill the mission, thus helping to neutralize the harmful effects of negativity while creating a global community that tips the scales towards kindness.

Stay tuned for more directions!
Compassion Games
International Kindness Team

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Peace One Day 2014


Casady Peace Week 2014
September 11-  September 21(IDP) 
Facilitated by YAC/YLOKCasady Peace Team

Vision: OKC a Compassionate City and Casady a Kinder Community

Mission: Promote the 11 Days of Global Unity - 11 Areas in need of change to give peace one day a chance to become a reality. Play the Compassion Games

Goal/Purpose: Promote kindness and service.  Raise Awareness of local and global interconnectivity - local solutions with global implications and IDP (9/21) connecting to classroom, sports, non-profits, and restaurants.  Compassion Games Relay, Recipeace meals and Peace Art (pinwheels)


UD: YAC/Youth LEADOKCasady Peace Team: Miranda T., Ananya, B. Johnny L. Claire D. Natasha S. Turner W. Cathy Z. Sidney J.  Gracie P., Carmen Clay'74 (Service-Learning, Father Blizzard (CHAPEL) 

MD: Father Youmans, Mr. Crofton, Mrs. Lynn Robertson and International Club

LD:  Mrs. France and  LD faculty

PD: Mrs. Sharp and Mrs. Czerwinski

Speakers: Peace Team Chapel and visitors from the greater Oklahoma City

 Performances:  Choir and Orchestra

Organizations and Schools Connected to Casady Peace Week: Youth LEAD OKC, Interfaith Alliance of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Conference of Churches, Roots and Wings, Respect Diversity Foundation, Oklahoma United Nations Association, Peppers Ranch, Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, OCU, Mercy School Institute, Oklahoma Centennial High School
Online Initiatives: Charter for Compassion, Peace One Day, Eno online, Peace Pals International, Painted Peace, Compassion Relay Games


SEPTEMBER 8: CHAPEL ANNOUNCEMENT- SHORT CHAPEL announcement after Mrs Clay explanation of the requirement and s-l website


Thursday 9/11: Unity 
"Compassion Relay Games begins:  "I Will Do a Good Deed" 
Peace Team introduces week at Chapels. 5-8 minute PP or Prezi

- Friday 9/12: Interdependence  
Spanish I Class/Language Club:  Generation 9/12 Good Deeds, Compassion Relay Games" Language Clubs - Declaration of Interdependence

- Saturday 9/13: Environment
Beyond Co-existence Training @ Turkish House: Recipeace @ Grand House
Food Bank Volunteering Reservation for 40 volunteers  MD Mrs. Dana Martin supervisor 580-399-7733 , 405-749-3212

- Sunday 9/14: Economic Justice
EVENING Peace One Day Screening @ Casady 
Peppers Ranch (???? Need to ask Tonya)

- Monday 9/15: Health
Peace and health practices???? Casady Athletics Activity: Peace Walks around the Lake Casady and Lake Hefner , Yoga, dancing ???? We need someone interested in talking to Coaches and Athletic director.  

- Tuesday 9/16: Children and Youth
YAC/STUCO/International Club  Activity ?????  Peace Art ??? What suggestions do you have?  Needs facilitators.  I was hoping YAC E-Board might be interested in joining hands with STUCO
Spanish I and Spanish Club: Painted Peace-
May Peace Prevail on Earth Activity  
 3v3 soccer games

- Wednesday 9/17: Women
Care Packages for ICS and YWCA ??
Gales Activity????? Could one of you take the initiative to contact Jessica and see what the interest is?  I also think you can get Cheerleaders to do something, maybe. Who is the head cheerleader?  Could one of you contact that person or Aubrey for feedback???  

- Thursday 9/18: Human Rights
Pinwheel blessing and planting - Parent teacher conferences on Friday 9/19 in PD, LD, and MD.  This is the day for the possible hands across the lake and an arial picture.  Miranda will work on administrative approval in August.

- Friday 9/19 Freedom
Parent teacher conferences on Friday 9/19 in PD, LD, and MD
Debaters activity at Chapel????? Ananya could you work on this with Dr. Gerard and your team. 

- Saturday 9/20 Disarmament
*Recipeace meals encouraged @ home and favorite restaurants

*YLOKC training retreat  YLOKC Planning team facilitators: Ananya, Johnny, Dane, Iletze Shannon, Carmen, Tabitha 

*Day for Kids @ Boys and Girls Club 
YLOKC training retreat @ Camp Classen  YLOKC Planning team facilitators: Ananya, Johnny, Dane, Iletze Shannon, Carmen, Tabitha 

*Whole Day: Food Bank Volunteering (Reservation for 40 volunteers) Facilitated by Mrs. Clay

- Sunday 9/21 International Day of Peace
*Recipeace meals encouraged @ home and favorite restaurants

*YLOKC training retreat  YLOKC Planning team facilitators: Ananya, Johnny, Dane, Iletze Shannon, Carmen, Tabitha 

* 1-5:30 PM IDP Interfaith Youth Tour  - Facilitated by Oklahoma Conference of Churches  Ananya, Johnny, Carmen, Claire

* 6:30-8:00 OKC celebrates International Day of Peace at OCU  Peace Week 2014
Ananya, Carmen

Calendar  for Casady Activities   
Casady Service-Learning will be promoting the Compassion Relays during this week!
September 8, s-l and peace week at all division
TH 9/11
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day  6
Children Youth
Day 7
Day 8
Human Rights
Day 10
Day 11
Spanish I Class works on Peace Week-Views Peace One Day/Makes Pinwheels
Spanish One Class connects Peace Week to Hispanic Heritage Month
YAC service activity?
Mural, paper cranes, pinwheels- Carmen, Claire, Art and languages classes
meals promoted
Interfaith Alliance Beyond Coexistence Training
 at Raindrop House
Food Bank  service opportunity  in the morning for interested\
8-years old an up 

Secret Agents of Compassion Relay Games: Day 3

meals promoted

Secret Agents of Compassion Relay Games:
 Day 4

 Hands on across the lake?? Arial picture taken by Mr. Bruce's drone


Kids Fair at Boys and Girls Club (morning)
Players for change (Musicians)
Beyond coexist

Day at the Food Bank for interested participants

Secret Agents of Compassion: Day 10


1-5:30  pm Interfaith Youth Tour
Hindu Temple  
 N. Coltrane Road).  
Mayflower Congregational Church (3901 N.W. 63rd Street, OKC). 
AMA Grand Mosque (3201 N.W. 48th Street,) 

$15 per person,l registration @ at the "Upcoming Events" tab or contact Sherry Pemberton 
at (405) 525-2928; 


Secret Agents of Compassion Relay Games : Day 11
YAC service activity??
Mural, paper cranes, pinwheels- Carmen, Claire, Art and languages classes
Peace Team speech at chapel

Choir Performance
Mr. Drew Edmonson
PD and LD  Pinwheels blessing
 MD: :45
PD: 10:00
UD: 12:00
LD: 2:30
speeches by Father Blizzard and Father Youmans on Human rights, Religion and Peace
Mrs. Paton

Lunch Sage working with Menu to promote Peace Week
Sage lunch with focus on health guidelines?
Recipeace out to lunch seniors?
Recipeace out to lunch juniors?
Sage lunch with focus on right to healthy food?
Recipeace lunch at Calvert?
Class Time
Pinwheels, Peace art and reflection where time is made availale
Class initiatives
Class initiatives
class initiatives
class initiatives
class initiatives
class initiatives
class initiatives
After School
Mural, paper cranes, pinwheels- Carmen, Claire, Art and languages classes
Mural, paper cranes, pinwheels- Carmen, Claire, Art and languages classes
clubs initiatives
clubs initiatives
clubs initiatives
clubs initiatives
clubs initiatives
After School Care
Mural, paper cranes, pinwheels-
Secret Agents of Compassion: Day 1

Mural, paper cranes, pinwheels-
Secret Agents of Compassion: Day 2

Mural, paper cranes, pinwheels-
Secret Agents of Compassion: Day 5
Mural, paper cranes, pinwheels-
Secret Agents of Compassion: Day 6
Mural, paper cranes, pinwheels-
Secret Agents of Compassion: Day 7
Mural, paper cranes, pinwheels-
Secret Agents of Compassion: Day 8
Mural, paper cranes, pinwheels-
Secret Agents of Compassion: Day 9


Saturday, September 20, 2014:  Disarmament Day
10:30am   Meet at Casady School
11:00am   Depart for Camp Classen
12:45pm   Arrive at Camp Classen
1:00pm     Eat sack lunches that teens bring with them
1:30pm – 11:00pm: Youth LEAD Conference
-Learn new Ice Breaker Games
Facilitating and Presenting like a Rock Star Training
                                                -Roast marshmallows
                                                -Plan one full service project

Sunday, September 21, 2014: International Day of Peace
8:00am    Breakfast at camp
8:30am – 9:30am Share multiple religious experiences
9:30am - 10:30am Youth LEAD Conference Closing
10:30am   Load buses to return to OKC lunch on the go
12:15pm Arrive back to Casady   end of YLOKC conference, beginning of IDP activities
12:30 pm  Peace Team and anyone interested to Interfaith Youth Tour
1:00- 5:30 Interfaith Youth Tour
6:30-8:30  OCU Observance of International Day of Peace

Training by Tabitha May Tolub- CEO of Roots & Wings. 

Youth Lead OKC Training @ Casady School Spring 2013

"There are two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children: One of these is roots, the other, wings."  ~ Henry Ward Beecher

Based on the famous quote, Roots & Wings provides training and consultation for youth and the adults who care about them in the areas of leadership, communication and identity development. We believe there are two things that we all need in order to become amazing human beings: Roots (identity and confidence in knowing who we are and where we come from) and Wings (the skills necessary to navigate and create positive change in this global world).   About Roots & Wings:

About Tabitha: Founder and CEO of Roots and Wings, Training and Consulting

Tabitha holds degrees in Psychology and Education from Clark University and has been in the field of Youth Leadership Development for nearly 20 years. She has received extensive training in the areas of communication, mentorship, diversity engagement, peer mediation, leadership development, facilitation, dialoging, anti-bias and primary prevention education.

She has worked in public schools, community-based programs and non-profit organizations with youth of all ages, parents, teachers and mentors from all over the country. Over the last 15 years she has specialized in youth leadership development at the middle and high school levels, empowering all types of youth leaders to strengthen their character and identity, connect with others through deeper communication and effect change in their community. When she is not supporting others in their work, she is at home raising two young leaders of her own and working on her own communication skills.

Day for Kids 2013

9/20/2014 Disarmament Day 


 Expected number of participants 200+ children and their families.  No Registration or fee

What: Day for Kids at Boys and Girls Club
When:  9/20/2014  Time: TBA by LaRissa
Why: Boys and Girls Club annual Kids Days CONNECTED TO PINWHEELS FOR PEACE 
What and Who:
1. Facilitation of documentary screening of Peace One Day at the Teen Room Peace Team - Proposal on 7/16/2014 waiting for approval
2. Booth with information about Recipeace-Serve Peace at your table in collaboration with McDonalds Healthy Choices.  REPLY FROM  MC's
 I represent all the local franchisees in the state of Oklahoma handling their communications and social media efforts. Our budget is already set for the remaining portion of the year, but this might be an opportunity for the McDonald’s closets to you. I will pass along the email below to that franchisee and get their feedback connecting you. Ronald McDonald has a schedule appearing at schools across the state. I will ask him if this might be an opportunity and let you know.  It sounds like there is a service requirement every year for kids attending Casady. So, I will add this to our planning for 2015 discussions. This would allow us to plan on an appearance from Ronald and booth participation for event in the future. Thank you again for stopping by our booth at Vision 2020 and reaching out. We’d love to work something out.  
jennifer mornhinweg,, senior communications specialist, o: 405 848 6800,c: 405 612 8623,f:  405 842 3607

3. PAINTED PEACE BOOTH:  Making a pinwheel garden and starting painted peace art by Spanish Club and Spanish I class available members. Exploring a collaboration with Interfaith Alliance.  Participation depends on time availability of supervising teachers from Casady.  Casady Service-Learning and Interfaith Alliance will underwrite the booth costs.

Possible Collaborations at consideration stage on 7/16/2014, made at Vision 20/20 Conference Science Connections:  Women, Children and Youth , Health and Environment Days
4. Mad Science of Central Oklahoma on site doing their scientific magical demonstrations  Derrick 405-408-9532 , Mad Science is honored to participate in this worthy cause, and will provide an activity booth for the day.  We require 1-2 tables close to an electrical outlet, and will bring everything else with us.   
Please let us know the location and hours you would like us there.  Thank you again for this opportunity to join you in serving our community.  Derick Brock, Mad Science of Central Oklahoma,

5. Oklahoma Green Schools: Energy Audit Tools demonstrations Sara Ivey Department of Environmental Quality
6. Project Learning Tree Activity and tree samplings give away Jery Irby Department of Forestry
7. Interquest Detection Canines  Misty Carson
8. Federal Reserve Bank: Financial Literacy information for parents, children, and teens ,Sarah  Shahan,, Public Affairs Specialit  We also asked Sarah to consider coming to Casady for Children and Youth day.

OCC Interfaith Youth Tour 2013
9/21 International Day of Peace
TIME 1:00-5:30 PM
$15 per person 

Registration @ at the "Upcoming Events" tab or contact Sherry Pemberton at (405) 

Tour Sites

a. Hindu Temple (7200  N. Coltrane Road)  

b. Mayflower Congregational Church (3901 N.W. 63rd Street, OKC)
c. AMA Grand Mosque (3201 N.W. 48th Street,) 

 Expected participants 180 teens from OKC  $15P Registration at

Possible YAC /YLOKCasady Peace Team Participants: Ananya , Johnny, Sidney, Natasha and Carmen, IF WE RETURN ON TIME FROM YLOKC RETREAT. 

1. Casady Peace Team contacted the Hindu Temple.  The registration by OCC and pre-tour reflection  will be in the building where their Sunday school is  hosted.  Their activities end at 12:30.   The post reflection will be at the last site. OCC investigated logistics there.  OCC will provide all the needed supplies for pre and post reflection.
2. Connection to Pinwheels for Peace:  Pinwheel template will be in the backpacks OCC gives to participants as part of the tour to encourage them to make one at home on IDP (International Day of Peace).  No pinwheel making or demonstration of pinwheel making on the premises at any location.  Time is too limited! 

3. Have a Recipeace meal on 9/21 home, place of worship, or favorite restaurant.  SERVE PEACE @ YOUR TABLE

Activities on IDP 9/21/2014 for available Peace Team members
a. YLOKC training retreat.
b. Interfaith Youth Tour 12:30-6:00 If on time returning from YLOKC Retreat
c.  United Nations IDP evening event at OCU's GREAT HALL at the Student Center, 6:30-8:00

9/21 Pinwheels for Peace Garden @OCU

"Bringing our Journey of Peace to the Next Generation" Sunday, September 21st -- 6:30pm
Oklahoma City University
University Center (Great Hall)
2501 N. Blackwelder Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK   73106

The International Day of Peace is on Sunday,9/21. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the "Declaration on the Right of Peoples to Peace" -- as approved by the General Assembly of the United Nations. The Declaration on the Right of Peoples to Peace recognizes that the promotion of peace is vital for the full enjoyment of our human rights.


1) Invocation by Rabbi Abby Jacobson of Emanuel Synagogue in Oklahoma City.

(2) A story from the Middle East, told by
Dr. Imad Enchassi followed bychildren from Mercy School

(3) Kristen Swartley's experience in South America followed by 
"El Sistema OKLAHOMA"performance

 (4)  A Native American Story , interpreted by Albert Gray Eagle 

(5)  Moses Mast "confession" -- a statement acknowledging the injustices of the past and the continuing need for reconciliation between cultural groups within our nation. Members of the audience will be invited to participate in the reading of a prepared statement.

(6) Recitation of the World Peace Prayer.

Pax Christi:Honorarium to  speakers
Joy Mennonite: Programs
City Sentinel newspaper Adds: Bob Lemon and Robyn Sellers
Expected Attendance:  75 to 200.

Contact Person: Sadie Mast @ 771-4743..  Organizers: Bill Bryant, Chris Houk, Susan Lee, Sadie Mast, Marianne Mertens, Kristen Swartley & Misha.  Nathaniel Batchelder, Serena Blaiz,, Moses Mast, Sadie Mast, Marianne Mertens, Joe Meinhart Distribution: Serena Blaiz, Bill Bryant, Carmen Clay, Imad Enchassi, Chris Houk, Susan Lee, Moses & Sadie Mast, Joe Meinhart, Marianne Mertens, Brock Parker, Darla Shelden, Kay Sullivan

OKC IDP Peace Pinwheel Venues 
Pinwheels @ Boys and Girls Club Kids Day

Goal: Raise Awareness of IPD and 11 Days of Global Unity (via compassion relay games flyer). Help fundraise ti build a foster home at Pepper's Ranch. A Pepper's Ranch donor will provide a $1 per pinwheel made for Pepper's Ranch up to $15,000. 

Supplies for pinwheels must be provided by sponsoring institutions or volunteer facilitators

August 2:  Johnny @ Family Fun Pinwheels Booth 9:30-6:30 PM for all day volunteers, includes set-up and clean-up.  Ask Johnny for shifts and help him donating supplies to make pinwheels.

September :  Pinwheels at  Boys and Girls Club

August 17:  YLOKC makes pinwheels at OKC kids Korral recruitment party,

2nd Monday in August: Children's Hospital Dinner, 4:00-6:30 PM

September 11-17  Casady School makes pinwheels in all divisions

September 20: Boys and Girls Club @ Memorial Park by Casady Spanish I class, Spanish Club, International Club.
Participation will be confirmed after school starts.

Commitments to make pinwheels
Summer by the Lake: 50 miniature pinwheels
Peppers Ranch
Mercy Institute
YLOKC  @ Recruitment Party at OKC Kids Korral



Dear Casady PEACE TEAM,

Two months from now, individuals and organisations from around the world will come together on 21 September to call for peace in our homes, schools and communities. It will be the loudest call for global peace the world has ever known and we can all help amplify this message.

This is the first year of our three year project in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and the Great Lakes region of Africa (GLR), demonstrating how the day can be a window of opportunity for humanitarian and life-saving activities. Working with a range of organisations including UN bodies, NGOs, faith groups, schools and individuals, we have already received word of a number of incredible plans taking place in the region, including:
  • In partnership with UNICEF and the DRC Ministry of Education, Peace One Day is distributing peace education posters in six languages to over 51,000 schools in the DRC.
  • Jeuness’Espoir has created a coalition in Bas-Congo to drive Peace Day activity across the province.
  • UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is supporting refugees in the GLR in a number of ways including the voluntary repatriation of refugees from Uganda to the DRC, the distribution of fuel-efficient stoves to IDP camps, as well as organising a mini-marathon in Goma.
  • As part of their ‘Peace in the Great Lakes’ initiative, the Association of the Catholic Episcopal Conferences of Central Africa and the Provinces of the Anglican Church of Congo, Burundi and Rwanda are organising a three-day prayer for peace (Triduum).
  • Corporate Coalition member Greif will distribute 6,000 water backpacks across the DRC and the GLR to help people safely carry clean water.

This is just a selection of the activities that will take place in the region and beyond on Peace Day. For more plans and to find activities where you are please check out our Peace Day Tumblr page. If you are marking the day we want to hear from you! By filling in this short form you can help us tell the global Peace Day story, inspiring others to get involved.

To showcase this support for Peace Day, Peace One Day’s celebration in Goma, DRC - with performances from Akon, Lexxus Legal and Dety Darba - will see your activities broadcast to the audience in Goma and around the world.

Together this celebration can be a symbol of our collective actions the world over for peace.

If you are in the region and would like tickets please email us here.
 Archbishops GLR 

PR Goma

With two months to go, we can make this Peace Day the biggest yet. We look forward to hearing from you regarding your plans. The very best of luck!

Many thanks

In peace


Jeremy Gilley
Founder, Peace One Day