Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Casady YAC/YLOKCasady Peace Team at Work in July

July recruitment:  July 9th, Myriad Garden's Movie Night,  YLOKC will give away drinks and business cards.

Seven Pieces of Advice from Rumi
In generosity and helping others be like the river.
In compassion and grace be like the sun.
In concealing others' faults be like the night.
In anger and fury be like the dead.
In modesty and humility be like the soil.
In tolerance be like the ocean.
Either you appear as you are or be as you appear.

Rick from Northern California, Peace Webinar 7/8/2014


Only those who attempt the absurd can achieve the impossible.”
Albert Einstein (1879-1955); Theoretical Physicist, Philosopher, Nobel Prize Winner
This quotation was our Daily Quote on July 09, 2014.


July 8th, Peace Team @ OKC Kids Korral 4:30-7:30 


Goal:  Fun, Food and friends with a purpose.  Bond as a team sharing cooking for children undergoing cancer treatment and their families.  

Peace Week Themes: Health/Children and Teens

a. Activity:  Dinner Preparation

Students arrived with groceries and cooked Chicken Alfredo, a home made salad and chocolate chip cookies for 30 people.  OKC Kids Korral was full this week.  It hosts 16 families. After clean-up, a few members of the team had a tour of the facilities.

Cost of the activity by Service-Learning Program  
$ 20.01 for chicken  (Mrs. Clay)
$ 16.43 for pasta eggs and salad dressing (Cathy)
$ 29.63 for  Vegetables for the salad (Claire)
$   0 for chocolate chip cookies ( Korral, Ananya)
$   0 for paper plates, napkins, forks (Korral)
$   0 Japanese drink (Donation by Mrs. Mary Leslie)
$ 66.07

Members of the Japan America Society donated origami paper and a Japanese drink.  Mrs. Mari Leslie and Mrs. Barker taught the children and their families how to make Peace Paper Cranes.  Clay demonstrated how to make "Pinwheel for Peace ." The supplies for the pinwheels were provided by the Korral.  
The Peace team received the commitment of OKC Kids Korral collaboration during Peace Week. Members of the team will promote activities in collaboration with their emerging Youth Group.

YLOKCasady Peace Team also received the commitment to participate in Peace Week from Pepper's Ranch (Sponsoring an Edmond Clean-up to honor the theme of environment), Boys and Girls Club at Memorial Park (Sponsoring a Kids Fair on 9/20 in the afternoon), and the Oklahoma Conference of Churches, entity sponsoring an Interfaith Youth Tour on 9/21 reflected by members of the Casady Peace Team. 

A Note from Kelly, the House Mother: 
painted-peace-logoIt is always a pleasure when you and your students are here.  Anytime you need me for anything please let me know.  They did a great job, the families told me how good the food was and some are having leftovers for lunch right now.

I also think we make a great clean up crew, you work like I do with the lets get this done attitude.  I appreciate the drive you have to help your students succeed.


After the Meal Peace Week Conversation

Cooking for 30 people, serving and cleaning up did not allow time to work on the Peace Week agenda. 

The team will revise the draft of the citywide flyer and make suggestions for the high school.  They will also check the emerging plan for the week and take personal ownership of a day facilitating an activity or a chapel speech.  The team still awaits the draft of the peace week t-shirt from Gracie.  Sireene from YLOKC is working on an original design for a citywide t-shirt.

1. Peace Week 2014: Peace Team members facilitation 

a. Members will provide commitments via e-mail to Mrs. Clay. 

b. Mrs. Clay suggested asking Casady Clubs to sponsor a theme of the week, the theme connected to their vision, mission, and purpose to make peace week part of the culture of the school. 

Commitments as of 7/9/2014
Turner will connect Peace Week to the Spanish and Drama clubs, both areas of his personal interest. Ideas to promote to language clubs:  Recipeace meeting, good deeds related to language building, pinwheel and paper crane for peace making. 

Johnny is making a list of all clubs, sponsors and teen leadership to be shared with freshmen, new teachers and new students.  Please help his efforts relating information about clubs you know pertinent information.  Johnny's clubs link forthcoming!

Mrs. Clay will connect Peace Week to Casady educators, chapel, and the OKC community. 
Ideas Mrs. Clay will suggest to teachers:
Chapel performances during Peace Week (Choir, Dance, Orchestra, Theater).  Pinwheel and paper cranes for peace at all division ($ 1 to Pepper's Ranch per pinwheel made by Pepper's Ranch donor). 
1,000 cranes sent to Hiroshima Museum.  the paper cranes will be connected to the  Shinnyo-en Foundation Six Billion Paths to Peace
Painted Peace Art with Artist in Residence, Thelma Gomez for Spanish Club.
Your own idea connecting your subject area to peace education.

2. Peace Week 2014 Flyer and T-shirt  The team is waiting for Gracie to send the draft for group discussion and approval.  Sireene stated that she will provide a design for a citywide t-shirt.

Mrs. Clay made a save the date flyer promoting Compassion Relay Games during Peace Week.  A save the date flyer for the week needed for youth by youth!  Who will be taking this task?

The team ended the clean-up at 7:30 PM.  We were unable to attend the UN OKC IDP meeting at the Joy of Mennonite Church.  We sent the Compassion Relay flyer draft-still without teen input- to them.

United Nations International Day of Peace OKC Celebration

9/21 Evening Event
Planning Meeting at 6:30 at 
Joy Mennonite Church
504 NE 15th Street
Oklahoma City, OK

The International Day of Peace is on a Sunday this year. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the "Declaration on the Right of Peoples to Peace" -- as approved by the General Assembly of the United Nations. The Declaration on the Right of Peoples to Peace recognizes that the promotion of peace is vital for the full enjoyment of our human rights.

You can find a copy of the Declaration here ...

Questions about this invitation? Feel free to call Sadie Mast at 771-4743.

Raising Awareness of Recipeace @ local restaurants

Recipeace Promotion

Peace Team Teens promoted "Serve Peace at your table on 9/21 International Day of peace." at a variety of OKC restaurants.  The goal of the visits were to inform restaurants about in hope that they would advocate awareness of Peace Day(9/21) which is mostly unknown in our city.

After visiting several restaurants, members of the peace team visited Super Cao Nguyen where they received a donation of $185 worth of Ramune for YLOKC summer recruitment.  Super Cao Nguyen graciously became the first business to sponsor Peace Week @ Casady School.  The owners of Super Cao suggested approaching the Oklahoma Restaurant Association to promote Recipeace in OKC