Wednesday, June 25, 2014

YAC Fedex Time II Minutes

Casady YAC 2014-2016

YAC Executive Board 2014-2015
Presidents: Sydney and Jessica
Vice President: Aubrey
Secretary: Johnny
Treasurer: Taylor
Social Chair: Miranda

Chairs-(Personal Projects)
Freshmen chair: TBD . Kira (YL)
Sophomore chair: Ananya (YL, Literacy, Peace Week), Turner(Peace Week)
Junior chair: Dylan (?)
Senior chair: Yogaish (Recycling, PASS, YL)

Adults Chair: Carmen Clay: (YAC Sponsor, YL Mentor, Peace Week)

What is YAC? =?
Youth in Action in the Community
Do you want to keep the same name?

Theme for the Year: Children

Vision: ?
Mission: ?
Goal/Purpose: ?
Meetings for projects in Calendar

YAC FedEx Time II Agenda and Minutes
Minutes by Aubrey. In Red: Questions/comments from Mrs. Clay
Attendance by sign-up sheet
Seniors: Taylor B., Sidney J., Jessica G.
Juniors: Aubrey H.  Neely sent e-mail wanting to participate, but did not attend
Sophomores: Ananya B. Turner W. Johnny L. (late, very late), Gracie P wants to be a chair, but was out of town
Freshmen: None. Kira out of town

Time spent: 1.5 hours.

There will be a calendar in every building. Jessica will make the calendars.

Changes in calendar:
* More morning and/or lunch meetings- ONCE a month ? Coach T's approval needed.
* Change YAC Meeting time from Friday to Thursday ? Coach T's approval needed.

Budget: $100 per month- $1,000 August-May from S-L Budget.  YAC fundraisers at Fall Fest and from donations.  The full s-l budget covers all s-l office expenses, requests from classroom teachers for the entire school and director's discretionary expenses. That is why I am always seeking donations from former students and/or writing or asking you to consider writing grants. 

No snacks for meetings ??? or should we have a yearly fee to belong to YAC from $5-$10 to cover snacks for meeting.  Coach T's approval needed.

YAC Calendar 2014-2015
Clubs Fair for Freshmen facilitated by YAC: Suggested by Coach McHargue
* Johnny is making the YAC Guide
* Clubs need to be contacted in July.  Guide to be finished by August 8th.

Activities Fair for all Students: Who is facilitating this?
* Make YAC more desirable
* Get YAC known
* Get YAC's mission known  What is the YAC mission, Vision and goals?  You all also need to have mission, vision and goals for your monthly activities.  That way you will know why you are doing them and what you and the members expect to accomplish with time spent in YAC!
* More hours given to students who come to meetings more frequently ?
* More hours given to students on executive board ?

* Peace Week: 9/11-9/21(IDP)  Facilitated by Peace Team
*Students Against Hunger:  Money donation cans passed at Pep Rallies. Facilitated by all YAC???? Coach T's approval needed

Junior Project: Facilitated by Aubrey
*Self-Esteem Day: October 6
*Something with Special Care or Cleats for Kids, or Food-4- Kids Backpacks
*Fundraiser for Cleats for Kids or Food-4-Kids Backpacks
*Volunteer Day at Andrew Johnson Elementary
*Special Care, Cleats for Kids @ Casady

Students Against Hunger: UD facilitated by E-Board ??? 
Money cans for $ donations for cans for the Food Bank.

Stockings Project; Facilitated by E-Board YAC??
Stockings for teachers
Christmas Cheer Program: Volunteers needed to deliver gifts to families

Sophomore Project : Facilitated by ?
* Literacy - Book Drive
* MLK Day

February-March-April  ???? Facilitated by ???
Senior Project- Health, Safety, Well-being