Thursday, May 15, 2014

Jaime Oliver's Food Revolution Day, May 16

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From Youth Service America Debriefing, May 2014

MAY 16 is the annual International Day of Families, and to celebrate, we're calling on families everywhere to serve together! After all, we know that a child who has a parent who volunteers is nearly three times more likely to volunteer on a regular basis... why not make it a sure thing and volunteer as a family?

To help, YSA offers "
Volunteering Tips for Parents of Young Children" with plenty of ideas to help you raise children that care about others and their community.

We also share the
first in a four-part "Families and Volunteering" series of blog posts filled with advice and stories from parents across the country.

For even more family volunteering information, check out Search Institute's ParentFurther website, especially their page on "
Serving Others" with your family. They summarize the importance of serving as a family: "Volunteer work teaches family members the value of caring and giving back. Many families notice how much closer they become when they start serving together - and how much more they appreciate what they have. Research has also shown that when kids volunteer, they are building up their Developmental Assets, the 'building blocks' they need in order to grow up to be caring, successful, resilient adults."

Plan to spend some time serving with your kids soon