Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Casady Freshman @ TIDE Conference @ Stone Hill College

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TIDE 2014: Jack, Dane, Johnny, Memorial Weekend 2014

First off on Sunday got locked out of his room, pictures of the campus police unlocking it below.

And I know this is really late...only 1:30 A.M. :P but anyways today was more of a discussion/workshop day.

After breakfast, we went to our color tribes, I was in orange, BEST GROUP EVER!!!!

In our group, instead of saying hello, hey, or what's up we would stomp as our greeting, because it was rude to speak in the orange culture. But I had the privilege to visit the yellow group, which instead of stomping, like orange, yellow would sing the head, shoulders, knees and toes song together, compliment each on a physical feature, like a bracelet, then battle, which would be a coin toss competition where each person has a penny and when tossed, whoever has heads win and if you both tie them you go again. But it was weird being on the outside looking in on the yellow culture and seeing how their normally lives would be like, compared to mine especially, where orange is silent, yellow was extremely loud. And when some of the people from the yellow came to the awesome orange culture, they tried to get people from the orange tribe to sing there greeting song with them, but since the people from my tribe, orange, weren't allowed to speak because it was rude, we couldn't tell them that that wasn't the way we did things. And I feel as if it was a huge metaphor for how people really are around the world. Someone moves to a new region, country, state or city even. And the fact that they haven't lived there long, they don't know the culture of that society or the unspoken rules in that area. But just because it's different doesn't mean that you aren't allowed to learn about it or get involved with it. 

Also within our color cultures we discussed the four types of questions, as we did with Tabitha, Clarifying, Connecting, Core, and Complex. Mainly to deal with difficult conversations and situations. And which questions to ask, not to give a hidden suggestion within the question because the C questions are for you tell ask the questions that they can really think on, so that eventually they can answer their own question and problem.

We also learned the difference between a dialogue and a debate. A debate is more hostile in every way, people are shouting and yelling, we'll at least I was.... A dialogue is more organized more calm, ideas and sentences can be finished mainly because their is a facilitator that will tell you to calm down or call on the next person to start talking.

But after all of our workshops, we played 6-way capture the was AWESOME. All of us are on the same field, but it was split on the center by colors. Everything worked well, it might have looked weird but I sadly slid into one of my friends from another team trying to get their flag...we're still friends though!!! 

We also had a phenomenal guest speaker afterwards, Frank Fredericks, an awesome presentation by an acapella group from a school in Sharon called Pitch Please, they were so good, with a beat boxer, lots of singers and some of the people in the TIDE conference sung and one even rapped!

Then we had an awesome karate demonstration and a mini teaching by a nationally known karate kid!!! Fell asleep doing this one but this is Saturday ...3:30 A.M.

Hey!!! This is Dané....saying hi And Good bye!! Miss you Oklahoma!!!!!!!

In case you guys didn't know Dané is pro in basically in everything and Karin is officially #Flawless because she #WokeUpLikeThis

But anyway, I'm terribly sorry I didn't post anything Saturday and (hopefully late Sunday) but Saturday night I was "smart" and decided to stay up as late as possible, hint finally passed out at 3:30 but then I was almost late to breakfast because I forgot to set my alarm and I woke at 8...which is when breakfast starts. But I wasn't the only one that woke up late, some kids walked in on our scheduled time to leave...I know right but right after breakfast we watched a short film from Children At the Well, pretty much discussing life problems with stories, and instead of keeping all of their powerful words filled with so much emotion bottled up inside themselves but sharing their emotions 

Later in the day we had another set of workshops, Jack and Dané went to the internal GPS one and I went to the Christian Science one...which was awesome!!! Not just because some of my best friends that I made were facilitating it, but because I personally was interested in the topic, but the fact that I bonded with these people before their workshop, did make it more fun, while I'm making funny faces at them in the front's called peer support guys. But after that amazing workshop we had our closing ceremonies, which was really sad by the way guys I had to think not to in front of these people, all of them are bright and are going somewhere because these kids have a passion, pretty much to save the world, which I think is a great mind set at such young ages.

But now I have to experience the traffic of Boston on the way back to the Airport. So now I have no idea how to actually close this sooooo shout outs!!!!

Big thank you to Stonehill College for allowing us to lodge, the PA'S for being jolly throughout the trip, Karin for allowing people from Oklahoma to join this conference, the entire TIDE staff and board, Janet for being awesome and driving us to the college, Shannon for doing pretty much everything, planning wise, Mrs. Clay for trusting me with this iPad to blog about the whole experience, Jack for being our mentor for this trip and playing six way capture the flag with us!! And Dané for being an awesome Oklahoman teen, branching out of her comfort zone. But I just want to thank everyone for allowing me to experience this amazing conference, not just because it's an awesome thing to have on a college résumé, but now I feel as if I have the confidence to maybe start a YouthLeadOKC TIDE CONFERENCE. But thank you for even reading this, I hope I've given a good wrap up of TIDE 2014!!!!!