Sunday, April 6, 2014

President Volunteer Service Awards delivered at noon at Chapel April 7

Natasha Spicer'15, YAC spokeswoman, facilitated the President Volunteer Service Award chapel.  First, Natasha introduced the National Volunteer Week speaker, Mrs. Shannon Presti. 
Shannon is the Teen Leadership Initiatives Coordinator for the YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City. She directs five programs that address the needs of helping at risk teens go to college, as well as a cultural competency program to help bring together teens from diverse backgrounds to connect with each other, reflect on their similarities and differences and act in the community to make social change. Ms. Presti holds bachelors degrees in Communications and Spanish from the University of Kansas and has a masters degree in Urban Education from the University of Southern California.  Shannon shared her personal volunteering experience, which turned into a career, and motivated Cyclones to find their passion to help the community.  Ms. Presti closed her remarks with a quote by Sherry Anderson, "Volunteers are not paid. Not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless." 
Then, Natasha proceeded to facilitate the recognition of award winners.
The President’s Volunteer Service Award recognizes volunteers and service-learners who have achieved a required number of hours of service over a personal 12-month time period. Recognizing and honoring hours spent in community action sets a standard for service, encourages a sustained commitment to civic participation and inspires others to make service a central part of their lives.

 Award recipients received pins and took a group picture by Mrs. Betty Jane Garrett.  After the chapel service, award receipients collected their certificates and letters from the President from the Wing Student Center. 
Father Blizzard and Mrs. Clay delivered the Presidential bronze pins. The bronze pins recognize students 14 years old or younger who have volunteered  for 50 to 74 hours and Young Adults, 15 to 21 years old, who volunteered for 100 to 174 hours.


  1. Seondre Carolina
  2. Gavin Cornelius
  3. Mary Caitlin Costello
  4. Lillian Crandall
  5. Trainor Crossno
  6. Anoop D'Souza
  7. Myria Davis
  8. Casey Denny
  9. Kate Ellis
  10. Thomas Fleming
  11. Katie Hanstein
  12. Will Harvey
  13. Tomas Holy
  14. Jennifer Isaacs
  15. Michael Andrew Johnson
  16. Sidney Jones
  17. Ann Joullian
  18. Yogaish Khastgir
  19. Isaiah Levingston
  20. Christine Luk
  21. Shaan Patel
  22. Emily Richards
  23. Jordan Richards
  24. Natalie Robinson
  25. Avery Timberlake
  26. T'Quan Wallace
  27. Grace Williams


Coach T. delivered the Presidential Silver Pins. The Silver Pins recognize 14 years old or younger volunteers who have served 75-99 hours or Young adults, 15- 21 years old who have volunteer for 175 to 249 hours.

  1. Kaitlyn Barthell
  2. Maren Cottrell
  3. Emily Faulkner
  4. Jessica Greene
  5. Aubrey Hermen
  6. Jordan Richardson
  7. Samuel Smith
  8. Richard Throgmorthon



Dr. Philipson delivered the Presidential Gold Pins.  The Gold Pins celebrate youth 14 years old or younger who have served 100 hours  or more and Young Adults 15- 21 years old who have contributed 250 hours or more


  1. Taylor Burrow
  2. Emily Faulkner
  3. Noah Hassoun
  4. Tristan Norred
  5. Sindi Peza
  6. Rhonda Sutor
  7. Abigail Utz
  8. Alexander Weddington

 Congratulations to the winners and a big thank you to Natasha, Shannon, Father Blizzard, Coach T. Dr. Philipson and Mrs. Betty Jane Garrett for their help.


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