Thursday, February 27, 2014

Women's Month and YAC Executive Board Plans March-May 2014, Community Opportunities

) Today's girls will be the women of tomorrow: and if a girl is educated, her value to her family, her community and their economic well-being is proven to increase. One extra year in school alone will increase a woman's lifetime income by at least 10%. Please take a moment to watch the video and share it with your family and friends on Twitter or Facebook. And on 12 March we will host a Google Hangout to discuss Girls with Books and why they are the New Global Power - tune in at 11AM EST/4PM GMT and join A World at School and girls' education advocates from around the world.
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Women in Stamps

YAC Executive Board Brainstorms plans for the rest of the year

YAC Executive Board met from 7:00-8:00 am, 2/27/2014 at the Wing
Seniors: Katie H. and Emily F.  Minutes by Emily and Mrs. Clay
Juniors: Jessica G. and Sidney J.
Sophomores: Aubrey H.
Freshmen: None

Charities:  Children's Hospital and Boys and Girls Club

RAK Week:
Valentine Placemats and Positive Tomorrows cards and care packages:  Successful  Sidney and Sindi

March, April or May??
STUCO-YAC Connected for National Volunteer Week-Crazy Fun Week benefiting Children's Hospital.  Katie and Emily will work on this.  When ????

Boys and Girls Club Tennis Clinics - Dylan
March 1:
*YAC /Casady Service Learning present Peace Stone Soup @ UCO, 8:45-10 AM
* Girl Rising Free Screening at Arts Center sponsored by Oklahoma City Friends of the United Nation, The Arts Center is located at 3000 Pershing Blvd, in the State Fair Park,Oklahoma City
March 8: UN Luncheon in honor of Women's month.  Anyone interested in attending needs to talk to Mrs. Clay
March 10: Children Hospital Dinner - Help with singers, musical performances, arts and crafts
Video Game Drive Sidney is the YAC chair facilitating this project
March 29: Muslim Voices Book Club starts.  Casady Service-Learning is one of the collaborating organizations bringing this enhancing diversity opportunity to OKC and Casady
March 29, 7:00 PM Location TBA: Youth LEAD OKC will feature a documentary.  Sidney will provide information soon

- Athena Day: April 3
*Collaborate with teachers organizing 1/2 day of service and 1/2 day of workshops at school and the community
* Mrs. Clay is working with Children Hospital/Ronald McDonald House, Food Bank and UN Girl Rising Screening as possibilities
_ April 10 and 11:  YAC features Peace Week at Casady School at NYLC Conference in DC
-RAK National Volunteer Week in collaboration with STUCO: Crazy Fun Week Connections??
 (April 6-13 celebrate it with Acts of Kindness around school and in the community)
-April 7: President Volunteer Service Awards in Chapel.  Goodies for winners, banquet idea for next year
.  Mrs Clay is working on this, but will need YAC members not receiving awards helping deliver the awards at chapel and make the goodie bags

- April 11-13 Do something for Global Youth Service Day.  Mrs. Clay in DC featuring Peace Week
- Do something for Mr. and Mrs. Miano
-Give goodies to firefighters and policemen
-April 15th: YAC organized Easter Egg Hunt if funded by Chapel budget for supplies. Jessica will talk to Father Blizzard.  Ideas: egg decorating competition, peep competition, 4 school advisories egg hunt
- April 19th:  Applebee's Pancake Drive  : End of the Year thing like Holi last year!  Jessica will work on this, but needs helpers
Need teachers(help in the kitchen), students(bus tables) , friends and family (clients) on board

-Do Something for the Moore Tornado survivors.  We have people in our school Mrs. Castro's family
-Service banquet with non-profits, YAC members and Presidential Award Winners; Demonstration of learning through service and thank you to non-profit volunteer coordinators helping the Casady Service-Learning Program mission of peace at the heart of service and YAC's objective of being entrepreneurs of peace and social justice finding a personal passion to help the community making a difference they can measure.

Community opportunities

 What and Who? The  Oklahoma City chapter of the United Nations Association is proud to present free screenings of the highly acclaimed film, "Girl Rising." 

Where and When?  To Be Determined by interested organizations.  The UN youth board has purchased the DVD and are interested in promoting the movie in Oklahoma City. 

If interested in facilitating a movie screening for your organization contact: Michelle Rodriguez

Kellen Moore

Priya Desai

The movie is provided free of charge, you have to have a place where to show it, equipment and a possible audience.  Donations are requested at the end of the movie, but not required.  The goal is to raise awareness.

"Sokha was a Cambodian child of the dump; orphaned and forced to pick through garbage to survive. But, through a series of miracles, Sokha finds her way to school and, like a phoenix, rises to become a star student on the brink of a brilliant and once unimaginable future."

<> "Wadley is just 7 when the world comes crashing down around her. Haiti’s catastrophic earthquake destroys her home and school, but it cannot break her irrepressible spirit nor extinguish her thirst to learn, even as she’s turned away from the schoolhouse day after day."

<> "Though her brothers go to school, Suma is forced into bonded labor at age 6. The Nepali girl endures years of grueling work by expressing her sorrow in beautiful music and lyrics. Suma glimpses a different future by learning to read, the first step on the road to freedom."

( Read more synopses at the Girl Rising website ... here )

"Girl Rising" shows that, when you educate a girl, you can break cycles of poverty in just one generation."

Here's what people are saying about Girl Rising:

“Girl Rising gives me hope. It gives me hope for the future of our girls, that they will have a chance to explore and achieve their full potential. That they will make the ignorant part of society value their existence and that they will be proud to be born a Girl!”
– Freida Pinto

“Girls’ rights will be the focus of the 10x10 Initiative when... award winning journalists and film-makers will expose in the new documentary Girl Rising just how unfair the distribution of educational opportunities is for so many millions of girls around the world.”
– Gordon Brown, Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom; UN Special Envoy for Global Education.

“This film gives visual corroboration to knowledge we already have: Educating women and girls has the most optimistic, positive effects on families, communities, and economies worldwide. If to see it is to know it, this film delivers hope; reasonable, measurable, tangible hope that the world can be healed and helped to a better future!”
– Meryl Streep

“10x10 is building a global campaign, working with partner organizations on the ground to demand and actualize equal education for girls and women. Their slogan? Educate Girls, Change the World. I couldn’t agree more.”
– Cecilia Attias, President and Founder of the Cecilia Attias Foundations for Women; former First Lady of France


Come join the Muslim Voices book club!
Are you curious about Muslim culture?
Are you a Muslim teen who would like to read books featuring Muslim characters?
Broaden your world view.
Appreciate a new perspective.
Be part of the conversation!

All meetings will take place at
The Village Library
10307 N. Pennsylvania
at 12:30 pm

March 29th

How Does It Feel to be a Problem by Moustafa Bayoumi

April 12th

Does My Head Look Big in This by Randa Abdel-Fattah

May 3rd

Ask Me No Questions by Marina Budhos

 May 10th

  Persepolis (graphic novel) by Marjane Satrapi

Ages 13-18 are welcome.
Free books and lunch provided to teens participating in the book club!
BRING A FRIEND! Limited to 25 participants

To register for the program and receive your free book, visit the circulation desk at The Village Library, or see Mr. Crofton or Ms. Clay to register if you are a student at Casady School.  Sign-up at

This program is sponsored by the New York Council for the Humanities and underwritten by the National Endowment for the Humanities. Local support is provided by the Oklahoma Humanities Council, Casady School Service-Learning Program, and the Metropolitan Library System.