Thursday, January 23, 2014

MD: Collaboration in Communication #leap2014

Casady Middle Division students participated in hands-on workshops designed to provide insight into the multi-faceted field of communication. The annual afternoon event, known as “Leap Day”, incorporated collaborative, creative activities that taught students the necessary skills for moving into 21st century educational ideologies.

The original Middle Division “Leap Day” started at Casady during a leap year when there was an extra day of school. The Middle Division faculty and staff decided to make that day one of adventure, experience and discovery. The day’s activities were so successful that the Division continued with the program. This year’s theme was “#leap2014”.

From examining the iconology of superheroes to discovering the seven aspects that comprise a fabulous singing voice to learning how to design a storyboard to author a book, this year students had the opportunity to explore verbal and nonverbal communication in a variety of real-world applications.

“They gained many different views of communication in their world.  Each of the workshops was designed to be discovery-based instead of lecture so that students were actively engaged in many different types of communication,” said MD English Teacher Stephanie Crossno.

“Communication continues to be at the heart of being a fully engaged, productive, and creative human being. Communication matters.  Our appreciation for communication and the way we use it is at the center of all we do; communication does not exist apart from us, it is us. Learning how to communicate effectively is critical if we are to participate.” Other workshops for the day included communications regarding air traffic control, public speaking, improv, nonverbal communication, dog and human communication, journaling, safety and more.

“Students had the opportunity to attend a workshop facilitated by presenters from outside the Casady community. This gave students the opportunity to learn from professionals and practitioners rather than just from teachers…helping the students to see that knowledge and learning have no bounds; they can happen in different places, different ways, and with different people,” said MD Writing Teacher Miriam Kaplan.

“After #leap2014, students will spend time in their English classes processing and sharing their experiences from the day.