Sunday, January 12, 2014

January service-learning around the lake

MLK Week

Monday: Celeste

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 Tuesday, Ms. Ayanna Najuma @ Chapels





Wednesday, Retirement Breakfast with our beloved organist

Thank you for wonderful memories of beautiful music shared together




Thursday, Muslim Voices Needs Assessment Team on campus

Friday: Children Hospital Project: Needs Assessment


Now and Then Project

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Mrs. O'Melia's 7th grade English classes focus on Community and Service



Daniel S.
English 7, Green
November 10, 2013
Volunteer Essay
Volunteering is a nice way to use your time. A volunteer can bring a smile to
someone’s face or enable him or her to live another day. I helped a nonprofit military
support group called the Blue Star Mothers of America, Chapter eight, Edmond/ North
OKC. During my volunteer experience I filled Christmas stockings, packed care
packages, and learned about our military troops.
The first thing I did when I arrived was put candy and gum in Christmas
stockings. Most of the candies were things like Skittles or Orbit gum, but there were
more exotic pieces like Napoleons, little round sour hard candies. All of the stockings
were homemade using tawdry pieces of holiday cloth. The unassuming treats we packed
will help prevent the ravages of flavorless MREs.
The next thing I did was help pack care packages to be mailed to deployed troops.
The Blue Star Mothers prepare boxes with food and personal items that will give energy
and motivation to haggard soldiers so they can parry enemy attacks better. Sending care
packages helps to convey our thanks for the danger they endure. To some, packing boxes
to help soldiers is the acme of their day, but others find such menial labor is belittling. A
problem with sending boxes, though, is that some soldiers may try to steal items in the
packages. These people do not waver in their predatory ways to get more treats.
Lastly, I learned about our military troops. One of the mothers talked about her
deployed son. She showed another volunteer a picture of her son receiving a care
package. His was so happy; his stance was jaunty because this was the juncture of his
day. The boxes we packed are to be sent to soldiers in Afghanistan, and the leftover
goods will be given out at the Soldiers’ Day Out Christmas party. In the back of the
packing room there was a poster with some of the doctrines of military life on it. They
were: don’t be a turncoat, don’t wallow in defeat, and possess the attribute to excise the
enemy from their position.
Volunteering is a kind thing to do. It helps someone in need and adds a bit of
fulfillment to your day. My volunteer experience with the Blue Star Mothers of America
involved filling Christmas stocking, packing care packages, and learning about our
military soldiers.


Lower Division Project


After School Care Project: Connecting Favorite Books to MLK, Jr. Legacy of Service