Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Memorable Collaborative Cyclone Experience

24-Hour Playwriting Project- Five World Premiers Created In A Day

Directors, play writers, performers, and stage crew gathered at 7:00 PM, Friday, November 15 to create, produce and perform an original script with one required guideline; a "fortune cookie fortune" had to be part of the script somehow.


Boxes and giant post-it notes held the preliminary organization of the five world premiers created in a day.  By luck of the draw, the sequence of the plays and pick of cast, the director, and the play writer were assigned.  Play writers provided a finished play to Mr. Crofton by 6:30 AM.  Mr. Crofton made copies for directors to read the play at 7:30 AM.   Plays were in rehearsals by 8:00 AM as the group enjoyed the generosity of the Johnson Family who provided doughnuts and Earl's Barbeque for lunch for the enterprising cast and crew.

Rehearsals started immediately.  I followed closely the play "School Spirit" written by Thomas Fleming, featuring Catherine Christie and Jimmy Brown and the fortune "You will receive an offer you cannot refuse." because I provided transportation for its director, 87 year old,  Marolyn Stout.  Mrs. Stout is part of the Casady Service-Learning Program because a book about her story as a garment industry leader, radio and television personality is being created by Jordan Richrds'14.    Mrs. Stout's  "School Spirit" crew finalize gathering props, costume and lights before lunch.  The final rehearsal with technical assistance by Troy and Mr. Crofton took place at 3:30 PM.  At few minutes after  7:00 PM, "School Spirit" had its world premiere as the first play featured at Fee Theater.  BRAVO!
School Spirit!

Other world premiers were

Death, "You will always be successful in your professional carer"  featured  Gabby Jones (Playwright), Sophie Bright (Director), Fiona Rendon, Philip Pippin, and Alexandra Williams (Cast)

The Interrogation, "Your exotic ideas lead to many new exciting adventures" featured Andrew Johnson (Playwright), Joe Bonfiglio (Director), Emory Hood, Lulu Abuelshar, Deja Kirk, and Turner Waddell (Cast)

A Match Made in Heaven, "Good news of a long-awaited event will arrive soon" featured Olivia Sprankle (Playwright), Bobby Sanford (Director), Kaloh Gier and Natalie Robinson (Cast)

All I have, "A gathering of friends brings you lots of luck this evening" featured Carl Albert and Conner Coles (Playwright), Preston Taylor (Director), Brenden Moss (Cast)