Thursday, September 12, 2013

Brainstroming ideas for the Casady Cans Do Food Drive 2013



 An e-mail to the YAC Executive Board with a bit of history and IDEAS
Thank you for your interest in what  were teens entrepreneurial ideas in the past as they too took as a goal to have the best FOOD DRIVE possible, not just in numbers of cans/dollars collected, but also in raising self-awareness as well as motivating others to learn more about the cause. I dream of a day in which we will have to go to books to find the definition of hunger because collectively we did something to eradicate it.

Ms.  Dystra is a nutritionist and the PP I sent you all during the summer was what she wants to go over in a workshop setting.  I do not know if we still could be in her schedule, but I could check if you all feel is something you want to provide to YAC in upcoming meetings.  In my summer e-mail, I also stated the dates she had opened and reserved for us in October.  She is training many businesses and non-profits, therefore  she gets booked quickly.  She came to us as a personal favor to the YMCA director of student initiatives.  

For recent food drives initiatives at Casady and a new initiative started by GenerationON, check
In the past two years, since we could not have an out of uniform for 5 cans, $5 (I did not like this idea anyway), we have had Food-4-Food as an incentive.  The YAC chairs either provided donations from restaurant food cards they bought themselves or took the time to write a solicitation letter and got the cards donated.  I preferred the second option because it focuses on YAC chairs being resourceful, not on just asking a relative/friend who has the economic means.  Parents are already donating the cans you bring. 

To give a great incentive at class level for the Food-4-food Initiative, the chairs connected to a donor for a pizza for the winning grade.  Last year, the pizza prize came from Dr. Philipson.  There are always grants at YSA and Do you can apply to implement a new idea, but you have to apply before the deadlines come.  For example, they are now running grants for MLK Day.
The Service-Learning Service-Learning Committee of 2002 (YAC is the name of the youth service board since 2007) had a collaboration with Camp Fire USA, the art departments at Casady, Heritage Hall, and local pottery makers and hosted a fundraiser at Calvert, called Empty Bowls  Improvements could have been, having the Food Bank as a partner and getting more school art departments to donate bowls for the silent auction.  People come to see what their children and friends were doing and in return for that satisfaction, some wallets opened generously.  The food was donated by Panera and the entertainment camefrom the Casady students as well as a few artistic connections they had at the time. We did this auction for three years and changed it a bit each year.  Once we even painted bowls on site.

I love how other schools collaborate in our city, especially McGuiness.  Please ask your friends from that school how they conduct the food drive.

Surfing the net I found some creative ideas to motivate via video and perhaps get sports teams involved.  See what a football team and their high school faculty did.  Father Youmans, Mr. Crofton, and Mrs. Thompson could be great resources for a video made by Cyclones.

High school motivating LD;  

The video class could do the filming and editing; the actors, anyone who really loves acting- with Mr. Crofton as a director of ideas- the sky is the limit in creativity.
One idea I had for years is to connect the can sculptures to grocery stores matching or doubling the number of cans brought by students.  It will take coordination and a big team doing things together in an organized way to keep anyone from being overwhelmed. 
Those are all the ideas I have.  Hope the YAC Exec finds them helpful as they set you goals and process for the 2013 Food Drive.    

From Angie @ the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma

I hope that you’re doing well!  We would love to come out and talk to your students about the upcoming food drive.  Additionally, we think your students would be really interested in participating in a hunger simulation.  Which dates and times are you available?

This year we have updated the resources available for your food drive.  Click on the links below to download tools for a successful food and fund drive!

Food Drive Information
Food Bank and Hunger Information
  • A photo is worth a thousand words! Use any of our photos to help promote your food drive.
  • Participate in the Food Bank’s Photo Contest in October (link coming soon). 
Communication and Promotion

Thank you for your support!

Angie Gaines
Director of Marketing and Communications
Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma

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3355 S. Purdue
OKC, OK 73137

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