Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Summer Service-Learning Memories

Casady and Kent School teens with guest speaker, Marolyn Stout, 8/21/2013
While I was on campus at my school during the summer, the Director of Service Learning, Carmen Clay, asked if I wanted to participate in an event associated with Youth LEAD.  I had never heard of this before, but I was interested.

Youth LEAD OKC, July Meeting at Casady Wing

NYC, Y Global Teens
During the three days I spent for this event, we did many things. On the first day, I was able to meet many people I didn't know from all over the U.S. (Connecticut and New York to be specific.)
Connecticut, Kent School Moore Reconstruction Project

How are Youth LEAD OKC and S-L Connected?

Mercy School Teens, What is Ramadan?


First Person Account of Moore Tornado
Y NYC Global teens grand finale
 We did many weird things. Some were fun and cooperative while others were sad, emotional, serious, and educational. However, by the end of the day I felt like I knew everyone and was friends with everyone and was a part of their lives. It was like we were a big family, even though we didn't know each other. Throughout all of the activities we did, none of them felt awkward.

Youth LEAD OKC NYC Global Teens volunteering at Moore
On the second day, we (me and students from the school Kent in Connecticut) went to volunteer at the food bank in Moore for eight hours.

It was fun because I was actually able to help people directly and instantly by simply taking food to their car and loading it for them (even if they didn’t need help, I helped them.)

Youth LEAD OKC and NYC Y Global Teens at Oklahoma National Memorial and Museum

On the third day, we continued to serve and learn by touring the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum which is a place I have a personal connection to. Overall I felt that we all connected and made a difference.  Alexander Weddington' 2017.
Connecticut's Kent School at Memorial Museum
NYC Teen Reflection at the Museum



Kent School -Casady Oklahoma Reconstruction Project

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