Tuesday, August 27, 2013

From the Desk of Mrs. Clay: YAC Exe & YLOKCasady Welcome Back Gathering

What:  YAC Exe. and YLOKC Welcome Back Gathering

Where: Casady Wing

When:  ?  TBA by YAC Grade Chairs.  It took place the Saturday of the first week of school.  Agenda was made experientially.   Sidney and Jessica led the meeting.

YAC meets on Fridays during B-block (Activities) and 7th Period.  Mrs. Clay requested a lunch meeting per trimester, approval pending.  Tabled/Parking Lot

Mrs. Clay would like to have a second YAC Invitational-FEDEX TIME, http://www.fanlan.nl/?p=318, at a time convenient to YAC Exec for strategic planning purposes.

Youth LEAD OKC Agenda:  
Welcome by Gavin
Announcements: Mrs. Clay and Sidney
Self-Nominations for http://www.ysa.org/ABC, due September 1  Suggested Yogaish and Sidney to apply

Mrs. Clay Agenda
Snacks provided by S-L Program, chosen by YLOKCasady
- Pinwheel making Tabled/Parking Lot
- Announcements at chapel and from OKC, Boston, San Francisco and Washington D.C.; Sidney and Natash
- YAC calendar connected to National Service Days Tabled/Parking Lot

 YAC Chairs Agenda
-Next YAC Meeting Done by Sidney after the meeting
-Self-Nominations for http://www.ysa.org/ABC, due September 1 Suggested Jessica to apply.

Service-Learning Program Calendar- National Service Days  Made announcements

Conference: NYLC National Service-Learning Conference: Miss school April 8-13  http://www.nylc.org/national-service-learning-conference. Youth Lead OKC/YAC invited to present testimonials with Youth LEAD Sharon if their proposal presentation is approved.  Commitments, registration, plane and hotel reservations are due in September.  Mrs. Clay will be attending this conference supported by Casady Service-Learning Budget

Youth LEAD TIDE Conference: After Finals: May 24-26: Memorial Day Weekend  http://youthleadonline.org/tide.php; http://casadycommunityservice-learning.blogspot.com/2013/05/caitlin-costello-miss-teen-oklahoma-usa.html

Shinnyo-en Foundation Retreat:http://www.sef.org/community/annual-retreat/  August 8-11 2014.  Theme for the retreat: TBA.  Teens attending will have to get permission to miss pre-season practices.  Participating teens may be asked to present a YAC and/or Youth LEAD-OKCasady  activity as a group.  The retreat is by invitation only and is limited to 60 participants from across the globe.  Casady YAC and Youth LEAD OKCasady http://youthleadonline.org/ylokcity.php  have been invited to bring a small delegation.  Teen participants pay less than $100 for three days at Marconi Retreat Center http://www.marconiconference.org/.  Room and board included in the price.  Participants must take care of costs of flights, ground transportation, in-transit meals, and a couple of nights at hotels near the airport before and after the retreat. 

September @ the Service-Learning Office

YAC Exc Invitational FedEx Time:  When? Where? Why? How? How much? Who? by Whom? : YAC's Mission, Vision, Purpose - Strategic Planning Parking lot

Pinwheels for peace OCU's IDP OKC Celebration September 20, 4-6 PM meal and 6bptp t-shirts provided for facilitators of pinwheel making activities and for volunteers attending the festival to help the Casady Service-Learning Program Booth.  Goal: Make 1,000-5,000 pinwheels with Who will you make peace with? overarching question. http://www.pinwheelsforpeaceokc.org/; suggested educational connections:  https://docs.google.com/a/casady.org/presentation/d/1V87gQE-hlF1Rk1iiC7MYmuo6n0PJRN1e9LAlM3-NiIA/edit#slide=id.gf20f0682_10 Parking lot

a. Make pinwheels Parking lot
b. Volunteers:
-Plant pinwheels. 
-At Casady Service-Learning Booth:  Deliver t-shirts to volunteers, make pinwheels on site, invite participants to 9/21 service day.
- Video tape Celebration and mainstream it to Peace ONE DAY

12 Days for Peace Activities - @ Casady Parking Lot
Connectors/Facilitators needed.  Celebrations at different times or what big one ?????

Wednesday: 9/11: Unity-Generation9/12:  Good Deed for Firefighters: YAC Executive Board-
Freshmen:  Johnny L.
Sophomores: Aubrey H. (YLOKCasady), Neely R., Majo T.
Juniors: Jessica G., Hunter S (YLOKC-asady). Sidney J. (YLOKCasady)
Seniors: Kathie H., Abby J., Valentina R.

Friday: 9/13: Environment:  4:00-6:00 Tree Planting at Boys and Girls Club

Saturday: 9/14: Economic Justice:  Food Bank Service Day

9/20 Disarmament with Pinwheels:  International Day of Peace @ Casady
PD: Theme: World Peace Begins in the Classroom: Mrs. Sharp, Mrs. Czerwinski, Plan: Pinwheels, T-shirts, Blessing at Chapel, Bubbles of Peace, Song of Peace: "May there be peace of earth and let it begin with me" Time of Day: PD Chapel, Friday 2:30 PM,  Chair:  Maggie A. (Casady YAC Exc. and Youth LEADOKCasady)

LD: Mrs. France, Mr. Lopez, Mrs. Alexander, Mrs. Morgan, Mr. Bush.  Theme, plan, time: TBA

MD:  Miss Larsen, Mrs. Robertson, Father Youmans. Theme, plan, time of day: Theme, plan, time: TBA

UD:  Mrs. Clay, Father Blizzard, Dr. Torres, Mr. Crofton, Mrs. Neilsen, Mrs. Heidebretch
After School Program, International Club MD, Multicultural Club, Boys and Girls Club, Theme, plan, time: TBA

9/20 4:00-6:00 PM International Day of Peace OKC Celebration at OCU http://www.pinwheelsforpeaceokc.org/  Volunteers wanted!!!! 

- 9/21 International Day of Peace Service Day:  Many sporting competitions
a. Morning:  Plating pinwheels at Museum's Fence
b. Morning Service Site:  YAC chairs needed.  Possibilities: Holly Family Home,  Moore Recovers, Alzheimer's Walk
Lunch at Paseo Festival
c. Afternoon Service Site:  Food Bank-Mercy, YLOKCasady?, and Casady Schools: 1-4 PM

- 9/22 Oklahoma Conference of Churches, Interfaith Youth Tour, http://okchurches.org/upcoming-events/ Reflection Chair: Sidney J.

October at the Service-Learning Office

Eboo Patel's discussion Groups of Acts of Faith...YAC Chair wanted

Girl Rising Screening...October, National kick off date is during Mid-Winter Break

Casady Cans Do  - Students Against Hunger-Need to send date of Drive to Food Bank
Trainer needs 2-4 YAC meetings for awareness workshops.  PP sent to chairs in the summer.

YAC February Request
RAK WEEK: Positive Tomorrows Project: Sindi P. (YAC Exe.) and Carleigh B.(YAC Exe.-YLOKC-asady)

April at the Service-Learning Office

Global Youth Service Day
Mrs. Clay in Washington DC.  Need a sponsor for activities