Friday, August 23, 2013

From the Desk of Mrs. Clay: Executive Committee Meeting: 8/23/2013

Who?  People who signed up as interested in leading YAC Leads in 2013-2014.

Where? Casady Wing, Service-Learning Office

When? 8/23/2013 Activities Period.  Coach T. has not assigned regular meeting dates for clubs yet.
Is anyone interested in meeting on "A Sunday afternoon or evening "at a convenient location to work on strategic planning?  Mission, Vision, Purpose, Calendar of Activities

We need to have person(s) designated to make the  YAC chapel announcements.  How does that person (s)decide what is chosen for after school, and weekend opportunities from the daily announcements????  For example, this weekend:
a. Boys and Girls Club-Friday: From after 3:30-6:00; RAVE (Caitlin Costello Fundraiser): 9:00-10:00
b. Love OKC One Day 
c. OKC Beautiful Youth Board Applications due August 30.

What? Agenda -indirectly set by Jessica,  Katie, Abby, Valentina, and Mrs. Clay @ Chapel after club presidents meeting about Club's Fair.

Purpose of the Meeting:   See Agenda and Minutes at pertinent pages of this blog
1. Confirm Clubs Fair responsibilities-
Katie requested 2 tables with 4 chairs. 
Jessica and Katie talked to Coach T. about time for officers of clubs to set-up tables.
Aubrey made a sign for each table. Valentina and Abby will bring cookies and more signs.  Hunter stated that he wanted to bring Horchata to share.  Jessica requested from Service-Learning Program 60 Icees.  Mrs. Clay will purchase the Icees

2. Inform about YAC Invitational Meeting-
All students who signed-up were invited but only Katie, Jessica, Sidney, and Aubrey attended. The meeting lasted from 11-1 PM.  Mrs. Clay could not attend because she was late coming back from Dallas due to a tire problem.   The meeting took place because the invitational had representation from all grade levels except freshmen.  YAC needs freshman Chairs. Mrs. Clay would like to propose that Chairs have a YAC Invitational per trimester to reflect and revise the calendar and propose plans.  Plans need to be approved by pertinent administrators (Mr. Philipson, Coach T. Mr. Mc.
Mr. Sheldon, Mr. Bright) before they are made public.  

Jessica and Sidney will work on YAC T-shirt Design to present a proposal at Clubs Fair.  Other Chairs will make posters, sign-up sheets, and flyers for the fair.

At Club sponsors meeting, Mrs. Clay requested Coach T. to consider allowing YAC, Intergenerational Service Council, to meet on Fridays at Activities and 7th Period.  The request was granted.  Mrs. Clay is now requesting one lunch time per trimester.

Why? Monday is the Clubs Fair during Activities Period (B-Block)
Below YAC senior and junior chairs decision making at quick after chapel meeting. Aubrey attended the Spanish Club. Kathie was not at chapel. Jessica will bring freshman rep.

Cookies by Abby J. Valentina and Jessica.  Icee's by Mrs Clay (60)
Posters by Aubrey, Valentina and anyone else who has the time to make it
New Name of YAC suggested by Valentina and Abby: Youth And Community
Mission: ???
Vision: ????
Purpose: ???
Calendar: ??? 

YAC tables (two with 4 chairs requested by Katie)
Who will manage the tables? Katie, Jessica...
-Table for sign-up and snacks.  Who will make the sign-up sheets?
-Table with information:
*Sample calendars

*Giant post-it Project and Organizations Survey: (Mrs. Clay suggestion via blog)
a. Students ideas for where they would like YAC and the Service-Learning Program to sponsor SOS (Students ON Service) Saturdays, Fridays after school at any other time provided by the new Dean of Students, Miss Marion Tolon. 

*Survey for 12 Days for Peace in school Service;  Short videos at S-L daily from Peace Stone Soup Project PP

9/11: Wednesday: UNITY:  YAC Good Deeds for Firefighters - Start reading, Acts of Faith

9/12: Thursday: INTERDEPENDENCE: Pinwheel Making at S-L Office

9/13: Friday: ENVIRONMENT  IDP Green Team Celebration: Boys and Girls Club plants tree

9/14: Saturday: ECONOMIC JUSTICE - HUNGER  Service Day at Food Bank

9/15: Sunday: HEALTH  Peace Prayer Walk around Casady Lake


9/17: Tuesday: WOMEN

9/18: Wednesday: HUMAN RIGHTS Musical performances @ Chapel??

9/19: Thursday: FREEDOM

9/20: Friday: DISARMAMENT:  IDP Celebrations: Pinwheels @ Casady/OCU/Boys & Girls Club
Pinwheels Planting, Kites @ Casady, Mr. Crofton Art Activity @ Chapel? Musical performances?
4-6 International Day of Peace Celebration at OCU

7:00 am Pinwheels left at Oklahoma National Memorial Museum Fence
Morning Service Activity:  Possibilities being explored: Alzheimer's Walk, Holly Family Home, Moore Recovers
Afternoon Service Activity: 1-4 20-60 Volunteers needed at Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma.  Register at

9/22: Sunday: OCC Interfaith Youth Tour, 1-5 PM reflection by YLOKC-YAC JC: Sidney J.

From the Desk of Carmen Clay

Horizontal (consensus-based, capacity leadership) not Perpendicular mandates.  Everyone will be empowered to be a leader.  Experiential leadership structure.

a. Sponsor/Mentor asks for sign-up if interested in Executive Board (Final Decision making group).  We do not have elections.  Foundation: Interest by being present and giving time to YAC.  YAC a PRIORITY

b. Sponsor/Mentor sends summer e-mail for YAC invitational best time.  People who responded demonstrated interest in focusing on getting YAC back on track.

c. Sponsor/Mentor calls for first organizational meeting of Executive Board via e-mail due to quick Clubs fair date.  Students who attend will make decisions about Chair of Chairs as the first level of the horizontal capacity leadership building initiative for YAC this year.

d. YAC Executive Board will be guided by the Service-Learning Principles and Stages.  YLOKC principles in communication and project management will guide the Executive Board actions and YLOKC-Casady Teens with Sidney as chair will provide training as needed.





Service-Learning Principles





Youth LEAD OKC Principles in Communication and Project Management