Saturday, August 31, 2013

1st YAC Meeting Agenda by Sidney J. and Mrs. Clay

- Purpose of the Meeting: 
How is YAC 2013 different?  Who are the leaders present at the meeting? What non-profits will YAC sponsor?

a. Welcome new members  by YAC grade chairs present
- Sign-in at Wing tables assisted by YAC Grade chairs.  Service options flyers & pens @ tables
- Snacks at snack bar area (Animal Crackers & Grapes. Gluten Free Crackers were also purchased  Budget: $31)

b. Introductions by Katie and Jessica
1. YAC Leadership : Executive Board, YLOKCasady, Sponsor
2. YAC 2013 objectives, t-shirt and activities in parking lot until next meeting

c. Service CharitiesChildren's Hospital was selected as the charity of choice of members in attendance.

d. End Meeting Activity by Yogaish focused on getting to know who was in the rooml