Wednesday, July 31, 2013

From the Desk of Mrs. Clay: YAC Executive Board Meeting, Tuesday, August 6, 11-1 PM, Location: Casady Wing

What? YAC Invitational: Planning meeting

Why? Goal: How to get YAC Back on the map
Objective: YAC 2013-2014 plan proposal.
Activities: Agenda by Jessica .  See blog pages with agenda and minutes

Who? YAC Chairs: Aubrey (sophomores), Sidney and Jessica (juniors), Katie (seniors), Carmen Clay sponsor

When? August 6, 2013, 11:00-1:00 PM maybe longer due to working lunch at restaurant near by

Where? Casady S-L Office/YAC meeting room and Casady Wing.  Mrs. Clay reserved the Wing (new Student Center) from  10:00 AM-2:00 PM

How? Set-up/Clean up and Agenda by Sidney and Jessica.  If other chairs have items for the agenda, please contact Jessica to add items to the agenda.  Mrs. Clay sent the following attachments for chairs to read before the meeting: National Service Days Calendar; Youth LEAD description of chair responsibilities, how to run an meeting, how to take minutes, and project management handouts; What is Service-Learning?; list of students who expressed interest at the end of the year and during the summer in YAC and Youth LEAD OKC.

How much?  Funding needed for:
a. Big posted notes (available at s-l office)
b. Markers (available at s-l office)
c. Jessica will bring laptop-(projector available at s-l office)
d. Drinks (water available at s-l office from YLead OKC meeting)
e. Snacks (some available at s-l office from YLead OKC meeting)
f. Lunch ( Jessica decided that the group will go out to a restaurant near by and have a working lunch)

Budget and Schedule considerations  Placed on the parking lot for next meeting
The clubs' fair is approaching.  August 26th

YAC needs to have a plan of action to recruit members and assign coverage of table responsibilities as well as who will make recruitment posters and purchase the snacks that will be teen friendly and attract them to at least sign-up to explore YAC's first meeting on the first Friday assigned to club meetings. 

YAC will continue to meet on Fridays after chapel.  Challenges: Sports schedule, other clubs meeting at the same time, school needs of Fridays after chapel for administrative meetings. 

The only YAC fundraiser, Fall Fest, is the week of homecoming, September 27.  YAC chairs need to manpower the booth and have an idea what they will sell to generate a budget for YAC activities for the year. 

YAC also needs to provide a budget and apply for funding from S-L for snacks for meetings and project funding needs.  The S-L budget is shared with all divisions and the funding is limited.  The application process for Casady Service-Learning Grants is simple: Answer the Who? What? When? Why?  How? and How much? of the project needs.  The proposals are reviewed by YAC chairs, not involved in the project, Mrs. Clay and Mr. Sheldon before grant funding is approved.  All projects on campus and connecting to students and families need to be approved by the UD Director, Dr. Brad Philipson and the Dean of Students Coach T..  Dean of Freshmen Students, Coach McHargue needs to be included in the approval of project proposals including the freshman class.

Casady Service-Learning Program Summer Connections