Wednesday, May 15, 2013

UD Holi fundraiser schedule for May 23, 4:15 @ infield of London track

Goal: Culturally Enhancing end of the year celebration and fundraiser honoring Bennett Hanneman.

Objectives: Have fun learning about an Indian Spring Celebration and raise money to add to the Bob Stoops matching fund from Johnnie's Thursdays

Permissions and Research for  t-shirts, holi powder and other event supplies, and location: 
Jessica Greene and Martin Yoder connected to Mr. Philipson, Mr. Fresonke and Mr. Kerr to get this accomplished.  Mrs. Clay connected to the OKC Indian Association, Ajanta, and Dollar Tree for donations of snacks and drinks as well as non-religious holi celebration background.

Sale of Fun Packs
$15 fun packages sold Tuesday, May 14 (t-shirt or tank top, holi powder, bandana, and sunglasses).  Pick-up packages on May 22nd from Woods Community Room or on site on May 23rd.

Safety and other connections by Mr. Fresonke: Grounds Manager
Mr. Fresonke tested the holi powder and these are his conclusions
1. Location for Holi Celebrations: Infield of the London Track.  It is easy access to the Middle Division, water and electric are close and it is away from the graduation services.    MD International Club 8th grade: May 22;
UD YAC F-5 FEST: May 23rd starts at 4:15.
2. I have found the powder comes off skin relatively easy, but sticks on shoe bottoms and also is more difficult to get out of clothing. When water is added to the powder, it goes a long way before it is diffused.

Purchase of glasses and bandanas for eye and hair protection
Mrs. Clay and a member of the YAC F-5 Fest Committee will purchase these items for people who have bought the fun pack on 5/15/2013.

Distribution of Fun Pack:  TBA by Jessica Green

UD YAC F-5 Fest Holi Celebration Program

1. Welcome by YAC F-5 Fest Committee. 

2. What is non-religious Holi?  Indian Association of OKC by YAC F-5 Fest Committee Member

3. Indian Association of OKC dance performance

4. Shoes off - Holi Celebration of Color (dry powder only-no water will be wasted) with music and dancing!

Indian Food Snacks donated by Ajanta Indian Restaurant, Participate! drinking water bottles donated by Casady's Development Office, Holi powder donated by Dr. Getika Verma.