Saturday, May 11, 2013


Casady Junior Abigail Utz & the Sow Love team are once again hard at work raising funds to support the orphans of Zambia, Africa; among the poorest of all developing countries.
In 2011, with incredible support from so many of you (thank you!), Sow Love  built  a school for orphans living at the Tree of Life Orphanage outside Lusaka, Zambia.
In 2012, Sow LOVE raised the resources (thank you again) to build a second school in a slum area of Lusaka ironically called Garden. Garden is a sprawling poverty stricken compound built atop an old sewage & waste dump; no electricity, no running water. The difference these two schools are making in the lives of kids who have so little is... HUGE!!!
In 2013, Sow Love’s focus is on the support of the operations of the Garden school; mainly the teachers’ salaries and the student’s books & supplies. Our family is excited to return to Zambia this summer to see the new Garden school, meet the teachers and see those precious kids again!
Sow Love’s biggest fundraiser is …THE GARAGE SALE! So, and this is where you hopefully come in, we are desperately needing stuff!!:  Big items (furniture always the biggest draw), little items (perfume, jewelry, purses, tools, CDs) and everything in-between. Whatever you may have taking up space in cabinets, drawers, storage units, garages, boxes, closets, patios, backyards, sheds, offices etc, that could be traded in for a child’s education we would greatly appreciate.
Tax receipts are available.  It’s a Win-Win-WIN!
You can drop off items anytime @ 1903 Bedford Dr, OKC 73116, or happy to make special arrangements for pickups at your convenience. 
 JUNE 7-8th Garage Sale @ 1903 Bedford Dr.!!!