Friday, April 19, 2013

Flat Stanley Delivers Supplies

Flat Stanley delivered the school supplies yesterday to a school down in Union Beach, NJ.  

Months ago we sent some of the letters and the gift cards to the Robert L. Craig School.  They have moved back into their school, but no longer need school supplies.  They wanted us to share the supplies with a school in NJ that still needs school supplies.  

We found the Memorial Elementary School in Union Beach, NJ.  They are still not back into their school building.  They are having school in another school and it is very crowded at this new school.  Flat Stanley and I went down and took them the supplies yesterday.  We walked through their gym where 3 classes were being held. 

 One class was on the bleachers and two classes were sitting on the floor of the gym.  In the corner the teachers had made their offices/work spaces.  They were making the best of a bad situation.  After dropping off the supplies we drove by the Memorial School building.  There were emergency response team vans in front of the school working to get the school ready for the children.  

We have enclosed a few pictures for you.  One of Flat Stanley loading the car with the school supplies, a picture of the Memorial School, a picture of New York City across the water from where the school is located and the last picture is the trash that is still all around the Union Beach as the clean up from Hurricane Sandy continues.  

A big thank you goes out to Shannon Semet for helping to get this school supplies to NJ.  A thank you goes out to Lexi Brooks for taking on the project of collecting the school supplies and thank you to everyone at Casady School for all of the gift cards and school supplies that were sent to NJ.  

The school supplies and some of the letters were given to the Memorial School yesterday.  Lilian in the office at the Memorial School told me she would give all of the teachers some of the many letters you sent so they can share them with their classes.  They were so thankful for the letters and the school supplies.  A big thank you goes out to everyone involved. 

 Thank you from Flat Stanley and Aunt Deondra