Friday, March 29, 2013

Last YAC meeting in March: Continue Brainstorming

Hunter facilitated the meeting because Jessica had a dentist appointment.  His idea of an auction is a great one, but Caitlin and Nina stated that there is not enough time.  They also stated that auction items have to be good for people to pay.  For an auction, to bring people, all the following have to be connected:  the cause, the items, but as important the degree of necessity to attend increases if there is a "personal relationship" attached.  Jessica's idea of art made by a combination of people will bring people to the table.  The idea of a quilt made by YAC members will bring at least the YAC people, their family and friends to the table.  We have to have at least a portion of the expected  audience made of personal relationships.  This is something we need to be working on this summer and allocate service learning program money for supplies. The new s-l budget arrives in September.
Whatever we decide to do this year, when the date(s) and location(s) is/are approved, We need to have committees and a Chair of each committee who oversees everything with a doable deadline and completion steps towards the common  goal.

Regarding a day in May after SPC? The seniors responded, it is before finals and during AP exams.  An optimistic reply could be, not everyone takes AP's and the activity could be a de-stressor.
We also visited the possibility of STUCO combining efforts with YAC since they are having their crazy fun week at the same time as National Volunteer Week and they have not started their brainstorming stage.  We asked Nina if STUCO would sponsor something related to service.  Jessica might continue the conversation with Nina here.  Mrs Clay will talk to Mrs. Warden.   NVW will move to the first week in May and delivery of awards to the first week in May.  We need to clear a date with Father Blizzard..  We now have April 19.  YAC has that chapel date to announce whatever the first F-5 Fest activity will be and when if STUCO does not need that time.  Mrs. Clay will talk to Mrs. Warden about this.
At the end of the meeting the group of 5 members who attended were going to work on their own time and bring a final decision on what to do related to -Holi -Walkathon-Service Fair- with all clubs participating-around the Lake-with food donated by a restaurant (Earls Barbeque-Mr. Mason believes in the mission of YAC and the service-learning program, Interurban-John G. might help us there. Grand House was also mentioned, but service-learning has already connected to their generosity).  We will also connect to parents to see how their ideas, experience, and resources can help. 
After school Mrs. Clay talked to Mrs. Robertson.  Mrs. Robertson stated that Holi for the MD has been approved. Mrs. Robertson wants a meeting to iron details.  Regarding Holi in the LD and PD, Mrs. Greene has some interesting ideas to create finger painting art in the PD area of the lake.  A member of the F-5 Fest LD committee needs to contact Mrs. France, and Mrs. Walker for ideas.  In the PD, Mrs. Williams and Mrs. Czerwinski and Mrs. Sharp need to be contacted for ideas.