Thursday, January 10, 2013



Chapel speaker UD, Friday January 18, 2013 Mrs. Joyce Henderson

Joyce Henderson is a retired teacher and administrator who taught generations of students in Oklahoma City Public Schools. She was the first principal of Classen School of Advanced Studies, which opened in 1994 and is ranked as one of the nation’s top public schools. She also served as an administrator at Harding Middle School, Emerson Alternative High School, Northeast High School and Star Spencer High School and currently serves as an educational consultant at Douglas High School.

Before her retirement in 2006, Henderson served as the district’s executive director of school and community services. She began her teaching career at the now-closed Dunjee High School, where she was once a student of teacher-turned-civil-rights-activist Clara Luper. At Luper’s invitation, Henderson attended the 1963 civil rights march in Washington D.C. where she heard Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech. Mrs. Henderson will be attending President Obama's inaguration in Washington D. C.



 HUNGER GRANT DUE: This spring generationOn will launch "What Will You Bring to the Table?" an initiative to mobilize youth from across the country to address child hunger by gathering around tables to create service projects that raise awareness and bring collective action to this critical issue.  As a part of this initiative, generationOn is offering mini-grants in the amount of $250 to help youth develop a service project addressing child hunger in the United States. The grant application is available here and will be open through January 23rd at 5pm EST.

"What Will You Bring to the Table?" Project Ideas to Get You Started:
• Launch a letter writing campaign or rally at your table to advocate for more funding for hunger-related initiatives.
• Use your table to hold a canned food drive. See how many items you can collect!
• Gather around your table to plan a community garden, then find a space and get planting!
• Host a bake sale or other fundraiser at your table to support a local food bank.
• Take time at your table to make a set of “Breakfast Boxes” for families that need help getting an important start to the day.

For project details, additional resources, curriculum, videos and TO APPLY FOR THE GRANT go to
Saturday January 26:  Work day with Rebuilding Together.  Help as needed.  Sign-up at RT website. Contact Tony Analla for details.

Suggested Service Calendar for 2013

February 10-16: National Kindness Week: Kindness, Pass it on initiative; Random Acts of Kindness Foundation YAC is brainstorming a family volunteer night (in collaboration with LD). We will make cards, care packages, and blankets for Positive Tomorrows, School for Homeless children. We will also work with Boys and Girls Club art classes and green team. If the Guild of Saint George collection is this week, we will collaborate with that mothers' project.  YAC Chairs needed.

February 25-March 1: Multicultural Week at Casady. Service-Learning and YAC will collaborate with Multicultural Club initiatives.  YAC Chair in MLC will connect YAC to this effort.

April 21-27 National Volunteer Week. We will deliver Presidential Awards this week at Chapel, a date convenient for Father Blizzard and administrators. This weekend, we will be working with Earth Day Nichols Hills and any initiatives YAC kids want to promote. If approved, in the past had an out of uniform with students wearing a t-shirt of a place where they volunteered and they felt they made a difference. We celebrated volunteers and presidential award winners with an ice cream social provided by the CPO. Jessica G. is the YAC Chair working on a BALTO like week.  Brainstorming and permission gathering has started.

April 22:Earth Day: Service-Learning will collaborate with emerging green teams in the MD, Boys and Girls Club and environmental Club initiatives.  Salman Hamid, Environmental Club officer, is the YAC connector to this initiative with the Middle Division, environmental club sponsors and the Boys and Girls Club Green Team, which started to function in January 2013.

April 26-28: Global Youth Service Days: Scheduled to work with the Food Bank, Rebuilding Together, and/or other student initiatives generated from BALTO WEEK like activities. 

May 4th: Join Hands Day: New this year! An alternative date for Family Volunteering Day sponsoring organizations YAC students are passionate about???  YAC Chair needed.

Visit SERVE.GOV to find volunteer opportunities at home or abroad. Just enter geographic information, such as zip code or state, and your area of interest, so you can access service opportunities near your home or office, across the country or overseas.

Ideal High School Graduate’

College counselors and admissions directors crowded a hotel conference room on Thursday afternoon, many sitting on the floor for want of enough chairs, as William Fitzsimmons, dean of admissions at Harvard, joined in a discussion on “The Ideal High School Graduate.”

Mr. Fitzsimmons was speaking on a panel as part of the College Board’s annual conference in New York City. “I’m not sure Harvard has figured out what the ideal student is,” he said, clearly disappointing some cramped audience members. “But public service is a baseline. We’re trying to find people who make others around them better.”

Mr. Fitzsimmons called successful applicants to Harvard “good all-arounders – academically, extracurricularly and personally,” and he stressed the importance of demonstrating humanity and three-dimensionality in one’s college application. “I want to know, what is it this person does beside chew gum and produce good grades or scores?”

He warned against the superficiality of charismatic dispositions. “Charisma isn’t everything,” he said. “It actually makes a difference to have substance. And those quiet people can be incredibly easy to miss in college admissions, but they can be brilliant and wear incredibly well over the long haul.”