Thursday, November 29, 2012

November Memories

Discovering Chinese Calligraphy
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Hurricane Sandy Relief

Casady YAC helped second graders and 6th grader, Lexi Brooks collect donations for Robert L. Craig School in New Jersey.  This K-8th school was hard hit by the storm.
Thank you note from Lexi

    Dear Classmates, Family and Friends,
      I want to thank you all for your contributions to the Robert L. Craig School in New Jersey. Because of you I will be sending 6 boxes of school supplies as well as $1,240.00 in cash, gift cards and cash!!! Thank you again!

Why Robert L. Craig School:  A Casady second grader, Tyler Semet, sent his Flat Stanley to his aunt Deondra Shropshire before the storm. Flat Stanley Semet reported from the Jersey Shore as the storm approached. After the storm, Stanley Semet provided updates of the recovery process. 

Aunt Deondra connected Casady to the challenges of Robert L. Craig school and offered to deliver our donations to the school.  Lexi Brooks took the leadership of the project in the MD and promoted a drive for supplies and gift cards.  Lexi and her family generously packed and sent donations and encouragement cards to Aunt Deondra, who will deliver them with Flat Stanley Semet to Robert L. Craig School.

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From Flat Stanley Semet 
Yesterday President Obama visited some of the hardest hit areas of New York. He brought with him hope and encouragement. Two things we are all able to give to others. The next time you see someone sad or going through a hard time remember you can give them hope and encouragement. You can give them a smile, a hug or by saying kind words to them. It always helps to know someone cares.