Saturday, November 10, 2012

JERSEY SHORE NEEDS, Flat Stanley Semet reports

Mrs. Semet, a science teacher in the MD, has a son in the second grade. Tyler sent his Flat Stanley to New Jersey before hurricane Sandy to his aunt Deondra as part of his Flat Stanley reading and geography project.

Aunt Deondra, who lives in the hardest hit area of hurricane Sandy has been sending Flat Stanley reports with pictures to Tyler's second grade class. Flat Stanley's first hurricane report was: "Stanley Semet here reporting from the Jersey Shore. Wind is really picking up. The gusts of wind are getting scary! Look at all the leaves on the ground. I have moved inside a nice cozy home because I was afraid I would blow away outside. We are waiting...Sandy is on her way. Stanley at Jersey Shore

After the HurricaneUnknown boat is now on the lawn! and has destroyed the fire pit. What a busy few days! Our town still has a lot of people without power.

  Check these National Guard guys out. They made a sign thanking us!!!
The little girl in the picture stayed with us many nights after the storm.
Snow Storm Approaching: The National Guard has come to help the people. They have moved into the town fire station. Yesterday we went shopping for the National Guard. They needed chapstick and green socks. Your aunt, Tyler, bought a few extra things for the guys. The lines at the stores were so long to check out our items. We got the guys some green wool hunting socks because it is so cold here. We also got them some toe warmers. And Tyler your aunt has me doing the National Guards laundry tonight!! I like doing all the volunteer work, but I have never done laundry before! I hope I don't ruin any of their clothes. Stanley Semet here reporting from the laundry room in New Jersey.

The Casady YAC received a Flat Stanley from Mrs. Poplin's second grade class with a message from Aunt Deondra. "Some people have asked me what they can do to help in this time of great need. I have found a school, k-8th that was hard hit and needs everything. The children need encouraging LETTERS and just about any school supply. The teacher told me they need notebooks, pens, children's books, markers, dry erase markers. I am going to be collecting them and delivering them to the teacher.  If you would like to help with a check or a gift certificate to a store where they could buy school items, it will also be helpful.(Walmart, Target, KMart, Kohl's and other local stores.)   Checks and gift certificates should be made out to Robert L. Craig School.

About Robert L. Craig School: The students are being bused to another school. That school had a clothing and food drive for the students and their families. The school has ordered 30 trailers. It will take about a month to get them set up and running. They will move the students into them as soon as they can. They anticipate they will be in the trailers for the remainder of the year. The districts insurance company has secured the services of American Technologies Inc. to serve as the reconstruction company. Trained professionals are cleaning and disinfecting the school 12 hrs a day, 7 days a week. All wet items and items up to 4' from the ground are being discarded. Sheetrock and floors will be replaced. Everything higher than 4' will be cleaned and disinfected. An independent industrial hygienist will be hired to assure that the school is safe once the remediation work has been completed. The health and safety of the children and staff are of utmost importance. Who attends this school: 276 students 11.1 student/teacher ratio. 2010-38% of students eligible for free or reduced lunches.  Student Ethnicity: white 49%, Hispanic 42% and Asian/Pacific Islander 8%

At this time, the school is asking that instead of supplies and clothing, those who wish to help should send gift cards from stores such as Wall Mart, Target, KMart, Kohl's and other local stores. Students are attending a school in a nearby community, and there is little room for storage. Please contact Harris Hirsch at for additional information.

If you are called to help Aunt Deondra and reporting Flat Stanley bring your donations for Robert L. Craig School to

Upper Division:  Woods Building-Service-Learning Office/Mrs. Carmen Clay , 405-520-1325.

Middle Division: McClendon Building, Mrs. Semet's Science Room

Lower Division:  Powell Building, Mrs. Poplin's Second Grade Room

Our donations will join the 2nd grade donations and we will send them to Aunt Deondra to deliver to Robert L. Craig School. Thank you to the hearts called to help.