Thursday, October 18, 2012

Kid Care Week: Casady Cans Do Canned Food Drive Guidelines


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Primary Division:  Mrs. Sharp, Valentina R: The PD will be collecting cans from Monday to Thursday.  All cans will be counted daily by UD volunteers and kept at the PD building.  At 10:30 and 1:30 on Thursday, students in red wagons will take their donations to the Food Bank truck.  UD volunteers will greet children and inspire them to bring donations. One volunteer should be wearing the can costume. NO STICKER INCENTIVE. On Thursday for the Hope Walk, UD volunteers still needed to wear the can costumes and lead the way to the truck.
Goal: Beat 457 cans
YAC Teens Responsible: Valentina and Abby.  YAC Team
Monday 22:
7:30 a.m. , Nicole N., Ayman P. 8:00 Mrs. Clay
Tuesday 23: 
7:30 a.m. Nina P, Clarissa J. 8:00 Mrs. Clay
Wednesday 24:
7:30 a.m. Weshley T.  8:00 Mrs. Clay
Thursday 25:
7:30 a.mAbby 8:00 Mrs. Clay
10:30: Walk of Hope: Delivery of donations on red wagon , weather provided. Students with off period needed in can costumes.
1:30: Walk of Hope: Delivery of donations on red wagons, weather provided. Students with off period needed in can costumes
Friday: 26:
7:30 a.m Mrs. Clay

Lower Division: Mrs. France, Judy H.  The LD will be collecting cans and money. Donations will be collected by Mr. Fresonke's crew on a daily basis after 8:30 AM. UD volunteers will greet students, help them get off cars, take donations, and provide stickers to donors.  They do not have a class competition, just need stickers and UD volunteers enthusiasm to keep on bringing cans daily. Tripp will be the dancing can!
Goal: Beat: 890 cans
YAC Teen Responsible of LD Drive: Judy & Tripp (the dancing can). YAC Team
Monday 22:
7:30 a.m. Taylor B., Jessica G, Jessica R., Sidney J.
Tuesday 23:
7:30 a.m. Tripp, Mrs. Clay
Wednesday 24:
7:30 a.mMolly V., Sophia S 
Thursday 25:
7:30 a.m   Mrs. Clay, Judy and Tripp
 Friday: 26:
7:30 a.m Mrs. Clay, Judy and Tripp

Middle Division: Mrs. May and Caitlin H.  The MD will be having house competitions with an out of uniform for the winning house. MD will collect CANS ONLY. A MD student will be wearing the can costume.  UD volunteers will count cans until 7:50.  Mrs. Clay will count late arrival cans.  Mrs. May has first hour class.
Goal: Beat 2,566 cans
Senior YAC Chair Responsible of MD Drive: Caitlin, YAC Team
Cans are collected daily by Mr. Fresonke's crew by 8:30 a.m. Cans are placed at a Food Bank Truck.
Monday 22:
7:15 a.m. Mrs. Clay
Tuesday 23:
7:15 a.m. Katherine L, Drew C., Scott F.
Wednesday 24:
7:15 a.m. Katherine L.
Thursday 25:
7:15 a.m. Martin Y, Katherine L.
8:00 a.m. Jessica R., Sidney J.
Friday 26:
7:15 a.m. Katherine L.Steve, Austin, Joey (Can) 

Upper Division: Mrs. Clay and Rebekah D. Cans will be collected at the Student Center from 7:15-7:45 AM, Monday through Friday, October 22-26.  Mr. Fresonke and crew will pick-up cans by 8:30 Monday-Wednesday.  Thursday's cans will be counted and left at the Student Center for the "Canstruction Competition" during B-block/Activities Period.  Donors will enter a daily raffle and the winning class will go first to the salad bar at Calvert. Raffle winners will be announced at lunch time.
Suggested daily donation: 5 cans or $ 5 dollars.
1 Can = 1 Pound of Food
$ 1 = 5 meals or 6.5 Pounds of Food


"Canstruction Competition:" UD project involving grade levels with art and math faculty working together to build hunger awareness and help the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma's Mission:  Fighting Hunger, Feeding Hope.
Guidelines for Canstruction
1. Due to Homecoming Pep Rally and cookout, this was changed to start Wednesday and end on Thursday at B-block.
2. Judging Criteria: Number of cans, creative design, healthy can choices, and collaborative class effort.  Judges: Mr. Philipson, Mrs. Stone, Dr. Powell, Mrs. Scott, Mrs. Miano, and Coach Bonfiglio.
3. Class Teams
Seniors: FA: Mrs. Thompson & Mr. Halpern. SL: Judy H. & John S.  Team Members: TBA, Design: TBA. Sign up at Mr. Halpern's room.
Juniors: FA: Mrs. Seitter & Dr. Lewchuk. SL: Drew C. & Myria D. Team Members: TBA, Design: TBA. Sign up at Dr. Lewchuk's room.
Sophomores: FA: Miss Chaverri & Mrs. Dawkins. SL: Sidney G. & Arjun N. Team Members: TBA, Design: TBA. Sign up at Mrs. Dawkin's room.
Freshmen: FA: Mrs. Huber and Dr. Sain. SL: Anne H., Conner C., Agnish C., & Hannah P. Team Members: TBA, Design: TBA. Sign up at Dr. Sain's room.

Senior Chair Responsible of UD Drive: Rebekah, YAC Team
Monday 22:
7:15 a.m. Anne J., Abby J., Steve, Austin, Joey (Can)
Tuesday 23:
7:15 a.m.Anne J., Steve, Austin, Joey (Can)
Wednesday 24:
7:15 a.m. Anne J, Steve, Austin, Joey(Can)
Thursday 25: :
7:15 a.m.Anne J., Steve, Austin, Joey (Can) 
12:25 Can sculpture competition at Sudent Center
Friday: 26:
7:15 a.m. Anne J