Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Canstruction competition

First Place: Seniors

Canstructions were finished by b-block Thursday.  After lunch, judges, who consisted of Mr. Philipson, Mrs. Miano, Dr. Powell, Mrs. Stone, Mrs. Scott, and Coach Bonfiglio followed a judging rubric which provided 4 points as the highest score and 1 as the lowest score:  The criteria was: Most cans donated to build canstruction on Wednesday and Thursday (Seniors, Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors). Best Meal: Variety of cans used. Creativity in Design. Teamwork:  Numbers of class members who participated in the canstruction (Seniors, Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors).    Thank you to the team leaders for fighting hunger and feeding hope with your donations, creativity, and care and to Mr. Philipson for donated the competition prize, a pizza lunch for the winning grade.

Second Place: Freshmen
The winners of the canstruction competition were officially announced at Chapel.  Mr. Philipson will announce the date for the winning class pizza lunch.
Third Place: Sophomores

Fourth Place: Juniors
Thank you to everyone who participated in the REVIVAL of an old tradition, "canstruction."  Special thanks to the Judy H., senior YAC chair who spirited the idea, and to all the YAC members and YAC chairs who created the process and implemented the actions that surpassed our donation goals of cans and money to our Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma.